Be2 dating scam . Don't join this site

Be2 dating - avoid this site.

Be2 dating is a dating site to be avoided at all costs. The company is fake and fraudulent, and will steal money from your bank account because they don't give you clear information in their terms and conditions. Here's my story.

I know many people who have found their partners through online dating sites. Personally, it's not for me. Having said that, a single female work colleague and I had a discussion at work one day, (me being single also) and pondered over whether we could ever find our ideal guys, given the fact that we were always too tired after work to bother going out to meet someone. When one gets to a certain age, it just seems like too much trouble to go out in the hope of finding a suitable male companion. 'We don't mix in the right circles' we bemoaned. 'Maybe there is something to be said about internet dating. We should give it a go.'

I went home and thought about it. Did I want to spend the rest of my life alone? Wouldn't it be lovely to share a sunset with someone special? I can't say I'm unhappy being single, I've got plenty going on in my life to keep me happy, and I'm certainly not lonely, but I thought it would be nice to meet a like-minded guy, with whom I could share a friendship.

I was on a certain social networking site one day when an ad caught my eye, reading along the lines of 'Find love in your 50s'. I decided to have a look, and to cut a long story short, I ended up signing up to Be2 dating. Initially it was free. I answered a few questions and they gave me a summary of the type of person I was likely to be compatible with, and I could do a search in my area for suitable matches, so I just thought, 'Oh well, go for it and see what happens.'

However.. Be2 wouldn't let me go any further without signing up for a 'Premium' membership, which would cost me £5.00. So I paid the money with my card and began my search for Mr.Right. It didn't take me long to realise that this wasn't for me. I actually made myself laugh. What on Earth was I thinking of? This was no way for me to meet someone, and to be honest I really couldn't be bothered.

Every day when I opened my email inbox there would be mail from Be2, telling me there was 'new matches' for me. In the end I got fed up and went back to the site to cancel my membership. But the link on the site which said 'unsubscribe here' didn't seem to be working. In the end I forgot all about it. The mail stopped coming and that was that. Then four weeks ago - to the day, as I write this - I went to the bank to make a withdrawal, where I was told I had insufficient funds. What? I only checked my account online twenty minutes ago and there was money in there then, The teller went on to tell me that I had used my card at 10.05 (it was now 10.20) and the transaction was for £149.95. I was actually standing in the queue when the money was taken out, I explained to her. How could I have done it? I asked her to tell me who the money had gone to and she couldn't tell me. Cutting the story short again, it turns out that the money had gone to a company in Luxemburg, who after a bit of digging around, I found to be this dating site - Be2.

Luckily for me, my bank's fraud prevention department had picked up on it straight away and sent me a text (while I was still in the bank trying to sort it out) and they blocked the payment. I came straight home and e-mailed Be2 and told them that I had not authorised this payment, and if they tried to take it again I would report them to the authorities, that it was theft and I would take legal action against them

I received a reply telling me that they did not operate under the law of the UK, and that I was bound to the 'terms and conditions' which I should have read before I joined. After a lot of wrangling and exchanging e-mails with this company, they finally gave in. I had told them that I had tried to cancel my membership, but the link was seemingly 'broken' They told me that they had now cancelled my membership but quoted the terms which evidently say that 'after one month - if you don't cancel before that,- you will be billed for a six month's subscription.' However, they don't give you the opportunity to cancel, because the link doesn't work. They work on the assumption that if (like me) you don't manage to do it, you'll forget about it.

I did a bit of digging around on the net and found many women - just like myself - who had been ripped off by Be2. I was one of the lucky ones, I got my money back, but many more didn't and the company are still operating to this day. There will be a big outcry about this company before long and I want to warn everyone not to get involved with them because if you do, you stand to lose a lot of money. I know there are some good sites out there, like and e-harmony, but don't get involved with be2. Check out Be2 scams on google and see for yourself. and one more thing, before you sign up for anything online, ALWAYS thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

As a post script, I would like to add that two months on, this nasty company has once again taken £150 from my account, and this is AFTER my membership has been cancelled. The bank are doing everything they can to recover my money, but I'm not holding out much hope. The only thing I can do is close my account. It's a lesson learned. I will ALWAYS read the terms and conditions in future before I buy anything online.

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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 5 years ago from Australia

That's shocking, one of the worst online dating scams I've heard of. I'm a fan of online dating - but I stick to the big brand name dating sites, as I've been spammed before online (from some of the 'free' dating sites). Thanks for sharing your story and giving others warning about this scam!

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

thanks for your comment strictlydating. I don't want others to be sucked in like I was. It's so wrong of these companies to dupe people like that. I'm sure they could make enough money legitimately without having to resort to underhanded ways

jessica_alias profile image

jessica_alias 5 years ago

Hello lucieanne and thanks for sharing this information here..

I really hate scammers !

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi Jessica. Thanks for your comment. I just want these fraudsters exposed. If they are going to charge people excessive amounts to join their site they should be above board about it. My guess is they won't get many people joining and thats why they bury the charge in the T&Cs

Merlin Fraser profile image

Merlin Fraser 5 years ago from Cotswold Hills

Hi Lucieanne,

I too tried these sites for a while but they all seem to be taken over by some sort of Scam artists.

It seemed as though it was aimed at men over 50 with the picture of a pretty girl, late 20's and a message usually in broken English, you get the drift.

There was a definate pattern I used to get 2 or 3 a day same format but they wandered around the country. I reported every single one but as soon as they got thrown off they re submit in a different area with a different name.

I never did find out what the hell they were after, obviously as a scam it must have worked because of the sheer persistence of it.

In the end I just binned the whole idea. Perhaps advertising myself as the original Grumpy Old Git, didn't have any appeal. But I thought best to be honest... and up front!

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi Merlin. Thanks for your comment. I read on google that this was how they wee operating. I didn't realise that even the 'contacts' were fake until someone explained it. It seems that this is the acutal company that is pulling this scam, not the members themselves. Everyone who joins is given a list of 'matches', but it turns out these matches aren't real people. It's just a way of enticing you to pay for the premium membership.

Merlin Fraser profile image

Merlin Fraser 5 years ago from Cotswold Hills

Ah! Now I see how it works and makes sense as to why you always got a meesage just before the time ran out.

It really annoys me when people like this take advantage of the vunerable !

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Me too Merlin. They are just greedy. They could make an honest living doing things the right way, without using underhanded deceitful ways, and I don't know how the people who work for them sleep at night, knowing they are targeting and stealing from trusting individuals.

get back ex 5 years ago

Hi lucieanne,

Thanks for creating this hub. Once these scam dating sites make me fool and from that day I hate dating. But now I understand to differentiate between real and scam sites.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

I can't stress enough how important reading the T&Cs is. This is how these companies get away with it, because they bury the facts in loads of indecipherable 'bumph' and then try to wriggle out of paying you back by quoting these ludicrous terms.

Stephen 5 years ago

You're a cool dude Lucieanne to let us all know about this. A regular stand up citizen. Good for you.


sweetpartners profile image

sweetpartners 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing, this is terrible, hope you get it all sorted.

JakeMcMurphy profile image

JakeMcMurphy 5 years ago from Chicago

A lot of the paid dating sites are scams. (the one endorsed by Doctor Phil) was busted for HIRING women to go out with men from the site. You have to be careful. Anyone's best bet is to start with free sites like It's completely free and there are millions of users. If you want to pay for a dating site you should stick with more reputable sites like Great hub! Thanks!

Taiwo 5 years ago

you are right i have been to different dating sites,but to my surprise..they were all full of scammers...i don't know where to search again..pls any ideal of free safe datting sites again??Thank you all for enlightening me.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

The only one I know of that is totally free and genuine is ''. I'm sure there are many more, but I lost interest and don't look any more. Thanks for reading my hub.

sofia 5 years ago

Thanks Lucieanne for sharing your story, I was about to subscribe the Premium but then I thought... let's google around and read some comment. well, I just deleted my profile

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi Sofia. I'm glad you found my hub before you subscribed. I hope you find a decent site that doesn't rip you off. My advice would be always carefully read the T & C's before signing up to anything on the net.

Take care


Free Online Dating 5 years ago

You should try or It's free and you do not have to pay, so there is nothing to lose

bekip 5 years ago

I had a similar experience. I cancelled my membership 6 months ago. Then I had my bank card stolen. They are now chasing me because they tried to take a new payment even after they confirmed membership was cancelled. I'm so glad my bank card was stolen or they would have had another £149 from me. Avoid Be2 at all costs....

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Thanks for your comment bekip. I hope you saved your cancellation notification, just in case they find another way to steal your money. This company really should be investigated.

MS 5 years ago

Be2 are the biggest scam artists on the planet luring in their victims with a £5 one month offer. They could teach the Nigerian 419 scammers a thing or two about scamming. I cancelled my credit card three days before they were due to take the money £150, because even though I tried to cancel before the 1 month trial period was up they kept saying I had given less than 14 days notice and was contractually bound to pay. The silly customer services persons seem to believe that the threat of debt collectors will make me hand over £150. There is no chance of that happening. I had a lucky escape. If you Google the words "Finnish Consumer Agency Be2" you get a press release dated 3 July 2009, which indicates that Be2 agreed to change their unfair T&Cs to avoid a class action. Clearly they cannot have changed them if they are still trying to enforce the automatic renewal at the end of the one month period. How they have managed to continue to trade - and expand into other countries - with this sort of reputation is a mystery.

single26 5 years ago

Thanks a million!

I was paying for the premium membership five minutes ago but thought it would be a better idea to take a second opinion. They started by asking me to pay £149 for six months. Next time I logged in and they reduced it to £75 something. I took a while to login again and they came down to £6.99/month (£42.94 for 6 month). This attitude says enough about them. I guess next would be £0.99/month. All they want are your bank details so they can legally rob you in bright daylight. People from America and other parts of the world has same complains against them.

They made a silly mistake while trying to lure me in their trap. Initially i was told that I cannot see the pictures of other members until I pay them the money. Then this beautiful lady comes up in my e-mail box with an attractive name and full portrait size picture. That was the time when I got the hint.

Cutting long story short, they are a scam and don't use them. I would request anybody who know the legal ways to help stop this company from operating in the UK. Tell FSA or any watchdog etc. I wish they are closed down by police asap.

Abbigirl 5 years ago

thanks also for sharing your story. I have just contacted my band to block Be2 from extracting further funds from my bank account and was told by the bank the best thing to do was to CANCEL CREDIT CARD which I have done. I would strongly suggest to theirs to do the same as I. Needless to say I will be issued with another credit card in about three working days.

I have got to the point where I have no faith in dating sites, they seemed to be full of scammers etc. I am wise to them for sure!!! Not that I have been scammed.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

I'd like to thank everyone for adding your comments to my hub, and also for reading it. It makes me so mad to think that this company is still being allowed to operate-even though the authorities are now aware of them. I hope everyone who is thinking of joining takes a good look around google and other sites before making a decision, and make a note of all the bad comments everyone is making about them


Terry 5 years ago

It's always after the red flag goes up that we think to search the web for info! I joined Be2 (aust) 4 mths ago & I would say I get on average 3-4 contacts from internet dating scammers per day. All supposedly good looking professional men running their own business, world travellers etc, with high academic qualifications but bad spelling &/or grammar. When I ask them where they live I usually get told they live in the States even tho their profile says in Australia!!! all want to profess undying love after just one eMail & then say lets take this offsite to a private Yahoo address! all a load of croc as they are usually eMailing from Ghana & will eventually ask you for money, they even have phone numbers that replicate US area codes! I have reported these eMails to Be2 but they haven't even responded, they just take your money & leave you with fake profiles, so the site is just one complete scam... now I'm going to have to cancel my credit card so they don't continue to charge me for their non existant service!


Crystal 5 years ago

Okcupid is a good free dating site.

Andy Wylie 5 years ago

I have started a Facebook group called Be2 is a Scam.

Please look it up and join if they've also ripped you off.


Denise 5 years ago


I also had a problem with this dating company. They took the money with no warning and I am having difficulty cancelling the subscription. The link is broken and they have a fax option, however, they don't give a fax number. I have researched this on the internet and can see this was a big scam. I am about to report it to the police. They have taken out so much money and my Bank's fraud department are looking into it also. STAY AWAY FORM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS...

