Black Ops 2 PS3 Patch 1.03 Now Live, Update Intended to ‘Fix Freeze Issues’


The closest thing to an official list of patch notes we were able to find is an update issued today to an Activision report in regards to the system lock-up issue.

The update reads, “A patch has been released to fix the lock-up/freeze issues affecting Call of Duty: Black Ops II online gameplay on PlayStation 3. Simply boot up Black Ops II and sign in to play online, and the patch will install automatically. Again, we thank you for your patience during this matter.”

Activision’s Mikey also adds, “No word on patch notes yet, guys. Various improvements were made, from what i’m told, but i’d wait for an official document from studio.”

Sadly, as you can see in the comments, most players are still experiencing major issues. Perhaps, once everyone on system is running patch 1.03, things should get better. As Treyarch has posted on Twitter, there are over 2 million users are playing Black Ops 2 online at the moment. “2 million+ are playing Black Ops 2 online. If you can’t connect, seek help from support.”

Original Story:

Treyarch has dropped a brand new patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The title update weighs in at 58 MB, and should help iron out some of the problems the PS3 version of the game is riddled with, as Treyarch promised yesterday through an in-game message. If you haven’t been prompted to download the patch yet, then back out to the XMB and launch the game again to download.

However, we’re getting mixed feedback in regards to whether the update improved matchmaking or not, so please share your experience with Black Ops 2 post patch in the comments below.

The patch notes haven’t been made public at the time of writing.

  • DelucaFTW

    Game still freezing pretty often…I’m glad that they’re trying to fix it all as soon as possible, though.

    • concernedandwillingtohelp

      to those that are still experiencing such issues, can you specify exactly what type of internet you have, fat or slim ps3 and GB’s, and whether or not you installed the textures to the HDD? because i know some people are still having problems and others are not. out of curiosity, i want to see if i can establish a pattern and hopefully, personally help out my fellow ps3 community members.

      • akirahburg

        Virgin media 60mb internet, Slim PS3 160GB and not installed textures

        • Xiringe

          320GB Slim, wifi and no textures

      • Alex Kwaka Applewhite

        on a 40gb orange broadband wired connection
        going into zmbies just now and about 10 times in the few hours of play I’ve had

      • ITZM£B!|Cπ€$©^4®™

        i have a super slim 500gb, wifi ,textures installed .

      • Ronnie

        250 Gb slim, wifi, textures installed

      • Saberwolf10

        my post is above. I have a slim 160 with roadrunner hi speed connection. IDK how to install textures to the HDD though

        • jesse campbell

          if you go into the settings where u can set your sensitivity. the option to download texturs should be there

        • dave

          once you load the game and select “Play online” then at the bottom it says install

      • Ryan

        I have the 80 GB org fat. My system shuts down and blinks red after a few minutes of game play (which I’m sure u have heard about) but here is something interesting. I play zombies and only get jug and the wall shot gun and the game won’t freeze. As soon a I buy the box and start playing with more advanced weapons boom it turns off and I get the red flashing light of death. Went all the way to round 25 just using that damn shotgun!

        • Daniel Edwards

          i have the same problem

      • jack

        i have a 60gb fat :/ wont let me onnect to server at all ! help

      • dave

        i have a fat ps3 at&t uverse and i installed text to hd

  • hey


    • Thomas Huggins


    • Jonathan Stoffregen

      well those 7 up votes sure do show what the comment community is….

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      And that’s what makes the COD community look bad. But don’t worry, there are outcasts in all communities.

  • What Happened Treyarch :/

    This update didn’t fix shit. My game still freezes and its been lagging horribly. Disappointed in Treyarch.

    • CodPlayer

      Still at least Treyarch is trying, MW3 still has game crippling issues Infinity Ward has never fixed

      • Kevin Mark

        MW3 has only crashed once or twice for me and I’ve been playing it since the day it was released.

        EDIT: I know what you’re trying to say but the issues in Black Ops II are surpassing the issues of MW3 in magnitude.

        • MWsRAGE_5

          not really because the game is playable until it freezes…

          • Concerned…

            It’s not playable for me. Every time I try entering a match it freezes up my whole Ps3, even with the update.

            • radge

              Same here, game worked fine until 2 days ago now any time I try to play any form of multiplayer game, my system freezes up!

            • Crazy Mad

              same is happening to me

          • fg

            Everything is playable until it freezes . What a silly thing to say.

