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Are you sure that it's not because asian women aged and wants to get back together ( bannanarang)or something? Just making sure.

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Yeah could be. If it were Tinder, I think the data would be a stronger signal of attraction.

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Don't you think that lately asian men have been put in a little more positive light? It is still bread crumbs but we might be making baby steps.

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Definitely. It's hard to miss. Prominent roles on TV. When I went to Australia, I saw a music video starring an Asian male and white woman. Even when you see a normal TV sitcom referring to the Asian Zac Efron and him hooking up with a white woman, you realize Asian men are starting to be seen as sexual, even if the references are less than perfect. New Girl featured an attractive Asian male. Aziz in Master of None. For all the negative stuff we point out (which is still massive), there are positives.

One odd reason I think we're going up is that Asian women are seen as more desirable now because white/black women took the bait on adversarial feminism. And Asian men are still with at least half the Asian women; so this is I think raises our perception somewhat in a semi-circular way.

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Maybe Kpop and other asian media gets to asian women quicker and more easily?

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Pretty convinced it's because of this and not out of genuine attraction but a need for resources since their efforts to integrate into white society failed.

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That's what it felt like for me in my experience in the past. Mind you only went on 4 dates but three 3 of the girls from OKC all said "You're the first Asian guy I've ever liked" or something on that lines...kind of a huge warning sign.

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A good call-out; don't be enamored when a white woman says this to you like you achieved something. See that as a sign of who she is.

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Yeah I agree with this. The attraction from other races has barely changed.

Until that changes we are not in any way "more desirable".

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We shouldn't be happy with these breadcrumbs that the media is trying to spoon feed us to appease our movement. We need to keep fighting until we're equal on all fronts.

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Right. This could be faulty data. This will only apply if all races show improvement towards Asians, as it will then indicate there is a societal shift towards Asians

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I'm indifferent to this data, because people by default are usually more attracted to their own. I rather have the appeal of white/black guys where they are marketable to women of all groups. Asian men can be individually but our brand is not as polarizing in popular culture.

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People are usually attracted to their own in a homogeneous society. Look at black men towards black women in the study; the preference is almost 0. The AF preference for AM preference is pretty much higher than any other race of women towards their own.

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This is absolutely not what I'm seeing in real life.