Melrose 5 years ago

be2 is a huge scam. All along I knew this company is a big scam. I have just cancelled my membership by fax and will have to cancel my credit card too so they do not take anymore money from me. Their so called partner recommedations is all false. Every day I get about 20 contacts in my yahoo account and these men claim to be educated, having good jobs or businesses and you cannot see a divorced man there. Their wives all died of one form of cancer or the other or by motor vehicle accident or they are single.

You will ask them some specific questions and they will not answer them but keep on telling you how much they love you and want to be with you. When they sense you are getting to know their pranks, they will cease to communicate with you.

How come somebody with a masters degree cannot write a simple sentence of English language? I wonder what the goverments are doing to stop these guys. They should not be allowed to operate at all.

Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Siobhan 5 years ago

Hi all

Stragely enough I found this forum through Vic Police as I too was duped and reported it, at first they did not take me seriously but upon further investigation they have decided to make a formal enquiry into this website and possible block them from linking into other websites to deceive you.

I signed up only 2 weeks ago and as soon as I did I kneew I was duped every profile I received contact from did not have a photo and when you did ask for one there was no more conatct. Also everyone seemed to be from overseas and their engrish was deplorable (again another clue). The other thing I found is that I would get notifications from the website saying they found a perfect match for me yet when I clicked on their profile there was no does that work !!! are they a physic I don't think so.

It takes a lot of courage to go on these sites especially as you get a bit older (we do not have many other options) and for some %$#@ to take advantage of that is absolutely horrendous.

I have been on a few dating sites previously and although they are a little more expensive they are at least legit and I did meet some nice people but the connection just was not there.

If anyone would like to know some of the legit sites in Australia I am happy to share and also advise of some of the tricks of the trade i.e what to look out for, I would suggest if you are genuinly looking for a relationship I would not recommend RSVP there are alot of players there who have been on line for years. One good thing about the site is that it tells you how long they have been a member and when their last activity was. If you see that someone is online only in the wee hours of the day or night, heads up they may have a partner. Also be aware of people who ask for more photos of you before you have met, there is the real possibility that these photos are the ones we have just seen on this dodgy brother web site. Also do not share any family photos especially with neices/nephews or your own children again until you meet and get to know someone you do not know who are really conversing with, and please please cancel whatever card you subscribed with they will take the whole membership fee in one hit and this also gives them the opportunity to take even more money from your account without you even knowing.

I am sorry you have all had to go through this crap and may have lost your money I was lucky enough that my bank actually refunded my money and has red flagged anything to be debited from someones account from this site. I guess although we may think by saying something nothing will happen I am here to tell you it can't hurt.

i hope that some of what I have written will be of benefit to anyone who reads this i would hate for this to have to happen to any more people.

Thanks for reading my rant and thanks for posting your own

Anonomous 5 years ago

I got ripped off real bad because I did not notice the deductions going off my credit card EVERY SIX MONTHS FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS!!! I have an email where one Peter Greene confirmed that I cancelled in 2008. To my shock and horror I checked my November credit card and there it was ZAR1400 taken ILLEGALLY from my account.

I checked my old bank statements and they stole this amount every six months!!!


missouri 5 years ago

you people are very stupid and useless human beings especially the fool who posted this shit on here...be2 is not a scam site got it. i found my love there and we are living happily after, you so stingy that you want to pay 5pounds for premium membership that stupidity..

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hello 'Missouri' Thankyou for your comment.

I have the option to 'deny' approval of your comment, but I'm hoping that you will return to this page to see my reaction.

I've decided to leave it on for any future readers to have a good laugh at. There are twenty four comments on this page, not including my own. Each one is condemning the B2 website. I wondered how long it would take for one of its employees to crawl out of the woodwork and post a ridiculous comment about how wonderful the site is. EVERYONE is now beginning to recognise that B2 is a fraudulent website, geared only for taking money off unsuspecting, honest, trusting individuals. Thankfully my post is ranking high in google right now and people are not as dumb as B2 would like them to be, they are checking things out before handing over their bank details and allowing these scammers to steal money from their accounts.

So, 'Missouri' go back to your bosses and tell them that your pathetic attempt to restore people's faith in their dodgy dating site was a total and utter waste of time, and may I suggest that next time, they send someone with a better command of the written English word.

Have a nice day

datingtipsformen profile image

datingtipsformen 5 years ago

Thank you for the heads up. I think that there are way too many scams out there, it's unfortunate.


Tony 5 years ago

This is the only address I know of and I have searched for hours who can stop Be2 Please send your complaints to this address and spread the word far and wide PLEASE!

Nina 5 years ago

They changed their name and call themselves now Insparx GmbH. Be2 advertise jobs in Munich heavily and nobody wants to work for these scammers.

evelyn 5 years ago

Lucky me, to have found this warning. Haven't paid any money yet. I was put off by the fact that all the wonderful matches they found for me were overseas or in another state - the only one close by sent me a message and I wasn't able to send my reply. Spread the word.

Chris Clark 5 years ago

THEY'VE JUST DONE THYE SAME TO ME.. £150!!!! I've reported it to the bank to block the payment and they say they have to make the payment before they an SEE IF they can get the money back!!!!!????

God above!!!

Chris Clarke 5 years ago

I've had to cut up my card and order a new one.... Don't think 'll see that money again.....! Any time I sent an email to someone I'd always get a computer generated sounding message back from her... Should have known...

Nina 5 years ago

Look here, they changed their name

they seem to be a big problem in CH and D and as I say, they are constantly looking to hire. Singles are always good to scam for money. :(

LP 5 years ago

I've fallen victim to Be2 as well. Funny my friend and I have each been contacted by 3 men, all of which are enroute to Ghana, all are widowers, and "looking for love" and we are (although true) wonderful women they want to send their lives with. They each have asked for expensive items (2 iPods with music) and a laptop computer. I'm been suspicious of this site, with the similarities, but they are DEFINITELY a SCAM!!! BEWARE!!!

Fortunately, I cancelled my membership, and deleted the profile. It is a long process to cancel, but have received confirmation of cancellation. I've also called my credit card company to avoid any further charges. If you manage to get the cancellation email, KEEP IT for the credit card companies.

As for the Missouri post, it is par for the course, when we have declined sending these expensive gifts, they get VERY ANGRY.

Fortunately, neither of us have fallen for those games. It is disgraceful men prey on women like this. I hope karma and the universe gets back at them for what they have done!!!

Rolfe 5 years ago

I cancelled agreement within an hour of reading the conditions which you get AFTER you pay£5. I liased with my credie card provider and also sent cancellation by recorded delivery. SURPRISE SURPRISE they tried to lake th£149 but it was blocked. I have had a month of e-mails saying that no proof was received and I must pay. They have now said that they have passed the 'debt?' on to a firm called Intrum Justitia for collection. I am not paying and invite you all to come to court with me if it goes that far.If we can get this mob on the front page of a newspaper they won't like it. How many of you have had help from the Office of Fair Trading? Text me on 07575495171

Rolfe 5 years ago

I could not believe my eyes. Be2 have their own site to warn daters against fraud. What a bunch of con artists they are.Reputable sites like facebook should not let these people advertise because people do trust facebook.

London lady 5 years ago

So glad there are so many people who have gone through the same - I was alerted to it by my bank - so luckily got my money back....and spent weeks going back and forth with their idiotic and incompetent 'customer service' - i've just received a letter from Intrum Justitia as well - and Rolfe will join you in court against them if need be. They can't get away with this - not sure what to do about the letter though, think they are relying on scare tactics. I'll tell them i'll take them to court if need be

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hey guys - I'm really pleased that you managed to cancel your cards before they stung you for the £150. I wasn't so lucky. What it looks like is, they've tried to sell the alleged 'debt' on to this company and the company have taken it on in good faith. They're probably an innocent party in this, and they need to be made aware that B2 is operating a scam before they take legal action against you.

Rolfe 5 years ago

London Lady. Contact me. withhold your number if youlike I will ring you back. I haven't got a letter yet so I may have to come to court with you and will do so. Disappointed that no-ones seems to want to take this lot on publicly. It's the only way. Credit card suppliers have to start vetting firms which use their services. After all being prepared to stop payments is an admission that the attempt to take monrey was a fraud,.Come on contact me and fight back.

Rolfe 5 years ago

London Lady and everyone else. You MUST MUST let a solicitor deal with any letter from a debt collector otherwise they will NOT take you seriously. This agency has a history of playing it rough. HOWEVER debt collection is now strictly regulated and a solicitor will know this. Strangely debt collectors are now required to assess a debt as genuine before accepting it.

This wouls seem to rule out be2. Also you MUST NOT pay. Be2 will take this as proof that the agreement was not cancelled and will try again in six months and it will all start again. They have a track record of lying low for a month or two and then try to take money when you think that they are gone. Cancelling your card and getting a new one is the ONLY way to be safe. Contact me for support. Sticking together is the best way to win. Individual moaning will not help.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

I cancelled my card and they still somehow managed to get the money from my bank, who honoured the payment, even though I told them I had cancelled the agreement. I lost £150 to these scamsters and I can't wait to see them come a cropper. that's why I posted this hub in the first place

Good luck to you all - Please keep me posted on how you get on.



Rolfe 5 years ago

I have asked Watchdog to look at be2. They are interested but more of us need to write to them. Look them up it's very easy to e-mail them. These complaints cover Canada, America,Australia and Europe. They cannot deny their past. If you sincerely want to end this fraud you have to get active and angry.

Rolfe 5 years ago

Lucianne and everyone. My solicitor has told me today that although the credit card system guarantees payment to a seller it also in law has a duty of care to it's customers. Seeing as be2 has been at this for over three years and the amount of refunds they have made (which indicates that they see it as fraud) they should have shut this site down long before we became victims. Try this approach to your credit card providers. Legal opinion is that they will have to act or refund you. If they don't go to the C.A.B. for help. You stand a very good chance of success. This is a huge can of worms they will not want to open. Keep up comments.

Jo 5 years ago

Hi there

I wish i had found this site before signing up to BE2, i have never done anything like this before... And i too have lost over $259.00, which doesn't make sense as it was a different price and stated monthly re draws. so I was wondering if any one has a fax number so i can cancel my membership as well, as the text states i can not get out of the contract until i have faxed my information off.

Kind regards

March 7th 2011.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi Jo

Thanks for your comment and I'm really sorry to hear you have lost so much money. The first thing to do is cancell your card - explain to the bank that the company is fraudulent, and then the secont thing I would suggeast is to email them and tell them that you want to (and have tried to) cancel your membership. I'd then suggest ringing 'rolfe' who has kindly left a number for anyone who is having difficulty getting their money back.

I hope we can get a result and get these fraudsters brought to justice!

All the best


toukieuk 5 years ago

Like many others, I didn't realize what was going on until the £149 was unexpectedly taken from my account.

I've stopped my card, and asked the bank to investigate. They said I authorized the payment and their new policy was to do nothing! I immediately phoned the fraud department and asked to report it as a fraud. They are sending me a form to fill in, I'm anticipating a long hard struggle with the bank to get my money back.

The thing that annoys me more than anything, is how can the banks not know about these crooks after all this time? Any payments to Be2 ought to be flagged and blocked by all banks unless the customer authorizes them.

toukieuk 5 years ago

I finally today managed to complete the cancellation process online, and I have recevieved an email cancellation confirmation. My debit card had already been stopped. I believe, based on posts from other people, the cancelling the membership won't stop them from trying to take more money, and me main reson for ding it is to get the confirmation email, so that if they start threatening with debt collectors, I've got proof that my membership was cancelled.

I wasn't willing to cancel by letter or fax, because to do it that way I would have had to give them further information, such as my address. One could of course supply false information, but if they found out it could nullfy the cancellation, so I thought it was best to do it online. I certainly don't want them to know where I live.

For those that haven't tried to cancel online, they make the process as complicated as possible, no doubt in the hope that people will give up trying because they think it doesn't work. It does work, you just have to follow their very long instructions to the letter.

Here's the joke. At the very end of the cancellation process, just before you put in the cancellation code, they offer you the opportunity to extend your membership at the reduced rate of just £14.00 a month for three months!

I would be interested in talking to Rolfe to share experiences, and maybe persuing the Watchdog angle.