    • Hacklerable

      I know. As soon as I go onto the Nuketown2025 playlist it freezes. Then I have to restart my PS3

  • x-rated

    So far it stop freezing up and saying need more players. But every now and then it keeps saying internet coruption and kind lags in gameplay. Ps3

  • Brandon Griffin

    Yeah still froze earlier. Only once though, and at least they’re trying, unlike Inferior Ward did.

  • Leroy365

    Wont even load

  • Zombie_Killer33

    works for me… my ps3 freezes but i know not to highlight ppl’s name in pre-game lobbies

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    i wonder if they can fix tranzit being brown…EVERYWHERE

  • Chazzy Chaz

    The only problem i’ve experienced was freezing completely loading a map, but that only happened once or twice for me.

  • Bobby Rivera

    ps3 is the problem period Xbox all day no problems

    • JK Monroe

      Treyarch definitely rushed this out on the PS3. Nothing wrong with the console.

      You can get an Xbox but you are handicapping yourself.

      Can’t believe the number of Xbox’s that have to be replaced every 2-3 years. LOL!

  • Cynnik

    Wow, since launch, my ps3 froze just 1 time. After the patch, within 1 hour, my ps3 froze 3 times. WTF!

    • Hacklerable

      Same here. I dunno why.

    • gdsbandit

      It stopped freezing for me O.o…

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    “The update reads, “A patch has been released to fix the lock-up/freeze issues affecting Call of Duty: Black Ops II online gameplay on PlayStation 3. Simply boot up Black Ops II and sign in to play online, and the patch will install automatically. Again, we thank you for your patience during this matter.”” well it didn’t work AT ALL

  • Moriarty

    The update fixed the most common cause of the lock-up/freeze. Not all the causes. Treyarch have said this. More patches to come.

  • GoMonkey66

    Haven’t frozen once, only had to back out of a full lobby due to “waiting to balance teams” a handful of times. No persistant lag (occasional spikes), but i use best connection search. Game seems much more stable. Still full of idiots though.

  • Leo

    I can’t play online, always i try appear a mensage ” server is not avaible at this time. ” while my all friends are playing

  • ztruhssaym

    the patch seems to be working for my system. zombies, multiplayer, the whole 9 and WAAAY less lagg

    • David Strayhorn

      come on are you serious? Then why are you on here telling us and not playing it. Activison mole

  • mappo

    So much lag since I downloaded it haven’t had better than a 3 bar connection. And trays with search preferences set to best

  • Jedi

    Total waste of time just crashes everywhere! Even after 1.3 update bs! Would love a game of zombies but never been past round 3 without crashing. I’ll be wanting a refund if this keeps happening. It takes 10 mins for my ps3 to sort itself out everytime it crashes just for it to crash again

  • Beezy

    no results

  • bella311

    matchmaking is much better, but my friend STILL cannot get on multiplayer. I know they are working to fix it, but he stood in the cold to get it in the first place, paid $80 and can’t pay. That’s unacceptable.

    • troll


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  • Turk

    I used to have to restart my PS3 when it freezes. But now, it freezes for a few seconds. Then it goes back o normal.

    It got a little better.

  • wasif khan

    BO2 still has problems, i play one game of team death match and then when it starts to go back to the lobby when the games finishes it freezes. this has been happening for almost a week now.

  • Jay

    My game froze a few times but only while in a party or main menu. After the patch it’s freezes while I’m actually playing switch sucks sooo much. But at least their trying to fix this problem.

  • sheennshine7

    Ps3 just turned itself off after joining a lobby on Hijacked..How many times the PS3 HDD can go though the system recovering loop time & time again is yet to be seen. This is the only COD I know that has had this override issue with PS3 & just isn’t fair to either one of us. Year after year Treyarch or Infinity Ward have a serious issue with it’s multiplayer gaming & yet it takes two years to come up with a copy & paste game. Makes you wonder really what our money goes towards in making a new game with a 2 or 3 splashed across the front cover. I think its time this game get a new engine & really think about the public. If Ubisoft can do it with the new Assassains Creed 3 title, I would bet my bottom dollar Activison has the resources or brain will-power to step outside the box & develop a game that’s friendly & bug free ! Also If we were to mess around with the maps ie Glitching, entering under or over the map we would expect a ban or stat re-set, but yet we are forced to play a game that’s just as bad as entering a lobby full of idiots messing around. Agreed I welcome the patch yesterday but see no point in RUSH releasing just to silence the boo boys & then have to re-work the patch for it to work. I think they should extent the weekend double XP as it’s taking users offline.

  • akirahburg

    Manage to get the game to load if i am not signed in, but when sign in after loading up all i get is that the server is unavailable. This is really starting to do my head in and wondering if we are going to get some kind of compensation as we paid our hard earned cash for this game for it not to work!

  • tapsghostlover

    Even after the patch, my system continues to freeze. It froze up three separate times on me last night while playing Black Ops 2. I have high speed internet through cable company, a slim PS3 with 250 gbs, and I did not install the textures. I hope they can get this fixed and soon!

  • Babble10

    My black ops 2 is crashes, but dosent freeze anymore

  • Akira2020

    Just curious if anyone else is having crazy HIT RECOGNITION problems. I’m talking about shooting players constantly and nothng happens (then they simply just turn to you once or twice and your’e dead).

    • Akira2020

      *FYI, I’m hardlined to the internet, I have the fastest broadband in the area, and my Aquos TV has a VIPER DRIVE for gaming* I’ve never had the HIT RECOGNITION problem in the past*

      • Dvdcts

        It’s not you it’s them. I think I only get in matches with guys from third world countries.

  • Fix-it-now25

    My black ops 2 still keeps crashing!!!! Wtf

  • Jamie Evans

    Still on a 3 bar in every single game as is most people in the lobby even with a high speed internet connection. Come on Treyarch!

  • Angelreborn96

    And my Ps3 just froze again. After the update.. Ha

  • B3TTS

    PS3 froze installing the update! baaaahhhh!!! flips over table

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  • Shaun P

    Does anyone else have issues with their system not even loading the game and freezing while trying to load it after it crashes online?

  • heather

    Ppl r saying it only freezes if u look at ppls playercards. Bull! Mine freezes ANYTIME I TRY TO PLAY AN ONLINE GAME!

  • louielouie51

    its a software problem on the ps3 and patch did nothing!!!! missing double xp!!!!!! freezing and having to perform a hard reset!!! fix it!!!!! game was not 100% ready at launch. poor business. still its only about the money not the gamer!!!

  • heather

    I have a slim ps3, 120gb, and we did download the textures to he hdd. Cannot play online at all cuz it freezes. And no…it has nothing to do with looking at ppls playercards….

    • heather

      Oh..we also have cox high speed internet..wi-fi and only freezes when we try to play with other ppl and the update didn’t help

  • Rick J. Bunner

    Yea good to know the issue is being looked into. Mine freezes and I have no choice but to manually turn off the ps3

  • Seeker_84_

    1. more LAG and same connectivity issues than before
    2. you can now join to the middle of an ongoing match (you couldnt before)
    3. a freeze here and there (i only had 2)
    4. why are the Scorestreaks not included in Custom Class ???

  • Austin

    Im sick of PSN and there crap year round it tells everyone you can’t connect to PSN. And does anyone remember when PSN was down for like 3 months? Now this? I am going to buy a xbox it might cost 60$ a year for Xbox Live but C’mon It is worth it. IF you think PSN should parter with Xbox and make a new console called the XStation Vote Up.

    • morokcn

      I’m with you on the PSN thing, but this time it’s the trayarch people who fucked it up. It’s clear that they didn’t even test the f’ing game on PS3 like they did for the xbox.

    • JK Monroe

      You really think the grass is greener on XboxLive?
      Guess what sunshine? They’ve been hacked before and they’ve been down many times. Do a google and you’ll see.

      Charging $60 a year just to access Netflix? That’s Micro$oft for you.

  • BenWes

    after patch around 1230 this morning first game up after a lagging menu, my s3 froze,2nd gen model, tom, i hope fixed mad soon, i gave up mw3 & blackops for this and i’ll leave it at that.

  • ThomasChr

    My PS3 crashed once, while the patch installation was still in progress.. who knows why. I like the direction in which Treyarch are trying to take this game series, but it pisses me off to no end, how they are blatantly favorising the xbox versions of their products, over the PS3 ones. Have any of you made a comparison between Black Ops 2 on xbox and PS3, in terms of frame rate and whatnot? I have, and it’s depressing…

  • C_Jonezz

    When I launch BO2, it wont even load. It freezes as soon as i launch the game. I thought it was the ps3 at first, but when i put in my other games they loaded just fine and didnt lag nor freeze. So i went and traded my BO2 for a new one. I get back home, put it in and it does the same thing :/ what to do??

  • DaireConstantineOReilly

    I good patch would be … Better Focking Graphics

  • Cbrett

    pre-ordered the game months ago in antisipation, 6 days after release ive still only managed to get about 2 hours gaming in.. the rest of the time has been spent looking at the same error message.. fucking bullshit treyarch.