Rolfe 5 years ago

I have at last had my threatening letter from Intrum Justitia. I have taken legal advice from the start.

As soon as be2 told me of their intention to pass it on to I.J. I emailed I.J. and fully explained that I had cancelled properly and gave them all the details of the recorded signed delivery to verify it. By sending the letter they have breached the regulations. Apart from dealing with them my solicitor is asking Trading Standards to look into the breach.

Untrum Justitia is a German outfit. The offices in the U.K. are automated.0845 numbers are non-geographical so the person you speak to will not be in this country.You MUST not ring them keep it all in writing and print out your e-mails. .They do a lot of work for be2 which makes them a bit shady in my eyes.

They also work for British Gas so if any of you are a customer write in and ask why. Be prepared to go the distance as my advice is that with the mass of evidence against be2 thay will be laughed out of court.

Lucianne had the guts to start this thread I wish that she would see it through. I was angry then got mad. Now I want to get even.

Lambert 5 years ago

Yes no way you can cancelled by email

toukieuk 5 years ago

Lambert. You CAN cancel by email, I have done so and hsve received a confirmation email from them. However the problem is they make the email cancellation process so complicated, that most people think it's not working and give up before finishing. You can get it to work as I have proved, you just have to persevere.

rolfe 5 years ago

Lambert, my copy of their conditions said that cancellation must be in writing. E-mails are in writing and delivery can be proved. E-mail and a recorded letter are best. There is a problem if they get the e-mail they will go for the money straight away so you must stop the payment first before cancelling.

All the comments about banks refusing to act and refund are wrong. They MUST withold payment upon the payment being questioned.They then must send you a form to fill out and send back. Send proof of cancellation if you have it or a letter setting out what you did to cancell. They then have to refund. This will not however stop these crooks from demanding payment and you will most probaly hear from Intum Justitia. Do what I did. E-mail I.J. with the facts at once. If they then send you a letter go to a solicitor and Trading Standards as they will then be in breach of the regulations.

The credit card suppliers have refunded hundreds of customers which in my view is admitting that they see this as a fraud. DON'T GIVE IN.

alazarin 5 years ago

I'm very glad I found this thread, though very sorry for everyone on here who, like me, has been a victim of Be2's scam. Thank you to the lady who very honestly started it.

As soon as I signed up on the £5 offer with Be2 I knew something was wrong about the site so I emailed to cancel just two days later in January 2011. I heard nothing back so I emailed again and sent a cancellation request through the site, after finding that the site's instructions just took you round and round in circles. I never heard back and then found that £150 had been taken from my account. American express immediately refunded me as I was able to prove that I had attempted to cancel my account. However, my account was still active since it hadn't been closed by Be2 and miraculously it was a day after my cancellation period was up that they sprang into action and insisted I had to pay because I hadn't cancelled in time. I then went through the motions of cancelling using one of their cancellation codes, and then the sods claimed that my cancellation was only valid from that date. So now they're coming after me with a debt collection agency, threatening to destroy my flawless credit score. I simply cannot let this happen. Today I emailed the European Trading Standards Commission telling them what had happened. I'm not sure if it will do any good or what my next move will be but I'm not going down without a fight. I've scoured the internet and though I have found lots of stories about people receiving debt collection letters, I haven't found any examples of anyone who has been successfully sued by Be2 for debt recovery. Can anyone tell me I'm wrong. In case anyone is interested, I paste below the email I sent to Trading Standards in the EU. Their email address is and I urge you to get in touch with them - power in numbers and all that.


I am based in the UK and I am hoping that you will be able to help to resolve an ongoing problem I am having with a company trading in Luxumbourg which I believe is acting fraudulently to cheat its customers out of money.

The company in question is a global dating site called Be2 whose registered company address is in Luxembourg (

I took out a trial offer with this company on 14th January. I immediately became suspicious that the site was not a genuine dating site after looking around it, and Googled them. I was horrified to discover that the site is a scam and that hundreds of people in forums have found that despite cancelling during the trial period, Be2 continued to take unauthorised payments from their accounts and threatened legal action when they tried to put a stop to this.

So just two days after signing up, I looked up the cancellation policy and found that I was still well within the cancellation period. I emailed the site, sent another message through the company's online feedack form, and sent a fax, saying that I wanted to cancel. I did not receive any response to any of these communications. One month later, Be2 took £149.94 from my credit card. I emailed to ask why and demand a refund but received no response. I continued to email on a daily basis and eventually received a response saying that none of my previous communication had been received and that they had every right to take my money because I was outside the cancellation period (which by this point I was because they were replying so late). I then went to my credit card company, who examined the evidence (screengrabs and copy emails), found in my favour, and reversed the payment. In the meantime, I continued to email Be2 to get my account shut down on the site and received answers only occasionally, but very unhelpful ones saying that I was still a member and had to pay. Eventually they provided me with a cancellation code and I was able to remove my account from the site following a very prolonged and complicated process. However, Be2 are now insisting that my cancellation request is only valid from 3rd March, which was when they agreed to cancel my account. They refuse to accept I made dozens of requests for cancellation prior to this and within the trial period.

This morning I received a threatening email which stated that I was in breach of contract because my credit card had disputed the payment and refunded me, and that they are going to sue me and force me to pay through a debt collection agency which they say "will effect my credit rating".

I have fired back several emails telling them how wrong they are, but they send back standard answers insisting I must pay, refusing to acknowledge my questions or previous correspondence.

This company has been set up to trick consumers. They refuse to acknowledge cancellations within the cancellation period, and only respond once the cancellation period is over, so they can insist on taking payment.

Their website is designed to be deliberately confusing and their terms as hidden as possible. The 'cancellation' link on the website does not actually work and just takes you round and round in circles.

I have found various forums within the UK where hundreds of victims share their stories of identical treatment. I cannot understand how this company is getting away with stealing money from people and threatening to destroy their credit records by taking them through debt collection.

Here are just some examples of other reports I have found online of Be2's scamming techniques:

I urge you to investigate this company and would be grateful for any help you could give me in resolving this issue. I have multiple screengrabs and copies of emails sent to Be2 which prove that I abided by contract terms and Be2 are acting fraudulently.

I am copying in both Be2's billing and customer service email addresses so you know how to get in touch with them. Further contact details for this company are pasted below beneath my signature.

If your organisation is unable to help in this matter, I would appreciate if you could tell me which consumer organisations' jurisdiction Be2 falls under.


I am based in the UK and I am hoping that you will be able to help to resolve an ongoing problem I am having with a company trading in Luxumbourg which I believe is acting fraudulently to cheat its customers out of money.

The company in question is a global dating site called Be2 whose registered company address is in Luxembourg (

I took out a trial offer with this company on 14th January. I immediately became suspicious that the site was not a genuine dating site after looking around it, and Googled them. I was horrified to discover that the site is a scam and that hundreds of people in forums have found that despite cancelling during the trial period, Be2 continued to take unauthorised payments from their accounts and threatened legal action when they tried to put a stop to this.

So just two days after signing up, I looked up the cancellation policy and found that I was still well within the cancellation period. I emailed the site, sent another message through the company's online feedack form, and sent a fax, saying that I wanted to cancel. I did not receive any response to any of these communications. One month later, Be2 took £149.94 from my credit card. I emailed to ask why and demand a refund but received no response. I continued to email on a daily basis and eventually received a response saying that none of my previous communication had been received and that they had every right to take my money because I was outside the cancellation period (which by this point I was because they were replying so late). I then went to my credit card company, who examined the evidence (screengrabs and copy emails), found in my favour, and reversed the payment. In the meantime, I continued to email Be2 to get my account shut down on the site and received answers only occasionally, but very unhelpful ones saying that I was still a membe

Lambert 5 years ago

Thanks for your writing toukieuk & rolfe your msg warm my heart, I'm afraid the money that transact through visa is through ,237 dollars ,my 3 days of hard working cash . I'm not sad though ,life go on ...

rixster 5 years ago

I've had a letter from Intrum Justitia. I will support any or all of you in court. We must stick together!

Rolfe 5 years ago

This is an important development for all of you who paid with a debit card.

A nationwide customer had her card number changed but be2 managed to get hold of her new card number. THIS IS NOT A SCARE STORY. IT'S TRUE.

You must either get the bank to change your account number or change banks or they will hit you again.

It's unbelievable but true.

Of course when they can't steal your money they will try to get Intrum Justitia to get it from you.

We can beat them if we support each other.

Nobody in the Banks seem to be reading these blogs.A court case with a lot of us turning up as witnesses will make them notice.

toukieuk 5 years ago

Where did you hesr or read sbout the Nationwide customer?

Missallym 5 years ago

Im shocked at how many people are in the same boat as me.

As like everyone else, I joined for the £5 for a month. I never saw the cancellation in 14 days term.

Really they are miss-selling because you pay for a month, but only get 14 days if you decide to cancel.

I found the site poor and not fit for purpose, so I tried to cancel about 3 days before my trial date ended, and like everyone else, found this really really difficult. I emailed them and got a response with a cancellation code, and they also told me I would be billed for 6 months as I had not cancelled in the 14 days notice.

I cancelled my bank card, so they could not take any more payments from me.

I never heard anything back from them whatsoever. No emails to say they had tried to take any money and failed. Nothing!

I thought that was the end of it, so (stupidly) Ive deleted all the emails I had off them. that was end of Jan 11.

Yesterday I got a letter from Intrum Justitia saying they have been instructed to secure immediate settlement of 174.75EUR.

They say:-

As our client has not received a satisfactory explanation for your continued non-payment, your full remittance should be sent by return.

the address is a po box in St Albans.

I didn't even know I apparantly owed this money!!!

Ive had nothing from Be2 to say I owe it and, nothing to say they were giving my details to a debt collecting agency! They have not given me the chance to either pay it, dispute it,or try and sort anything out with it.

I think that this will be a breach in its own right.

Rolfe, I agree with you and may well get in touch with you. I am not paying this money, it should have been more clear at registration, and they should not have automatic continued registration for 6 months!! they should be automatically cancelling after 14 days, to give you the option to sign up if you want too.

Im not really sure where to go from here with it as this has all come as a bolt out the blue without warning, but Im going to be doing more searching the net this evening.

does anyone know if this debt agency has actually taken anyone to court over this yet, and what the outcome was??

toukieuk 5 years ago

I have a question for those of you who have received letters from Intrum Justitia, do you know how did they got your address? Did you give it to them as part of the cancellation process, by writing or putting it on a Fax, to did they go to the trouble of hunting you down?

Missallym 5 years ago

I emailed my cancellation but I cant remember giving my address.

toukieuk 5 years ago

In order to cancel your Premium Membership, via fax, email, or by post, thet require you to send them:

- full name

- address

- email address

- username

- date of purchase of Premium Membership

- payment sum

- reason for cancellation

- personal signature

Did you send them all of this, if yes this is how they got your address, if not they must have done some research to find it. This is important information that may help future victims.

I reckion if you get caught by them and what to get out, don't give them any more information about yourself, certainly not your address and certainly not your bank account details. If they have to work to get it they probably won't bother.

Missallym 5 years ago

No, I definatley did NOT send them all of that, especially my personal signature!!!!

I will have put my initial and surname at the bottom of the email though, but not a real signature.

I know it was only Jan i cancelled, but I really cant remember giving them my address. for some reason, my email account hasn't saved my outgoing emails for me to check back on, and Ive deleted the incoming emails from them regarding my cancellation code which they provided, as I didn't hear anything back off them.

I also didn't give them date of purchase, or payment sum.

or a reason in my email either, i selected one of the options on their website for the reason.

Im just wondering where I stand with them sending all my details to the debt collectors, when they hadn't even been in touch with me first to try get it off me or to let me know that was what they were going to do.

Rolfe 5 years ago

I suggest you e-mail intrum Justitia telling them you cancelled properly then post a copy to St. Albans. They are in breach of regulations. The first place for help is Trading Standards who enforce the regulations Go to your local office. Consumer direct is rubbish a bit like getting on a merry go round. Then C.A.B. Don't put your head in the sand. You have to get help. Try to pressure your banks fraud dept. to help.

At the extreme end and it goes to court as many of us as possible need to turn up to give evidence. Start to contact one another. We are all in the same boat. Alone they will just pick us off one by one,

Rolfe 5 years ago

Further to my last comment. Start to trust each other and post you mobile nos. We can't support each other if we don't talk. I have because I want to support you and need you to support me. We are victims not criminals

Rolfe 5 years ago

Further to my last comment. Start to trust each other and post you mobile nos. We can't support each other if we don't talk. I have because I want to support you and need you to support me. We are victims not criminals

Missallym 5 years ago

Yeah, after reading the posts I know this is something I cant ignore.

so far, they haven't got any more money off me, just the initial £5.00, as I cancelled my card.

im wondering if that is why they have gone straight to the debt collectors instead of contacting me, because they knw they wouldn't get anything else off me.

Only thing is, they don't work to UK regulations, so Im not sure if our trading standards can actually do anything. its worth a try though.

will def be going to CAB. and see what they say.

absolute rip off cowboys though.

(oh and bizarrely enough, they even have a link advertised on this website too!!)

toukieuk 5 years ago

Rolfe I've sent you a short text.

rolfe 5 years ago

I'd like to suggest that we give our mob numbers and the area where we live. We can then contact and meet those nearest and start of with small groups and then contact other small groups. You probaly felt some comfort from Lucianne's thread. Get some more by meeting up. This is the only thread that will allow this. Have some trust.

I don't what to make of be2 or Intrum Justitia. They may well be playing the percentage game where for everyone who won't pay another does. I haven't read one comment from someone who has actually gone to court.

The worst event is being taken to court which will be small claims.

If only one person goes with you you can stop worrying.

They can advertise because they pay (with our money).

It kills your trust and faith in the big companies.

Get posting and lets get together.

Missallym 5 years ago

Ive came across a site which gives advice on dealing with debt collectors.

if you google:

tpuc dealing with debt collectors, and go to the tpuc org link and go to page one, there is a sample letter which may be of use.

I am going to send it to Intrum Justitia informing them I cancelled my membership within the month trial, and asking for proof of the debt and also proof that the company took reasonable steps to inform me of this apparent debt, and try to recover the money from me first (which they didn't do) before passing my information over to the debt collecting agency.

(i think this may also be a breach of personal information confidentiality laws)

I am going to the CAB tomorrow to find out where I stand with this. Plus will be getting in touch with UK trading standards and European consumer services.

will keep you informed.

Rolfe, I also sent you a text last night.

Missallym 5 years ago

I live in wakefield.

Rolfe, did you get my text last night?

toukieuk 5 years ago

I'm happy to share information, but not on this site. Anyone can read it, including Be2 employees. If we set up a site, eg a Yahoo Group or something similar, where one or more us are administrators, we'll be able to stop Be2 people seeing what we are saying. I reckon they are easily identifiable.

I live within easy reach of London. That's all I'm prepared to say on here.

ri 5 years ago!/home.php?sk=group_129516180435945&ap=1!/home.php?sk=group_106873549382896&ap=1!/home.php?sk=group_162710357100632&ap=1

ricky 5 years ago

I sent Rolfe a text Monday afternoon. We do need to all stick together.

HealthyHayden profile image

HealthyHayden 5 years ago from Canada

A good warning that hopefully helps other avoid being scammed!

jennoel28 profile image

jennoel28 5 years ago from Independence, MO, USA

That is one of the reasons why I don't pay for a membership-because of the fact that most of these sites are scams. I paid for two memberships on two diferent dating and (a site for Latter Day Saint singles). That was because I was interested in some of the men that were on the site. I'm not going to pay for a membership if I'm not interested in the men from a certain site or if I feel like these people are scam artists. Thanks for sharing your story and God bless.

toukieuk 5 years ago

I have not noticed any Be2 adverts on Facebook for a while. Have Facebook finally seen sense and stopped taking their adverts?

Rolfe 5 years ago

Someone started a campaign to get be2 off of Facebook, perhaps it worked.

Lot's of you hsave texted me but are wary of putting you nos. on site. Can I suggest you say whereabouts you live and I can put you in touch. You will feel better having mutual support.

I still cannot find a blog from anyone who has been taken to court by Intrum Justitia. What amazed me is that these threads are world wide. If you can read French try the French one. Why the banks still let them access peoples accounts is baffling.

Write to D.I. Perry Stokes City of London Police about your experience with be2. He has some knowledge of them and Intrum Justitia. The more of us that write the more he can do. I try to think ahead of my personal fight to the future victims.

Ally 5 years ago

be2 still have adverts on facebook. saw one today.

Rolfe 5 years ago

Just to confirm what a bizarre site be2 is here I am waiting to hear if Intrum Justitia is going to take me on in court and I had had no less that 14 e-mails from them with my perfect matches in 2 day's. Proof really that thay won't let you go and that the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and you have to keep vigilant fo a long while.

toukieuk 5 years ago

Thanks to Rolfe for the information about D I Perry Stokes. I will write a detailed report and send it to him. I did go to my local police but they weren't interested.

rolfe 5 years ago

Some more i've found.

be2 was found guilty of fraud in their absence in the state of Arizona U.S.A. Arrest warrants wait for the two crooks who run be2 as they haven't paid back victims.

Also The Guardian newspaper was involved in investigating be2 on behalf of a womwan like Lucianne about two years ago. I have e-mailed them to let them know be2 is still at it. Can as many of you as possible do the same including Lucianne to try to get them interested again.

It's all about giving them as much grief as they've given us.

I've had 7 more matches to-day

be2con 5 years ago

I've just posted on the complaints board at about the Finnish and Danish views of BE2. I'm in the same situation as others in that I "cancelled" and heard nothing more until they got tense about not being able to take the six month payment and started spamming me with threats about legal action. I agree that we need to trust each other but I'm not happy about sharing my number on an open site (big props to Rolfe). I've also collected links to French and German language complaints sites where people are discussing the same problems we are - you need not read the language, use Google Translate to show the page in reasonable English.

be2con 5 years ago

Have you got a link to that Arizona case Rolfe?

Rolfe 5 years ago

I stumbled on the Arizona case whilst going through loads of sites about be2.I even found one in Agentina. You are correct the blogs here and on this is money are only the tip of the iceburg. I was reading one yesterday on this is money where the victim had confirmation of cancellation from be2 but they still took his money. If that's not theft what is? I despair of this mob ever being closed down. What is a fact is that they will try to take your money again as they see this @valid contract' has having no end date. I'm still getting about 3 'perfect matches each day even though they have threatenned to sue me. They obviously think that I have a contract still. Get stuffed comes to mind. You should still think of getting to know at least one person near you for support. I promise no details will be passed on unless you want me to.

threaders 5 years ago

It is a disgrace how these people can continue to rip people off, my only addvice, apert from making it well know on the internet about this site, is for you all to make a formal complaint to the authorities, the more of you that do this, the more the seriousness of the situation becomes to the investigating authorities,i really don't know how after taking money from someones account after they have cancelled can not be anything other than illeagle, in anyones country !. The only problem i can see is that they have you with this rediculous contract, unless you actually manage to cancel it within 14 days on registering, seems they prey on this.Has anyone managed to cancel within 14 days and still be charged?.

Also i would like to say , that inform your banks etc that this company are not authorised to take money and cancel your cards, any legal prceedings taken by a recovery company, must be a case proved to be correct before they can act on recovering money, let them take you to court, if they actualy do ! it is doubtful that these people will want the adverse publicity, and of course are on to a non starter even if it got in to court.This recovery company seem to be pretty bad if they take on ficticious debt etc, and they would also have to attend any court proceedings, let these two companies produce the evidence to back up the claims they are making against you all, i am enclined to believe they will not be able to. just thought i would put my thoughts in.... report them!

Lesley 5 years ago

Thankyou so so much, I joined it on the 14 March & have just cancelled my credit so they can't take out any more money, I will probably get spam as payment wont be made, we will see, I Thankyou again, & I thank the person on be2 that sent me a message with this website. there are good people out there.

Kevster82 5 years ago

I purchased a 6month premium membership with be2 last year,didn't realise about the

cancellation policy,just assumed it wouldn't carry on afterwards. They now say that they are

going to take legal action on me to get the money as it is in the contract. Do I need to be worried if I don't pay or what happens if I get summoned to court? I can't go to court over a dating site... Please help a worried individual as I don't want this to ruin my relationship with my partner now.

rolfe 5 years ago

Kevster. Based on my own experience they will threaten you with action to recover the so called debt and you probaly will get a letter from Intrum Justitia. Answer it with a request for proof of a valid agreement and wait. I've been waiting for 6 weeks since my letter for further action. You can contest any claim before it goes as far as court and they probaly will not proceed if you threaten to do so. Just don't be intimtated by these crooks. Get a partner from these blogs to back you up. Keep copies of all correspondence. This is more proof that after taking the first payment they will be back for more.

Missallym 5 years ago

I also got one of those Intrum Justitia threats, and sent the letter I mentioned earlier in the posts, and gave them two weeks to reply. that two weeks is up now, and ive not heard back off them. its still early days though, so theres time yet, but unless they can validate the debt etc, and you are disputing it, they cant do a lot. also if the debt is in dispute, it cant go against your credit scoring.

Rolfe 5 years ago

I've only just noticed that 'This is Money' (google be2 scam) is part of the Daily Mail. Go right to the bottom and click on 'contact us' and send your story to the editor.

Be2 claim to have 24,000,000 registered 'clients' We all know how impossible it is to deregister. Just do some maths and think of the massive amount of fraud being committed all over the world.

Try to excite them into doing a story on be2,

After 6 weeks still not have heard back frim Intrum Justitia but getting about 3 'perfect' matches a day. ????

Eva 5 years ago

I have subscribed to Be 2 Premium last week thinking I am paying 5 £ and was charged 150 £ straight away. During the payment procedure I was not shown the exact amount I am paying before clicking confirming button as its normally shown during internet transactions. After that I reported my card lost to stop the payment to go through but as its a debit card my bank didn't stop the payment.

Next day I sent many emails and posted a letter to Be2 demanding cancellation, they emailed me back in 4 days confirming cancellation of my account after 6 months period ( not immediate) and not mentioning the refund which means they've kept my money even though I have not used their services.

I had a look at the site and realized that I was scammed. There are no pictures of people, most of them are hidden. Also most of them are from Nigeria and similar countries. I received 25 messages mainly from Nigerian men overnight, didn't read them all but what I read was - " I am a decent man and I would love to marry you. This is my skype address please contact me".

I don't know what to do now. My bank has refunded money as I reported it as fraud transaction that was NOT made by me which is almost true because I was initially paying 5 £ not 150 £ . Today I received a letter from my bank's fraud department asking me to sign the document in order for them to do investigation. I don't know maybe after my bank will realize that I was the one who initiated the payment they will call it "false claim" and take that refund back from me?

Anyway, I feel so sorry for all those people above who became victims of this global scam Be 2. Its a company who makes millions on innocent and lonely people.

I would like one day to see those 2 bastards, who owns this company, in prison. I will celebrate it.

I know, that there is a justice in the world and one day they will pay big price for what they are doing to people.

rolfe 5 years ago

Eva, Don't worry stick with your story. Use the blogs to show your bank to back up your story. This is only one site you can easily prove what fraudsters these crooks are. You only authorised £5 the attempt to take more was theft. You are in the right on this.

pinkpanther 5 years ago

here is your guy , well so it say's, if so it would not surprise me, look at the silly face on him, Dr Scam. might be of help to some on here to see this guy, you may have already seen it.

shocked 5 years ago

Here is a link email address to msn and hotmail consumer complaints, send them a complaint and they will follow up, and of course present the findings

barafundlebay 5 years ago

adult friend finder,is another one thats scamming people also friend finder,same company, beware scammers from nigeria russian federation, ukraine, all with photos of pretty girls looking for men in 40,/50 all with broken english,also beware if they say they are going through translation company as these companies don't exist,they email you a fraudulent company certificate,hoping to get money out of you..

missallym 5 years ago

its been over a month since i sent my letter back to the debt collection agency, and as yet, I have still not heard anything back off them.

whitney 5 years ago

I too have been scamed by this rediculas site..................I had hits from men that don't even live in the same town, province or country.........................what we hook up at micky d's on our phones................

sher 5 years ago

I was taken too> I payed the 5 dollars thinking that this was all it is and then they took 179.00 after hitting the send button. I was scamed. I immediately took action and cancelled with them as soon as I was sent the amount taken. They sent back a letter saying they won't cancel till the six months were up. I Did not authorize this amount I authorized the 5 dollar one month fee. Why would the even have that button if it isn't the start up fee. They wrote me back saying they don't have a one month trial.. I was like WHAT?? What a scam I will never do online dating again Lesson learned. Now I have to deal with my bank.. Grrrhhhh

Thomas Brooking 5 years ago

Dear Lucianne

I work for be2 customer services. I have been looking through all the comments made on your blog post and it does make for distressing reading. I would like to offer a response to at least some of the points that have been made and outline be2’s position regarding these issues. I hope that you will publish this post and that it will be useful for your readers.