    • Cody

      also id like to add I was the 1st person in my city to recieve a copy and still cannot play. what bullshit. i’ve waited for nothing.

  • gerbilsniper

    the patch is not working my ps3 still freezes up alot but its good they r trying to fix it

    • cbrett

      it shouldn’t be broken in the 1st place.

  • Rey

    So I hear about all this freezing crap. I have the older fat PS3 and the game reboots the console after 3-5 minutes. This game won’t play on anybody’s fat PS3 been reading about it everywhere online but Treyarch and Activision don’t even acknowledge us. Can’t get a refund either. AC3 plays great though. F**k Hacktivision. Can you say class action?

  • ITZM£B!|Cπ€$©^4®™

    i first erased all game data the in re-installed patch 1.03 and after that i installed the nuketown 2025 and texture files everything was going good i spends pretty much a couple of hours with out a problem then i turned my system off for a while just to rest my eyes and eat when i came back to play started up nuketowm multiplayer and it just froze while the map was loading this is the first time it happened so i will post again if it continues

  • John

    PS3, LOL! People should have learned by now not to buy multiplatform games on that console.

  • Battle Chatter

    I installed 1.03 and for the first time ever I experienced terrible lag and then froze. It had never happened to me prior to the patch. -Rumpo

  • Asmitty56

    only had the game freeze once… Now if only they can fix the lag problems. Tired of getting killed in gunfights I should have won, then the kill cam shows something completely different then what should have happened.

    While your at it make even more points for PTFOing to discourage kill farming. And for Domination make the cap a certain area like Hard point not a freaking small circle of death.

    • Kyle

      My point exactly it is to the point where I don’t even want to play online

    • Pdogg!

      Interesting to know others are experiencing this as well! I have hi speed, excellent internet and yet I have horrible lag ALL the time! Losing gun fights I should be winning.. Kill cam shows me way behind. So frustrating, makes me want to freak out! Extremely unplayable! Never had this issue before, played all cod games. Resigned to losing and bad stats but not a bad player! Any hope for us?

  • TooMainstream

    Well, here is when I realised when it freezes:

    -When my friend come on/offline
    -When I highlight a players name in the pre-game lobby
    -When in game after a major lag

  • angrygamer

    still crashing!!!! why don’t they just do us a favour and make this stupid game a xbox exclusive they clearly don’t care about ps3

  • Concered..

    After the update Black Ops was MOMENTARILY, working fine for me. I left for a couple hours, got back on, loaded fine… until I entered into the game. It was loading to enter the match and it completely froze up my Ps3. I had to shut it down, this happened 3 more times in the past 10 minutes. I’m getting annoyed, it’s double XP weekend and I’m getting NOTHING out of it because of your glitches.

  • Ronnie

    I can’t play online anything. It says that the servers are down but I still see people playing.

    • reece

      thats what happens to me its been like that for 5 days now

    • anon

      same here. 3arc has got to fix this issue, or people might not buy BO3 and know for a FACT I won’t try the multiplayeron BO3

  • Jordon g

    Its not letting me playing nothing but campaign it long Any ideas

  • Double Aught Code

    Well.. bieng this is ONLY happeneing on the PS3 and on other Activision titles AS WELL as games like BF3, you can bet the Lv0 exploit is doing MUCH, MUCH more than what SCEA is allowing us to know about and this patch is the latest ‘scandal’ to keep us from being informed.
    This is what a company gets when they NEVER listen to real consumers. They call their department ‘Consumer Services’ but I havent got much service through them as of late… yet I strangley feel ‘serviced’; much like a prostitute feels serviced after a john.

    SCEA… if your gonna lie to me and then do me in the end, at least pull my hair once in a while so I can remember Im supposed to enjoy it!!!

    ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0

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  • Gman

    I have 2 ps3’s the same 250 gig slim. BO2 runs on1 and not the other. It froze everytime while loading the initial screen. Downloaded patch Sat stopped freezing during inital strtup but as soon as you go to online play it say “Call of Duty server down. I reset entire PS3 at the suggestion of Game Stop and downloaded new patch today still the same says cannot connect to server. Meanwhile the other PS3 (same model) no issue no freezing little lag. WTF HELP!!!

  • thebulky1cometh

    I have original, “fat PS3.” Play in Pittsburgh region. Verizn FIOS internet. Installed HD textures. After patch, it has only frozen once, and gameplay has been pretty solid. Some lag issues, but it’s definitely getting better.