Firstly and importantly: Please, anybody reading this blog who is having problems cancelling their account, do write to me at and I will personally ensure that your case is dealt with fairly and swiftly.

As far as I can make out there are two main issues that the people writing on your blog have had problems with: 1. Scammers/Fake profiles 2. Rebilling. I will address these issues one at a time:

1. Scammers/Fake profiles

Scammers are a problem on all dating sites. The vast majority of be2 profiles are genuine users, looking for love and be2 does everything possible to monitor the site and ban users who are not genuine. be2 has an anti scammer team that uses a piece of software to spot suspicious activity on the site (an example of this would be one user writing a lot of messages in a very short time) and investigates all users highlighted by this software or by our other customers who can press a button to report anyone they suspect may not be genuine. The team monitors all suspects and blocks their accounts, and even their credit cards where possible, when they are satisfied that a user is not genuine.

2. Rebilling.

We do automatically re-bill our customers. This means that at the end of your subscription period you will be charged for a further extension of the service on our standard terms (usually for an additional 3 or 6 month period – dependent on which product you purchased). Like most online dating services and indeed many online services, our assumption is that if you do not cancel, you wish to continue using the service. This works for many of our customers who are enjoying the service and wish to continue it, uninterrupted; it also causes problems for people who forget to cancel in time. We are a commercial organisation and again, like the vast majority of our competitors or like other online services, we stick rigidly to our terms and conditions. Many of you have quite understandably felt unhappy at being re-billed in this way. However, I can tell you that this is standard practise in the online industry, it is entirely legal and very clearly laid out from the start in our terms and conditions and at the point of payment and invoice. No payments are taken fraudulently by be2. If a customer has cancelled in good time and still been re-billed then I need to hear about this so that a full refund can be organised for these rare but occasional failures in the system. – If readers of this blog have cancelled in good time and still been re-billed, please do write to me!

Overall people have very different experiences with be2. Our customers are not all as dissatisfied as you and the other people who have written on your blog. Many many people do find a suitable partner with be2 and those that do are naturally very grateful and sometimes write to us telling us how we have helped change their lives. Other people who write to us are not so happy. Maybe their matches have not been so good, or there has not been anybody local to them available at that time, or in the worst cases (which would include many of the respondents here) customers feel mistreated by be2.

I want to reassure your readers that while people have mixed experiences with be2, we are not a scam, as has been alleged here. We are a legitimate global company, acting entirely within the law, that helps many thousands of people every year find love.

Thank you for giving this post an airing. I wish you and all your readers the best.


Thomas Brooking

Team Lead

Customer Services

be2 S.à.r.l.

291, Route d'Arlon,

1150 Luxembourghestr.

B 123206, Commercial Register Luxembourg

Director: Dr. Robert Wuttke

Rolfe 5 years ago

I have just returned from 4 weeks holiday and am shocked that these crooks are still at it. I have spent a lot of time checking them out.

Be2 starts it's fraud with the 'algorythm' This is a joke as a vague profile generates a load of perfect matches enticing you into a 'months trial for £5'

Having got your card details they then tell you that unless you cancel in 14 days they will take £150 for 'premium membership'.

This is where the fraud really begins because even if you cancel they will still try to take the money. Cancelling your card is the only way to stop this.

They then plead 'no evidence of cancellation' and ask you to update your details as you have a 'valid agreement' with be2.

They then threaten you with a debt collection outfit called Intrum Justitia. If you then refuse to pay you get an automated letter from these people asking for you to pay up.

Do not ignore this but DO NOT TELEPHONE. Reply in writing (keep a copy) refuting the 'valid agreement'. ASK for a copy of it and sit tight. There is no way they can enforce this and in not sending you proof of the debt they are in breach of U.K. regulations.

DO NOT think that by paying you will get rid of Be2. They will take this as proof of the 'valid agreement' and hit you again in six months.

Those who have had money taken can get it back of your providers if you persist. This will hit be2 as they will be charged interest.

As for Intrum Justitia they say that you are judged by the company you keep. It is amazing that they are currently advising the E.U. on debt collection practises.

The one thing that I have learned from all of this is that there is no help available. Consumer direct is a joke. It's down to you to fight and get your money back.

be2 exists only to get card details from genuine people and get as much money as they can.23 million members at £5 is a lot of money. Add the £150's and you can see how profitable it is.

They should be shut down and the two crooks that run it put in prison.

After 12 weeks I still have not heard back from Intrum Justitia but get about 6 'perfect matches each week.

My offer to come to court with any of you still stands.

Thomas Brooking 5 years ago

Dear Lucieanne

I am sorry that you have not posted the response I submitted to you at the beginning of the week.

Is there a reason for this?

We would like to exercise our right of response to your blog and have our position represented. The views expressed here are only one site of the story. Equally, it really could be helpful for your readership to be able to contact me directly and have their cases given full attention.


Thomas Brooking

Team Lead

Customer Services


rolfe 5 years ago

Lucianne, why not post 'Thomas's blog and give him enough rope to hang himself. I have serious doubts as to whether any of be2's 'support team are real, if they are they must be well paid.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 5 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi All. Sorry I've not been on here for a while and I've only just read the recent comments.

There you go Thomas, you can have your two-penny worth (for what it's worth). I'm sure there's quite a few people who will be getting in touch to air their grievances. I, however will not. Hopefully my comments (which are now ranking high in Google) will deter more innocent trusting individuals from joining the site you promote, and encourage people to read the small print before handing out their bank details. My money won't be recovered, and I hope whoever ended up with it enjoyed spending it!

I am not in the habit of telling lies. Your company stinks of fraud (however you choose to gloss over it) and there are too many people who have added their comments on here for us all to be wrong. Maybe you would like to sue me for slandering your company? I will gladly see you in court.

I make no apologies for being a fly in your (no doubt expensive) Chardonnay. And I will continue to tell anyone who will listen not to join b2 or any other company associated with it.

MJ2303 5 years ago

I found this site via and can identify with all the comments and will contact Rolfe soon.

I regularly contact be2 with numerous complaints and queries and when I ask too many questions where they contradict themselves in their emails they go quiet until I stir them up again.

I have again begun to try to translate the T&Cs into layman's English and wondered what contributors to this hub think of the following excerpt which I have emailed to be2 for confirmation that my translation is correct:

"Any objections to amounts of debited or charged fees which a Client may have must be raised and substantiated versus be2 in writing at the latest 14 days from debit of the objected fees or from receipt of the objected invoice. If the Client should fail to raise any substantiated objections within said 14 days period, the debited or charged fees shall be deemed to be approved. Any costs or fees incurred due to the delay or default of payment are the responsibility of the Client. In the event of a delay or default of payment, interest will be charged in accordance with prevailing statutory regulations".

My situation is that I paid £5 for the "trial" and assumed that it was just that and stupidly did not study the T&Cs. If I have interpreted it correctly (and I may not have done) it seems to say that if you put an objection to be2 within 14 days of payment you should get the money refunded as after this time they are deemed to have been approved. With that said I am concerned as to the word "substantiated" and this may be their get out clause.

I have 4 different accounts with be2 - the one in dispute and 3 others. The reason for this (which I have told BE2 about) is that I am printing off all communications to prove that all the messages received are from a computer not from a human. I have posed the question many times to ask if the 10 contacts include these computer generated messages and they sidestep the question each time. What they do say however is that a member can opt out of contacting other members with these computer generated messages as they are set as default. I have not been able to find anywhere on the site where this can be done and have contacted be2 and posed this question and yes... surprise surprise I have not had a reply.

You all have my full support. Power to the little people!!!!

MJ2303 4 years ago

I have now had a reply to my email from be2 which I have pasted below. More stupid clauses.

"Dear be2-user,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that a refund is only possible within 14 days, if the service has not been used:

XVIII. Right of Revocation

The Client shall have the right to revoke the contractual relationship under item III (1) with be2 within 2 weeks from entering into the contract (registration date) by way of a written declaration addressed to be2 at the

e-mail address indicated in item XIII. or via surface mail to the address indicated in XIX.

The Client shall have the right to revoke the contractual relationship under item III paragraph (3) with be2 within 2 weeks from entering into the contract (registration date) in the same way, as long as no chargeable services have been used yet. Said right of revocation shall cease once use of the service has begun".

Am I being thick in thinking that you would use the service once you paid for it and therefore, according to the rubbish above, a refund is out of the question?

If anyone has any suggestions for a reply to this nonsense please let me know.

Deborah 4 years ago

I wish I had read this before paying on this site. I knew as soon as I read the first email that it was scammy. Plus profiles have the same photo being used. I have emailed calling them on it and have cancelled the recurring payment. They responded that as I had communicated with members they could not refund monies paid. Definitely will be more diligent now to make sure they don't try to charge my card again closer to the expiry date of membership. Anyine else in Canada been ripped off?

rolfe 4 years ago

You really have to shake your head at the crap be2 come out with. You pay for 'one months ' trial. You then have 14 days to cancel otherwise you 'have' £to pay 150. You cannot cancel if you have used any of the 'trial' period you paid for. So basically you pay £5 to find out that you are about to be conned out of £150.

Dear Thomas there is a word to descibe taking money for nothing. It's FRAUD. There is also a word to describe taking money you are not entitled to. It's THEFT.

rolfe 4 years ago

Can I urge all of you to go to Google be2 scam and then 'This is Money be2 scam' At the bottom you can contact the editor at the Daily Mail which runs the site.

Perhaps if they get swamped with requests for help they might take these crooks on.

ejazahmed2609 profile image

ejazahmed2609 4 years ago from Abu Dahbi, UAE

thank for sharing such a helpful information.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Yes, Rolfe I will do as you suggest.

With regard to the reply I received from be2 which I pasted above I posed the question of the word "user" they had quoted in their earlier email. They replied (as usual) that as I refuse to give my profile name they cannot reply. I only asked them to explain their definition of the word!!!!

They state that members can elect NOT to send the standard computer generated messages which apparently not many members do. So I have for the umpteenth time asked them to say yes or no whether, if a member only receives these computer generated messages, it is classed as a contact because if it is (as in my case) then of course you have had ten contacts. I wonder how that would stand up in Court.

rolfe 4 years ago

Go to the 'this money be2 scam' where someone has been promised a refund

MJ2303 4 years ago

I have just noticed the following on the be2 website where you can elect to take premium membership. I have noticed that with the 3 and 12 month membership you need to give 14 days notice but with the trial version which then becomes the 6 month membership it states 7 days notice. Not sure whether this will be of help to anyone but I thought I would mention it.

I have also had a reply from Annabel Marshall but only to ask for my username so nothing to report on this as yet.

"While you are a Premium Member you can exchange messages with your partner recommendations and see their photos. Of course you can also take full advantage of the be2 free service: you'll get new partner recommendations which match your personality perfectly. You can attach your photo to your profile and allow your partner recommendation to see it.

Premium Membership with the guarantee of success: we guarantee that you'll be in contact with at least 10 partners who are the closest fit for your personality.

Your Premium Membership will be automatically lengthened

with our most popular product, 6 months at £24.99 / month (total amount £149.94). At the end of the initial 6 month period purchased, your Premium Membership will be automatically renewed for successive periods of 6 months at £24.99 / month. You can cancel your Premium Membership at any point in time (term of notice 7 days)".

MJ2303 4 years ago

I received another reply from Annabel Marshall in which she suggests that I should send messages which "sound normal and interesting". Bloody cheek. Seems she is suggesting that this is the reason I have never received a response from anyone other than a computer.