  • Chris Collins

    fuck that soon ain’t good enough pay that much for a game that can cost you much more if it screws up the hard drive like it almost did mine

  • Chris Collins

    @ sheennshine7 i agree 100% there is no excuse for this most ppl learn from there mistakes and improve COD on the other hand keep getting worse

  • Chris Collins

    my biggest mistake was buying the hype that is MW3 and BO2 total amount of money wasted. MW3 $65.00 + MW3 premium $50.00 + Black Ops 2 $65.00 = $180 combine just to get false promises and the run around

    • you

      stfu no one cares about you

  • zan

    40 gig fat ps3
    nat open
    i downloaded the patch today and was able to play couple matches. Tried to see who was online by pressing the home button on my controller and the game froze. Been trying to play since then and now it wont even let me get to game lobby or campaign.
    Apparently I can only play 30 min a day because of it…. SO TIRED OF IT!

  • Dries

    ive prestige and my game freezed and when it unfreezed all my stats were reset.

  • Mario

    i know what the problem seems to be: the actual game disk, did some testing on w2k and seems to be defective on the burned part. I guess they gotta replace them with brand new game disks.

  • Thomas Holm

    i have big problems with this game its freeze under campaign , i am stuck not going anywhere

  • Solybeth Virola

    Im so upset, I Still have no had the chance to play the game, or to even see the intro atleast. Mine just freezes as soon as a try to put the game on it freezes not fair :(

  • Solybeth Virola

    How do I download the patch?

    • Adam

      try takig your game back and getting it replaced it seems to be the disk with most problems I’m just going to download the digital version personally

  • bigflu

    Patch fixed freeze ups for me… or at least I haven’t had one since the patch. I have noticed however that the party feature is now inconsistent. It doesn’t always take the entire party back to a lobby. A lot of guys have mentioned the “reconnecting to party” message and it just spins for awhile until it errors out. Then we have to party back up again. I never noticed this being a big issue until the patch … maybe it was just me.

    Figures … they fix one thing, and break another.

    • Solybeth Virola

      how do i get the patch?

  • jeff

    ok some times it freeze at start of loading up the game the start of round 1 2 3 7 14 16 of zombies on the frist 5 mints of multy player and on campain on and off i got 1.03 that is when i will not start now i have bad internet and i dont know if i did the texcher for i dot know were to look or get it i have a 2 year old ps3 that run all other games but this one will not play plz tell me all i need to know on what you think will fix it befor and i will tell you if it works p.s. lots of player i tock to never had the problume to 1.03

  • vikerii

    PC version is freezing as well.

  • darara

    my ps3 wont even start up the black ops 2 disc, i downloaded 1.03 and nothing. im on my third copy but no change in conditions, plus no one is adressing the fact that some cant even do the basics as playing offline. i have a 320gb slim and it only 2 years old, so what am i supposed to do about this cause it been almost a week now. need help…

  • Daryl Kim

    Im using wifi with the ps3 slim, i believe its 160gb. I had problems prior to installing texture pack. After I installed the textures, i noticed it stopped happening so often. Since the update, it rarely freezes. Now that i think about it, since the update i havent froze.

  • Titan_Rain

    Granted it still in its adolescent phase, BO2 is still having issues in general. After the update, system will still have a random but more rare freeze. Lag seems to be a large issue i have noticed and strange “calls” on kills during multiplayer. anyone else agree? seems to be remarkably similar to MW3 with its issues. Scary. :-(

  • mail511

    black ops 2 1.03 is it fixed vid on my channel

  • Michael

    My 1st gen 160gb ps3 was working fine till the update. Now it signs me out of psn 2 min.after I sign in, no matter what I’m doing.

  • Pick1

    The patch fixed my crash issues. Had crashed about 10 times in an hour before. Since the patch I have logged about 10 hours and not one crash. I have a 120GB PS3 slim… However a friend has the same model 120 GB PS3 slim and he cannot connect to the servers at all…? My internet connection is a 4G connection and he uses a land line that is roughly 20 MB up load and 5 download (or vice versa). That is really the only difference.

  • Kyle

    Hands down the worst online play in recent memory…this game is not even fun to play online….I have always dominated the cod series online but with this shitty game I am lucky to have a positive kdr..the lag is hilarious at times and apparently smgs are essentially sniper rifles in the game…complete disappointment

  • Saberwolf10

    i am still having problems with getting into a game for about half of the match and then getting kicked out. The game shows that everyone was kicked during host migration or some nonsense and that everyone is getting kicked but eventually the game tells me that I have been spontaneously logged out of my playstation network account. following this it could take hours for me to log back in and multiple attempts to log in obviously. If this is a common problem and someone has a solution please let me know.

  • Aaron TheColonel Kearns

    ok im pretty fucking tired of this……. when i go online , the map carrier. my classes do not appear so im like WTF. i quit join another game and it sometimes the map hijacked it freezes when it gets to awaiting textures ………….. its so fucking annoying

  • Ogrambo420

    I still have lag issues, I lag into walls, off the maps, and when I aim my sights are throwwn towards the sky. Its like if my fps blinks very slow or closes his eyes as the gun is being raised then opens them just in time to die. I have at&t uverse which from what I understand to be one of the best.hope something improves.

  • Virgo27

    please someone do sumthing about people stealing other pepes connection/bandwidth in black ops 2 in mutiplayer

    • Virgo27

      believe it or not thats your biggest issue

  • Memzy

    fix the hit detection and lag issues!

    • Memzy

      (on ps3 that is)

  • waste of money

    I can’t even get my ps3 to read the disc. Just freezes up before it loads. Skyrim works perfectly as do all my other TES games. Any fixes for this? Happened with the last cod. Couldn’t play that at all. and a year later same game same problem. And I know the disc is fine. Plays on my friends system.

  • Ps3user

    This update was terrible. Before the update I could at least join a game. Now I can’t join anything.

    Updates are meant to fix problem not make them worse. Terrible.

  • rey

    My connection is now worse than before the patch… much worse. and I have a 105 Mb Dl and 20 Mb Ul speed…

  • Littlesambo11

    It’s still freezing !!! But not as much

  • Ctatty

    Someone help, have had the game since day 1 and still can’t get on line :-(

  • madatsony

    i hope they fix some thing soon because im really thinking of selling the game, my black ops 2 game only freezes when hijacked up loads dosnt matter what kind of game i go on if it the hijacked map the whole ps3 just freezes

  • T

    it made it worse for me. I pulled 2 60+ games the first day, then I get the patch and my KDR drops from a 2.09 to a 1.29. Im loosing all my gunfights, even though I put a few shots into the guy he turns around and drops in in a heartbeat. It’s unplayable at this point.

  • JJ

    Whenever I try using the “best” search option it doesn’t find a lobby and it says its looking for one but take a long time I left it like that for about 30mins and still nothing.

  • Pj Absolor

    Can you plz fix the lag issue. After the update ive been experiencing so many lag issues. It makes me get really mad its not even funny at all….

  • Ali

    Yeah my game still freezes on multiplayer during the match loading screen. It freezes at awaiting textures. I have the slim ps3



  • Mn

    Less freezes after patch, though the matchmaking seems worse. Before patch i got in lobbys with people from my country. No danish People’s after patch sadly. How does your game run when you are host on ps3? Mine is very mixed sadly, some games run great and smooth, other games the framerate drops and starts lagging, just like it did in mw3 and blops1. Wanted to know what other ps3 users are experincing when hosting?

  • Somakp4

    Still after the fix it Freezes just now 2 times in a row while loading textures, or waiting for other players.

  • SkittleTwist

    Even after the update I still just sit in the lobby searching for ppl and never get anyone and if invited it says unable to join I wish I had the lag and freeze problems at least if get to play I haven’t gotten online since it came out

  • amo

    never had freeze issue on ps3 have completed the game and been play multiplayer for ages and had no lag at all after 1.3 update and it is running smooth on my console even before the patch was released never had any problems treyarch are great at multiplayer I have been able to play everything on multiplayer just fine . mw3 has never had any problems on my console and I have been on multiplayer for a long time and never crashed once on any of call of duty games

  • Juan

    PS3 USER still cant connect to any games on neither of my accounts

  • John

    I’m tired of hearing ” nuke town” , ” my game froze”, ” it takes for ever to join a lobby” ! My game causes a hard shut down of my ps3 before I can even get to the gd main menu. It’s not that it sucks… I can’t even play 10 sec of the game I spent 70 bucks on. BS!!

  • blackops2blows

    Ps3 just froze and won’t even load the main menu stays blank even if I do hardreset fuck treyarch and fuck black ops 2!!!!

  • Dicks

    I play for 2 minutes with the new patch and it freezes or crashes my system i bought the system 7 months ago it shouldn’t be doin that its also formatted my ps3 4 times and I bought the game Friday is activision going to replace all my save data and recover my accounts because they’re gone and I can’t log back into them or recover it

  • LolCoD

    LoL why do they update it at all they have been sucking Xbox dick since Black ops and have not tryied to fix the key components on ps3.

  • Email

    Still there is no INVITE ONLY for PS3 WHY WHY ? ? ? ? ?