She obviously does not read all of her messages because she suggested that if I give my profile details she will look into whether I am entitled to a refund. She seems to have overlooked the fact that I am asking for the begging emails to stop and to either send round the dubious firm of debt collectors or stop the threats.

I replied to AM 2 days ago but to date I have not had the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps she is still looking through the legal mumbo jumbo to try to find some complicated wording to quote to me by way of reply in which case I will cut and paste my question yet again and ask for a yes or no answer.

Sunny 4 years ago

I'm glad I stumbled across this thread - I was having technical issues with be2 and FAQs weren't much help so I did a Google search and ended up here!

I registered for the free membership and decided to sign up for the 6 month premium member ship when be2 emailed me a special discount offer (~£50 for 6 months). My 6 month Premium Membership ends in November but having read all posts I want to cancel the membership and delete my profile as I also feel that some of the profiles look dogdy. I have managed to follow the cancellation instructions on the website (very tedious but got there in the end) and reached a page where a cancellation form is automatically populated with my details. It says to print out the pdf 'Termination of Membership' form and send it to an address in Luxemburg or to fax it as cancellation request is required in writing.

The form contains the following details of mine:





User ID

I'm reluctant to send on my address to these scammers. Can anyone advise whether I need to send my home address for cancellation to be valid?

Is there a be2 email address I can also email the form to?

Also, I had paid the subscription by debit card. To ensure they don't take anymore money from my account in Nov, do I just need to cancel my card or do I need to close the bank account?

Thomas Brooking 4 years ago

Hi Sunny.

You can leave your address your address if you don't want to share it with us. The main thing is that we can identify your account and cancel it for you. So, as long as all the other information fields are filled in and you have signed the document (this bit is important) then you can leave your address out.

We do need it faxed to us though.

Once you have done this we will confirm back to your that your subscription has been terminated and you can be sure that there will be no more charges from us on your account.


Thomas Brooking

Team Lead

Customer Services


rolfe 4 years ago

Sunny, Close you entire account and start again. Don't worry about debt collection just follow the advice given if it gets to that. It's very difficult to believe anything that comes from be2. I believe that they are hitting these sites with fictious complaints which are appearing to deal with. They may try to clean up their image but history is against them.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Sunny

It's possible to cancel online, but it isn't easy. They make the process as long and complicated as they possibly can in the hope that you will give up, thinking it can't be done. At some point in the process they offer you the chance to cancel online. You need a cancellation code to do this which you have to request. You will have to wait anything up to 48 hours for them to send it. When it comes you have to go through the whole process once again. Sometimes the screen you need doesn't come up at all. If that happens you have to sign off and try again later, I suggest waiting 6 hours. If you do it online you don't have to give them your address. If you do manage to cancel successfully you still need to stop your debit or credit card, they will still try to charge you again in 6 months even if you have cancelled successfully.

break up books 4 years ago

I'm sorry about your negative experience. I have heard of this scam before and people cannot be too careful. I would always advise people to join reputable sites like that are well policed. They may have a monthly prescription, but you can feel a lot safer. Thanks for alerting us!

R Lawrence 4 years ago

I too have had problems with this company. I tried to cancel my subscription and autobilling but there was nowhere on their website to so this. I paid £5 for the trial and was able to do nothing without premium membership. What I cannot get my head around, with all the many complaints and bad experiences people have had with this company is why, someone, somewhere has not hired a hit man to take them all out?

SarahW 4 years ago

I too have been scammed by them. I signed up for £5.00 trail and tried to cancel this online after 2 weeks but the link wasn't working. I then emailed the customer services requesting my account be cancelled and never got a response until 1 month later by which time they had taken £144 out of my account. Luckily my bank rang to ask if this was a genuine transaction and they refunded me the money. Only to have them again take it out a further week later. I have since cancelled my account with the bank. Despite numerous emails back and forth they will not cancel my account / remove my profile and keep sending me emails threatening to take legal action as i am in breach of contract.

Has anyone actually managed to get their profile removed

Has anyone actually been taken to court or had legal action by them

MJ2303 4 years ago

I have been threatened with legal action for months now and have not had anything through from Interim Justica. I replied to customer services to their automated message saying they had attempted to take money from my account but had been unsuccessful saying they could keep trying because they were not getting a penny. They then offered me six months membership at half price. I wonder what they are putting in the coffee in their office.

L2 4 years ago

I too have used this awful web site and I am surprised that they are allowed to trade and no one has stopped them. please do not join them. All lies and no customer service and all automatic messages only they are good in rubbing people

Lily12 4 years ago

Hello Lucianne,

Is it possible to get together and stop this company cunning people please? I would appreciate your comments.

Thank you

Scorpy51 4 years ago

Thomas, having read some of your replies to this blog, it seems that you try to justify rebilling.Yes other on line dating sites do have automatic rebilling, but this can be cancelled on line or by a very quick phone call. It appears that what you fail to appreciate, is that many people have tried to cancel, but are still rebilled or totally ignored. If you are genuine in what you say, and are reputable, then the practises described by many within this blog would not be experienced. Sending threatening letters via a debt collection agency is just bullying and scare tactics. Additionally I noted that some statements say that you are not governed by UK law. However you will undoubtedly be governed by EU law, and as such, UK being part of the EU, then maybe dissatisfied customers may well seek recompense through the Eurpopean courts.

Further to this, I advise other people who are having problems with be2, that you may want to contact the BBCs Watchdog programme. It may not instantly resolve problems, but if enough people get in touch, who knows. I will be cancelling my be2 membership in good notice. Pity I had not read some of the stuff on line before joining. I wait with interest to see how my cancellation goes and I will be contacting my bank to make sure no further payments are taken out.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Yes, other companies have automatic rebilling, but there is a big difference between the way other companies operate and the way BE2 operate. Most other companies that rebill make it absolutely clear when you sign up with that that you will be rebilled, and most people are fully aware what they are lettings themselves in for. Also they give you a very easy wway of cancelling.

Not the case with BE2, in fact, just the reverse.

1) They do their best to conceal the fact that they rebill, it's not on their front page at all and it'ss in the tiniest of print st the bottom of their joining up page, where they know there's a good chance you won't spot it. The evidence is that everyone who has posted was unaware thet they would be rebilled until after it had happened.

2) They make it as hard as they possibly can for you to cancel. I managed to do it online eventually, but it too an awful lot of perseverance, and it took 3 days from start to finish.

3) If you have cancelled successfully thet still try to rebill you, so you are forced to cancel your payment card to ensure they don't take any money.

4) If you are rebilled and the payment doesn't go through, you are referred to debt collection companies.

I wouldn't even bother answering the BE2 staff, they are fully aware of these things and have no intention of changing anything. They are just out to get as much money as they can, and in return provide no service whatsoever. How many people who have posted on this forum have said they have found a match through BE2? Most probably none.

Scorpy51 4 years ago

Well after telling BE2 that I was not happy with the site and the problems encountered, plus saying that I would place the matter in the hands of my solicitors if they attempted to take any further money from my account, I finally received an answer. As you may guess, it told me how I could cancel. It provided a link to cancel on line, but then redirected me to a page saying I had to send a fax. I have told them this is unsatisfactory! They then said I dould delete my profile, but that would not cancel my premium membership, but would not be able to log back on if I deleted my profile. Now why would I want to do one without first doing the other !! And how strange is it, that they provide an address in Luxembourg, but the fax number is a UK one !!

4tune profile image

4tune 4 years ago from Michigan

I just wouldn't bother with any of them anyhow, never met any quality men and now I think maybe in their eyes you are cheapening yourself- So.. No date sites here.. ever.

Miked 4 years ago

HI all, i am awaiting my letter from debt collection,

i canceled several times after seeing several women not my age group wanting to contact me, flattering but new was a scam by the amount wanting to contact me, also all were from an area not close to me. i had to cancel my card.

If anyone worried don't be, i am convinced no one will ever be taken to court, they want to scare you all into paying

Be nice to hear from someone in this field of legal to take be 2 to courts for unfair practices, maybe we can all do that together

Emma 4 years ago

I'm so glad I read this before I paid the £5! As I was about to get my credit card out, the pessimist in me decided to check out the reviews. Boy am I glad I did!

What prompted me to read the reviews - I clicked on paying to become a premium member then went to make a drink. When I returned to my computer, I decided to check my profile again. They wouldn't let me into my profile until I'd paid!! They kept asking me to complete the transaction every time I tried to do anything else on the site. The alarm bells went off.

Also, all the emails I kept getting were computer generated and I could read all of them. Except one, which demanded I paid first before I could read it. I couldn't even see his profile so I thought what is the incentive? I'd like to read his email, but most of all see him and his details. But if I can't even see his profile, what will make me want to pay?! Even so, I thought oh well it's only a fiver. Then I thought let me see what real people think of Be2. They won't be getting my fiver!

Trouble is, how do I get back to remove my photos?!

MJ2303 4 years ago


I am pleased you did not get duped.

You can delete your profile by logging on and clicking on the My Profile tab. You will then see a sub heading named Delete Profile. You should still be able to log on to the site to do this without a problem. I can't say whether this will guarantee you don't hear from Be2 again but I wish you the best of luck.

Horseman 4 years ago

I have also written down the steps to cancellation on be2 and here they are, in full...

Go to your settings and find the Premium Membership section. Then press these buttons on each subsequent page you navigate to:

Click here to continue > Click here for more information > Premium Memberhisop and payment >Payment > Then scroll to the bottom of the page and press 'ending your Premium Membership' > Continue.

That pretty much takes you to where you need to be.

Good luck.

fashion 4 years ago

Good article.Very informative also.It will helpful to avoid this site.


alex 4 years ago

Post scam warning on your profile , should start to work from the inside . Tell people it's a scam and do a search . Don't mention Google as their site picks it up .Hang them with their own rope . Start many profiles with warnings as its free . just don't give them your bank details . Never leave your computer on so the crooks can hack it .

alex 4 years ago

just checked them out . the people who run that company are from the US . They can be pusued there if there are enough people to help with the lawyers . Dogged profiles will stop scammers every time . Get tough close the scammers down .

janny 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I too signed up for £5 trial month in June. 2 days later I emailed them to cancel. They said they were sorry to see me go and then directed me to the cancellation page which took me around 3 hours. I thought I had cancelled, but don't remember if I got a cancellation code. Last Friday my bank called me to say an "escort agency" were trying to take £149.95 from my account. I told them not to pay. I started to get emails telling me that debt collectors would be calling on me as I hadn't cancelled. I've been emailing them disputing the whole thing since then and, after reading the comments on this site, have contacted Thomas Brooking. Just received his reply which reads "It appears that you have bought a months trial for £5 on teh 26th June and then been renewed to our 6 month product on the 27th July.

I have now cancelled your subscription so you will not be rebilled again, but you will still be a Premium Member unitl the 27th January 2011.

You did not make any attempt to cancel the product before the renewal date, so the charge for the 6 month renewal will stand.

Thank you for using be2"

So, although he appears to be "solving" the problem, I still supposedly owe £149.95. I have contacted Trading Standards, no reply so far, and am not sure now what to do, as I am worried about my credit rating. Will try and following your other suggestions in the meantime. By the way, I live in London.

Rolfe 4 years ago

It is now six months since I replied to the threatning letter from Intrum Justitia and have not heard a whisper from them. Be2 have stopped sending me 'perfect matches'.

Fingers crossed it's over but I truly resent my time and energy they have wasted and would have relished my day in court with both of them.

As I've said there is no help to fight these creatures, Consumer Direct is a joke and it is impossible to gain direct contact with trading standards. The Daily Mail has shut down it's 'this is money site.

Good luck to you all and remember to fight your cause.

A final big thank you to Lucianne for having the guts to start this blog which must have cost be2 a lot of money.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Good luck Rolfe. You have been an inspiration to me and probably many others. I have finally just received my threatening letter from IJ and I have written to them telling them to take me to Court if they are so desperate to get my money. Just got to wait and see what happens now.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Rolfe - I'd like to thank you for all your input on this subject - which judging by the response to my initial post has cost many of us a lot of money. No doubt B2 will carry on duping people and extorting money from innocent 'victims'. All I can add is that we have all learned a very valuable (expensive) lesson from this, and I for one, will NEVER sign up for anything on the internet which can't be paid for via paypal.

BOB - I'm sure everyone reading your comment - which hopefully I have now deleted - will have found it immature, insensitive and downright vulgar. Judging by your use of disgusting expletives, you are of limited intelligence, and have no concept of reality. Now go away and play with your toys. There's a good boy. If you make any further disgusting remarks I will report you.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi janny

At least your bank was looking after your interests, and not those of Be2. I was not so lucky with mine, they just handed over the £149.95 to Be2 without questioning it, I'm still chasing my bank for the money.

Re the rebilling, my advice is don't pay. They will no doubt hand it over to Intrum Justitia. I hope you haven't given them your address, if you haven't they can't find you to deliver their threatening letters.

Read what others have said about their dealings with IJ (e.g. Rolfe). I've been watching this and other similar sites, despite numerous threats I've yet to hear of anyone who has actually been taken to court by them. They are just trying to scare you into paying, if you don't pay they'll leave you alone and find an easier victim.

This is just my view, I could be wrong, but I don't think I am. I'm in London too, by the way.

MJ2303 4 years ago

With regards to toukieuk's comment above, be2 do not ask for your address when registering however when the matter is passed to IJ they obviously use the electoral roll or ask your bank/credit card company for your address. This would account for the length of time it has taken IJ to send me a threatening letter.

Ronel South Africa 4 years ago

To all singles. Rule of thumb - if the site do not accept EFT or another mode of payment but credit cards - DO NOT REGISTER; DO NOT SEND YUR DETAILS - you will not get rid of them. There are a few sites out there that actually do work.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Thanks to Ronel for his words of wisdom in the above post. I think everyone who has posted on this blog already regrets having given our card details or this blog would not exist! A bit like shutting the stable door.

I have some good news to report. I found a welcome email from be2 on a recent new profile I set up. The wording goes as follows:

"with a 3 month Premium Membership, we guarantee you at least 10 personal contacts. The Premium Membership remains active until you have made contact with 10 of your partner recommendations".

I wrote to be2 customer services (Annabel is on holiday)and was answered by Thomas Brooking. I explained that the above quote seems to indicate that the contacts were to be personal contacts and all I had received were computer generated messages. I argued that in a court of law a Judge would take the meaning of the word "personal" to mean just that. Mr Brooking has replied to me that the proceedings against me will now be halted.

I'm a bit disappointed actually. I was looking forward to taking my very large file of papers of emails and various blogs (including this one) to place before a District Judge but never mind.

toukieuk 4 years ago

There's this thing called the Data Protection Act. Surely your bank/credit card company would be in breach of it of they divulged your address to IJ? As for the Electoral Register, it's probably not much use to them inless you have unique name.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Well toukieuk - find me they did and we will probably never know how they did it. My name? Very common.

callum 4 years ago

paid the £5 .. then cancelled ...or thought I had . Fortunately, as it turned out, during the interim , I had to cancel my debit card. Now I get a request for £149 threatening legal action. Of course I shan't pay . Just wondered if anyone had actually had any debt collectors turn up? Regards Callum

toukieuk 4 years ago

Well, MJ2303, maybe you should contact the ICO

and get them to interrogate IJ of how they got hold of your details.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Good idea, toukieuk. Thank you for the link. I am lost without spending all my time fighting my corner with be2. This could be my new hobby.

Unhappy Camper 4 years ago

This company is truly ridiculous. No central point of contact, no valid phone number, automated email responses, and threats. I've been threatened with debt collection. From reading the postings, I gather nobody has been taken to court or had their credit record affected?

firestarter48 4 years ago

I too have fallen for this scam, thankfully my bank's fraud department contacted me to say that they had not released the payment. They cancelled my card and issued another. I keep trying to deal with Be2 customer services but i'm passed to different people every time. Today i have had the 'refer to debt collection' email. I have saved all contact as i cancelled by email more that 7 days before trial period ending. All they say is that an email is not acceptable but in there billing t and c it states 7 days notice in writing. It doesn't state faxed/call/email/post - it says in writing. As far as i am concerned i have completed that. I did reply to the email today and will await contact from them tomorrow, i think i know what the reply will be. I will include some of the information found on this site in my last reply. I am still getting daily emails stating could this be your perfect match - when i asked them to remove this in the cancellation email. They seem extreamly unhelpful. In every email i have always stated that if the email i sent was un-acceptable i should have been contacted straight away and informed of what they required. In all honesty i was going to give in and pay just to get away from the emails but after reading this i will not - it will only lead to further payment being taken from my account. Thank you so much for highlighting this, its good knowing i'm not alone.

ged 4 years ago

Urgent help please,

Can anyone give me B2'S uk/lux fax nunber, it is now 7 days before I should cancel my introductory period, i have emailed b2, how can i cancel online? please help

Keith 4 years ago

They wiil not let you cancel !!! I have been charged £150 and i still canceled early It is an illagal operation !

Keith 4 years ago

They wiil not let you cancel !!! I have been charged £150 and i still canceled early It is an illagal operation !

toukieuk 4 years ago

I advise you not to cancel by fax, even if you manage to find out the number. They will insist on you giving personal details, in particular your address. Once they have that you will be bombarded with letters from Intrum Justica, the debt collection company they use. It is possible to cancel online, I have done so. You just have to be very perseverant, as it is a very long process. Basically you have to go through a very long sequence of questions, at the end if which you ask them for a cancellation code. You then have to wait for them to send it, it may take up to 2 days to come. You then have to go through the same sequence all over again, by this time at the end you give them back their cancellation code. They make it deliberately as complicated as they possibly can in the hope they you give up half way through. Don't give up, persevere.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Also cancel whatever card you used to pay them. It's a pain having to wait for a new card, but if you don't they will take £149.94 from your account when your trial period is up, whether or not you have successfully cancelled.

Rosemary Henderson 4 years ago

I am on POF, a free site. They have an advert on there for B2 and guess who they have as a featured member in the ad? Phillip Schofield!

lancslady 4 years ago

I've had problems with Be2 too. I cancelled my account after 10 days as I thoughts the website was rubbish! I cancelled by fax and thought that was the end of it. Fortunately I had also had my credit card cancelled because it has been used illegally to book loads of hotels rooms!! Not connected to this site but it does now make me wonder! I then received a threatening letter from Justica, which I ignored. I then got another letter from them a few weeks later with more threats. I emailed Be2 and explained I'd cancelled by fax. Funnily enough they did not have any trace of it. The send receipt of the fax is stored electronically within the fax machine show I can prove that the fax was sent to the number they provided. I found the communication I had with Be2 very unhelpful, as they didn't appear to listen to what I was saying and also starting threatening this that and the other. I wrote to Justica and told them I was in dispute with Be2. I stopped communicating with Be2 as I did some research and found this page. I refuse to communicate with a bunch of fraudsters. I have not heard anything from Be2 or Justica since the beginning of June. If necessary I will go to Court with my fax machine under my arm LOL

firestarter48 4 years ago

i received an email on Thursday to say that they had escalated it to a manager. Then nothing till today where again i have been billed and they were unable to take the payment, oh and a perfect match. Funny that

queenparrot 4 years ago

In early June 2011, I joined this site for the fun of it. Paid 6 months of membership but after 9 days got tired of all the emails so i read the T & C and understood that I can withdraw before the 14-day cooling period. I did the right thing, wrote to B2 and advised them that I was withdrawing. No reply was ever received from them. In the meantime i did the most brilliant thing. I wrote to my credit card provider (and followed it up with a phone call/s) and in my letter, I pasted B2's TC showing the 14-day cooling off period. I also pasted www testimonies of past and current members who found the site to be a scam, withdrawing membership fees without proper authorisation when they were due for renewal. In other words, I stood up for myself. After more than a month, I got my full refund, thanks to my credit card provider.

Today I received a threatening letter from B2, that stated they'll pursue legal action and will wreck my financial standing for breaking the law. WHICH LAW?? Who has the last laugh?? Thank you B2. You've just strengthened me with this experience. My advice to all? Check out testimonies prior to embarking on a virtual journey. Use your instincts. Most of all, stand up for your rights and NEVER GIVE UP.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Did you read the testimonials BEFORE you paid for 6 months membership, queenparrot?

queenparrot 4 years ago

No, MJ2303. Too naïve. But learnt after the experience. Thank you for your enquiry.

Ashton 4 years ago

Yep, paid the 5 bucks. Realized I couldn't actually write messages to others, OR, to the company (on their feedback page, there's no SEND button, theres a SAVE button, lol) .... I'll be calling my credit card company to throw these assholes off the roster.

firestarter48 4 years ago

Hi, no manager got back to me so i emailed again to ask why no reply and got a 'we have reviewed your case again and it still stands'. The excuse given this time was not email or fax but i should have cancelled through my account. How could i cancel through that when i wasn't using it. Excuse after excuse!!!! However you say you have cancelled and have the proof they will change it to suit them. Guess i will await my threatening letter.

nanci 4 years ago

I too had a similar experience. And now my Sister is going through the same thing. Anyhow, long story short my bank did recover my money, however, Be2 was so angry they put my name into a collection agency. That I will just ignore.. forever. Just thought I would comment.

Dappa Dan 4 years ago

I too have been mugged by this site. I signed up for the £5 30 day offer. To then be told I would be billed for £147.97. I then immediately cancelled my card at the bank. I contacted the site to cancel. The cancellation process is unbeliavably difficult but I eventually did it in plenty of time only to receive a letter from Irish debt collection agency ‘Intrium Justitia’ I contacted them, advised them that their clients were thieves and I would not pay a single penny. I then forwarded all my correspondence to them. I suggest that we all complain en masse to Trading Standards to try to close this dispicable site down in this country. They are nothing but vultures who prey on decent people and use itimidation tactics to frighten people into paying.

vicky 4 years ago

This is the biggest dating scam ever. A few months ago I PERSAUDED my mum to join be 2 b dating. (my mum would normaly be interested in joining sites like tis busy and happy single i was trying to help, wish i had certainly left her to it after this experience) we joined mum up and she in the end tought it would be if anything a bit of a laugh well it certainly was that the man chosen for my wonderfull mother were strange to say the least with names refering to doggs like dog cat and joe cats. not really names of peopke you would be interested in meeting. oh well we tought 5 pound badly spent. and so my mum just ignored the emails i mean she may be single but she has a pet. the card payment requested was just 5 pounds and for thirty days at no point was it explained that it would cost anymore and if it did it was in tiny tiny small print. a few days ago 6 months after this all started 149 pounds was taked from my mums bank and has a result er account has had to be closed because the bank could not gaurantee tey wouldn't be able to steal anymore money its inconvinient and embarassing. my advice would be to avoid this site. they are thiefs

Jason Beack 4 years ago

Please tell me how to unregister with because it is irrtating get email the whole time!

Patricia 4 years ago

I joined today and something didn't feel right the first person who e-mail me stated he had a degree but his english was terrible and he was off fighting in the war on a secret mission stunk of a 419 scam, then I started looking into the sight and found this. The sight wont let me cancel the link don't work so I have had to cancel my card. Took all my courage to join a dating sight and now this. Thank you Be2

Sylvia 4 years ago

Signed up August 14/11 for what I understood to be one month at $4.99Canadian. However I was IMMEDIATELY billed for $179.94. Invoice states I have 6 weeks to dispute this or Invoice will be considered correct. Same problem as everyone else here. Try to cancel and you keep hitting a wall. You CANNOT cancel online in their settings section. I've tried several times and I am not an idiot by a long shot. Though signing up on their website now makes me question that.

If you do a domain search the IP adress locates to Luxembourg. Current CEO is one 'Andreas Etten'contact email is Sent him my notice of cancellation as an attachment. Also told him what of his 'company'. Reason I am not faxing my notice is when you do a search on the fax number the country code 49 comes up as Germany but yet their phone number is prefaced with country code 44 shows United Kingdowm.

Can anyone explain why any normal company would have it's phone number in one country and it's fax in another?

I have cancelled my credit card so no further charges will be possible. They seem to have my full name including middle initial,address and home phone #. My profile info has everything so I went in and edited everything to bogus inf. Don't know if that will make a difference. My profile I edited to all opposite eg female to male,zero income etc etc. Although I've tried to cancel it shows my membership as being up for renewal in 2012.