  • Johnny JohnJohnJohn Johnny

    What about when it doesn’t freeze at all? My ps3 just simply turns off by itself every time i join a match 5 minutes in game, and the red light just flashes. I’ve read it’s an overheating problem but for me it sure isn’t since my room is VERY ventilated and I have cleaned all the vents. CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME I FEEL LIKE I’VE WASTED MY MONEY ON THIS GAME. ( And it’s hardened edition).

  • Hitman11029

    I use 500gb super slim, and had no issues at all for two days, but started to freeze onse new update come out. You guys need to sort it out before people stop buying the game.

  • Thesarkz

    Sort it out… Good money paid by dedicated players… Crap connection, can’t get into games, lagging.. The list goes on and on… I think everyone should get a full refund on this crap game

  • poop

    this game fucking sucks period ive bought it 5 different times and it breaks every time the game sucks dick activision fucking sucks


    My game works fine for about 2 MP games, then it crashes/freezes. The game locks up: can’t even go to the XMB menu when it happens. Other games work perfectly. One thing I must add is that it never, ever froze in Zombies mode. Treyarch, put another patch or something. Fix this. It has to stop. I swear I unlocked the grenade launcher for the MTAR about 4 times now because every game that I unlock it in, it freezes before it ends and I don’t have it anymore.

  • bj

    I have been playing zombies tranzit since yesterday and I have had my ps3 freeze twice at least every 2 hours or so now I jst played for 2o mins was on level 16 in the tranzit ther was only 2 on us left. And it jst please fix…I thought my console was causing the problems but wen I looked online and saw it wasnt jst me who experiences frfreezing on online ggames including zombies…

  • Crazy Mad

    Every time I go into barracks or Pre game lobby, my game freezes whats going on

  • Tescoftw113

    The patch didnt fix anything , my ps3 continues to turn itself off when playing Bo2

  • Olly

    Worst cod ever can never connect to lobby with 4 players on zombies and and i always have a 2 or 3 bar connection when ive always had 4bar WTF. Oh and for the update well thats made it worst if thats possible.

  • tony langley

    this update has made it worse not better it has broke my ps3 on christmas eve. it all started yesterday we were playing tranzit (zombies) we were on the last step of the easter egg and it crashes again. so i turn the ps3 off and bk on again after a short wait we go into another game and it crashed after about 5 mins of playing. so i turned it off and left it till today christmas eve and now my ps3 wont even let me on any of my accounts keeps crashing. and i bet treyarch will blame this fault on sony but it cant be sony as my ps3 is only 2 month old so thanks alot for a great christmas treyarch and for those of you who havent bought the game yet dont waste your money on it, it aint what they made it out to be and if they did get there own development just for zombies then get rid of them because it is really poorand spend the money on sorting a better connection for everyoneim sure it would be more apreciated by everyone

  • tony langley

    but i will give multiplayer and campain mode a thumbs up apart from the lag. its definetly a more challenging campain mode because of the challenges u can try and do. i reacon u should keep that idea for future refference. and multiplayer i rearly like its so different its feels more realistic no more of that fake quick scope crap if u cant aim then learn. but it needs better guns or bring bk some more of the old guns from all call of duty games

  • John Zerick

    After I play a lot and I back out a lobby its says disk unreadable and its a new disk

  • brandon

    i havent recieved any patch yet

  • brandon

    this update sucks now my game freezes twice as much please fix this treyarch and activision

  • treyarch another let down

    Black Opps 2 got returned to the shop today with a full refund money wasted but thankfully all back in my pocket :):)

    maybe it would be a good idea that Activision actually ensure full testing of games under their name before they are released!!
    makes you wonder why spend £40+ on a game when it doesn’t work and have to wait for a patch to be developed and downloaded.

    Does any one remember a time when you bought a game and that was that it worked no problems maybe that was only on the snes or something lol

  • anon

    wish they’d help the xbox. 99% of the time i auto exit games, auto exit the menu, and i’ve been in 30 games, and have only finished 4 on the first two days i’ve owned it, and 2 for the next week. aveage game last about 30 seconds, rarely lasting more than 2 minutes. i feel that i have almost entirely payed 40 dollars for just the campaign mode and zombies.

  • Victor Bay

    Why cant i play online when i try to join a macth i cant join and if i join my freind ( a match in proggres) its downloding kontent and goes in laag wery anoing plzzz help
    ps: from eu (denmark) HELP ME!!!!!

  • mat

    My ps3 won’t even show the in the system

  • kyle

    hey i cannot connect to the online service, i just get a message saying that i need to try later or look at help please! i changed my firewall status and ip stuff but only worked for like one game!

  • Patty Uncapher

    My sons game freezes how to get new one or fix this. paid all this money for something that doen’t work

  • MitchWink85

    If I play campaign or multiplayer my Black Ops 2 shutsdown my Ps3….what the hell can I do about this???? Please help.

    • MitchWink85

      I only get to play about 5 min and it shuts down and the red light flashes

  • TheRiocap

    When i insert my BO2 game into my Ps3 i wont even star up… It wont even recognize the disc? Nothing happens and it’s really annoying. Every other game works, i’ve tried returning the game and getting a new one, ive tried blowing into the thing that pulls the discs in, i’ve tried everything!? The game worked to begin with, it’a only recently it has stopped working…

  • Get out Treyarch

    This game is pathetic, not worth it, it’s distroying my ps3. we should be allowed to refund the game due to treyarchs horrible game making skills. Fix it or take it back.

  • cmoney

    i just got bo2 and i cant even play multiplayer it comes up with an error saying call of duty server is down wtf is this just me what can i do the only reason i bought this game is to play online campaign works and bo1

  • joe

    Im just super pissed because i have not had any of these problems im hearing about but i still have to wait for it to come back up cause i do not jave access to online play even thought i was playing the day they shwut down and everydau before that

  • Matt Lewis

    the PlayStation network was doing maintenance for 2 days from the 16th to the 18th since they have done this so called work on there net work iv had no end of problems before they started this there were the odd game hear and there that had a bit of lag, but now every game i have has really bad lag to the point where i can empty a hole gun clip in to someone’s head from behind them and whilst im loading my gun they turn around and kill me with 1 or 2 bullets the thing that gets me is how im getting this problem now and i never had this problem from when i first got the game back in November im considering taking the ps3 back if i keep getting this cos my xbox 360 wasn’t half as bad IM FUCKING PIST OFF

  • Barky

    My Xbox is connected to the Internet and in Xbox live but when I get on black ops 2 and pick team deathmatch it’s wont let me play it just sits there and says searching for players why does it do that????

  • Painmistress

    Today is Jan. 27, 2013 . My ps3 is still freezing up badly even with the stupid patch we all installed. It freezes more on zombies than multiplayer. This is really pissing me off. Ya get a really good game of zombies goin and then it freezes up. This is B.S. this better not ruin my brand new ps3 or else I’m gonna band ps3 all together.

  • That pissed oFF guy

    Fuck i live in zambia playing with people from SA with minimal lag with new update i cant find any fucking game and lag so bad in the ones i find after hours of waiting fix this please

  • ben

    i did an update 2 days ago now and now im unable to find any online multiplayer game thanks alot hope you sort this out soon or im buying an xbox

  • Danny

    anybody having difficulties trying to go online after they eject the disc from the ps3? Mine wont let me connect with the servers?

  • Hoober

    black ops 2 for ps3 its seriously getting on my nerves lot issues cant play at all !! hope u guys work hard to fix it cuz those issues make the game so lame ….

  • black ops wont work

    i wish my game just lagged mine wont even connect to a game its says testing then it just says looking for games out of 14-15 and when it hits 1 im in the game alone jsut sitting there. AND THEY GOT NO PHONE HELP THATS SUCKS.

  • Twon

    All day I haven’t been able to get in to a single game online it keep migrating nd I b stuck on da searching for players screen wats fa problem???

    • Twon

      For blackops 2

  • SoulReaperVII

    This is bull i mean i could play fine until this patch. Now, when i enter games it the game does continuous 2 second lag stoppages then resumes. I mean i cant play shit when the game just freezes every other second,

  • Naithen Ryan

    i remember when psn was down for a few days and it was supposedly “fixing” the network after that my black ops 2 gae doesnt even load to get online it just consistenly says “the servers are not avalible blah blah blah and its fucking annoyiing

  • Josh

    This is B.S. I wasn’t even freezing up until AFTER th patch. wtf guys?

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  • jake

    i cant even load hijacked

  • jake

    plz help

  • dave

    since this patch or update my ps3 locks up coming out of a match where you would normally go to the lobby I get a black screen with version number in top right corner (black screen of death)and have to reboot the ps3. I can still talk to my friends via voice which gives me about 5 to 10 seconds to tell them i froze and have to reboot. This shit is aggravating. They need to put more time into beta testing the affects of there patches before rolling them out.

  • Jonathan Rampersad

    Most of these comments are on online play but I get a system freeze in haiti any help on that, brand new disc lastest firmware