We need a class action suit launched against these a**holes.

queenparrot 4 years ago

Sylvia, here are the the things I would do, if I were you:

(1). Contact your credit card provider. In writing shown proof that this is a scam, include testimonies from this site, paste B2's T & C (include B2's T&C, which is somewhere in the B2site) and tell them u wish to reverse the transaction. What you've done in B2 - altered your profile is excellent, but please delete your profile too, if u can. Then WAIT, but do not give up. Keep on your following up on your CC provider until you get all your money back. Good luck and please let me know how you go. take care.

PATRICIA 4 years ago

As you can see from my previous post I joined Be2 yesterday and was on too them pretty quick, then tried to cancel and as you all know this is a long if not impossible task. I then sent them the following e-mail it is quite obvious from reviews on your site that Be2 is a total scam this is notification to cancel my account and don't attempt to take any monies from my account. I will contact other be2 members and explain your tacticts and methods of legal extortion. is true i will be on a spree. I will begin my contacting of every be2 user I can. I will work day and night at establishing contact and we will compare notes and compile a list of be2 spam as i already have with several be2 British and international BE2 members.

I have just received confirmation that they have cancelled my account, but I have also cancelled by bank card just in case. Everyone that contacts me on the sight I have informed them this is a scam whether these are real contacts or scammers I don't know. But good luck everyone and I'll let you know what happens.

Michael 4 years ago

I am based in the south east of England and my Mum has been caught out by these guys too. I would like to see if we can focus some sort of co-ordinated protest action in the UK. This would involve us all writing to the same authority -as senior as possible( and why not make it the prime Minister or Chief of Police) - or whatever to have a full investigation carried out. The money involved in these shady practices must be astronomic. Can you please reply to me to indicate if you are in the UK and if you would be willing to follow a lead and complain to ONE central authority? I can then assess how realistic this would be. One problem is that once someone has had their case/problem solved they maybe lose interest in the fight. We need to rally everyone together - if we can.

Jenny W. 4 years ago

Hi, yes I live in the UK and currently been told they are taking me to a debt collection agency as will not accept my email as cancellation (tried faxing on number they eventually gave but unsuccessful)

Please contact me and I will help highlight how misleading and fraudelent this site is.

cinders 4 years ago

i joined after seeing an ad on P.O.F.tried to cancel before the end of trial period sent round in circles,received automated emails informing me that i would have to pay 149.49 as i had not cancelled my membership in time.i had tried too but the site made it impossible to complete the process.the bank let the payment through and i am overdrawn the bank says they can not investigate until 30 days after event can anyone suggest where to go to get help?trading standards said its out of uk and they cant do anything.they said they will refer it to the europeon offices for fair trading but from what i have read here i wont hold my breath.

Annabel Marshall 4 years ago

Dear Cinders and Jenny W

Please get in touch with me under and I shall do my best to assist you.

Furthermore, you can also simply print out your cancellation form, sign it, scan it in and send it as an attachment instead of faxing it.

rolfe 4 years ago

Hi Michael and Jenny.

It's not true that we lose interest once we think that we have got these creeps off of our back.

The truth is that no-one wants to know. All of the major newspapers know about be2 and do nothing. Trading standards is a joke, Consumer Direct seems to be a tool for avoiding doing anything.

Be2 may be a Luxembourg company but when it trades here it comes under U.K. law let alone the E.U.

Intrum Justitia breaks the regulations everytime it threatens you without checking the debt first. E-Mails are a proven method of communication Be2 just chooses to ignore them.

Stand up to I.J. don't pay a bean. If it ever gets to court there are quite a few of us who will turn up with you. As for threatening you with a bad debt record this is highly illegal.

Put your brush with these vermin down to experience and find a better way to meet someone.

saonlinedating 4 years ago

There should be some sort of legislation for this?

MJ2303 4 years ago

Jenny W and Cinders, I have to agree with Rolfe on this. He has been a regular contributor to this thread offering his support right from the start. As far as Ms Marshall is concerned she has made yet another appearance with the suggestion that you can scan your cancellation and send it to her as an attachment to an email which one assumes she will accept. I'd like Ms Marshall to explain why it is that she will accept this when many people have tried to cancel their membership via email in the past but she and the rest of her motley crew have insisted on a fax and only a fax to cancel. Does this mean that she now concedes that the process of cancellation is long winded, complicated and rarely works and is offering a more straightforward alternative or merely trying to placate a few to try to retrieve be2's tarnished image?

Olliebear01 4 years ago

Thanks to everyone who has aired their stories on here. I too have fallen into this pit of despair and I am struggling to get re-imbursed. I followed their terms and conditions, printed off the cancellation letter and posted it to them. They claim non receipt and want me to provide proof of postage. I have asked them to provide me with proof that they didn't receive it.

This is the most outrageous dating/scam I have encountered and I am sickend by what these daylight robbers do. I will never sign up to another dating website as long as I live. I am going to call my bank today and cancel my card to avoid any future rebilling. I have also e-mailed Thomas at be2 to see if he will help!!

toukieuk 4 years ago

Olliebear01, I understand your sentiments, but all dating websites shouldn't be tarred with the same brush, I've heard stories of other dodgy sites, but none as bad as this one, and there must be a few pukka ones out there, surely. The key lesson though is 1) GOOGLE the company name before sending money to any company you haven't heard of. If I had done that with BE2 I would never have got caught. 2. Read the Terms and conditions VERY VERY carefully before sending a penny. If they are not in plain english, avoid. 3. Don't pay with your normal debit or credit card. I would buy a pre-pay card and make sure there is only a few pounds on it. They can't take mony from a card that doesn't have any, also you don't have to put your identity on a pre-pay card.

kded 4 years ago

Wow! I am from Australia & all the above rings true for me as well as the fact that three very handsome men from various parts of the world - all who sounded quite similar over the telephone, wanted to marry me & live happily ever after. They all had fantastic stories with some connection to Australia or New Zealand (they probably thought it was the same country!). After establishing a connection with me the first asked for money, then the second asked for money all based on truly sad but maybe believable stories. So to get to the third sooner I said & don't you ask me for money because I am sick of men from BE2 asking me for money. He of course took offense & blamed me for not contacting his boss about some other rubbish which I had no knowledge of - guess he had got his 'to be duped girls' mixed up. At this stage I contacted BE2 to tell them about the scammers on line. When my 6 mths came up I had clearly written in my diary when I should contact BE2 to cancel my memebership. The web site had changed slightly in this time & I could not find where to cancel so I just sent them an email. They took about 3 days to reply by which time it was past the 14 days notice I was required to give. I filled in the correct cancellation form at this stage, but they refused to accept it because it was outside of the 14 days stipulated. I do not easily part with money so I cancelled my card, albeit the problems that that can create when one only uses a credit card for all financial transactions and one is travelling constantly. BE2 then harassed me because they had tried to take money out of my account aqnd had been unsuccessful. I have noted recently that there seems to be more BE2 advertisements on the internet & wonder how we can tell everyone to beware not only of this company and it operations designed to get as much money from people as is legally or otherwise possible but the fact that it seems to encourage clients that are also out to get money from you regardless of what sex you may be! The older men get younger woman who swear undying love to them, but have sad stories needing money and the older women get younger men still swearing undying love but also wanting money too - even when appearing to be quite well off! Do we have any young men & young women who are being scammed on BE2 for their money? Whilst I appreciate that some people may find true love - I was a member for 6 mths & mainly got scammers from overseas. The one gentleman I did correspond with in Australia & who seemed genuine also just disappeared overnight & did not reply to any emails or phone calls I made. The ironic fact is he told me about a woman he had been chatting to who did the same to him so maybe he was just paying back to the gender! I did notice recently that he appeared on RSVP, I sent him a kiss, but funnily enough he did not reply! He had earlier offered for me to come & stay on his farm - obviously this farmer doesn't really want a wife! Well with behaviour like he has shown, is it any wonder that his last wife left him! But I guess in life if we don't take some risks we have a pretty boring life, we just have to be careful we can afford the price be it financial or emotional & hopefully we all learn from our experiences both good & bad. Anger or despair is not what we should learn from anything in life, just a need to be a little more in control - it is our own lives remember.

I want to wish everyone success in your search for a loving companion in life. But it must be one of the most difficult goals to achieve. Well I did have a really great cat for about 10 years!

Me Too 4 years ago

I also attempted to cancel my membership with BE2 by way of recorded delivery signed for post send via the Royal Mail. I have proof of the letter sent (which unfortunately has my address details on it as taken from the websites automated cancellation link) BE2 fail to acknowledge receipt of my letter, despite me having postal proof. Fortunately my bank contacted me when they attempted to obtain the £149 from my bank and my card was stopped and a replacement one issued to prevent them attempting to gain further funds. I have been issued with a warning email threatening legal action, which does scare me but I have the proof that I attempted to cancel by recorded post so will provide that as evidence.

Has anybody actually been taken to court or heard anything further than one of two letters from the debt recovery agent acting on behalf of this fradulent network?

Rolfe 4 years ago

Metoo. I have scoured the net worldwide and believe me this fraud is worldwide. I have never found anyone who actually got taken to court.

Deal with the debt collectors (probaly Intrum Justitia) as laid out in previous blogs and sit back. If it goes to court post the time and date here and I'm sure that a few of us will turn up. If they threaten your credit rating go to Trading Standards and your bank as this is illegal.

me too 4 years ago

Thank you Rolfe. This is causing me worry and stress that I really don't need.

me too 4 years ago

To Annabel Marshall from BE2. You say print out the cancellation form and send it rather than faxing it. I would like to point out that I did this twice. The first time it was sent in good faith via normal Royal Mail and you failed to acknowledge receipt of my letter. I then sent a further copy of the original cancellation form printed from you website by way of Internation Signed For Royal Mail post and you are still fail to acknowledge my letter despite I have the proof from Royal Mail that the letter was indeed delivered with yourselves. I have given up attempting to communicate with you via emails now. I have requested a written letter and bill from yourselves so that I can settle my account by way of a Bankers Cheque as I do not trust placing my bank/credit card details on your website but yet again you have failed to acknowlege me or send me any written communication other than standard emails. You have now send me a warning to say you are refering the matter, well I welcome contact from your debt recovery agent whereby I will provide them with ALL of the proof of my emails to you requesting a written bill to settle the account, proof of my delivery from Royal Mail and look forward if necessary to taking the lot to court because quite frankly your company have failed to act accordingly to my correspondence.

M3C 4 years ago

Hi Lucieanne,

Its great when people like you get a site like this up and running. I wasn't surprised to read the stories concerning be2 but its been a relief to learn that be2 really are a shady set up. I got hit earlier this year and cancelled my debit card after I was unable to cancel my membership. They still want my money hence my search and discovery of your hub page today. We all need to contact the our Government and the police about this phony set up to stop them ripping off ordinary and decent British people.

Regards M

me too 4 years ago

To Firestarter48

Have your received your threatening letter yet? I note you post was dated 3 weeks ago. I have also been advised they will attempt to recover costs from me but am yet to receive any letter. I am just wondering how long it is before these letters appear ?


GVE 4 years ago

This is true, not only does this site take unauthorised funds from your account, there also leak bank details and phone numbers to criminal activities within the African continent.

Rolfe 4 years ago

me too. The letter will come from an automated office probaly in St. Albans. Follow the instructions in the previous blogs and sit back. Don't pay and don't worry you are not alone as long as this site is running.

Lucianne, Like you I find it unreal that these crooks are still at it.

me too 4 years ago

Thank you Lucianne.

I am so pleased I found your site. Thanks for your support and advice.

olly73 4 years ago

I got stung by these this summer.....within 2wks of joining I tried to cancel, but it's IMPOSSIBLE even following their convoluted ecxplaination. I've taken legal advice, & first spoke to my banks fraud dept. who are "aware" of them. they reversed the payment. I did ask about cancelling my card - but bank said they would just get the new details - what you need to do is send in a letter explaining wehat has happended to the disputes dept & also A RECORDED delivered one to these scammers. although the first line of my letter told them I no longer had access to my e mail account they are still sending threatening e legal advice said not to worry about debt collectors - if they appear just tell them that the payment is DISPUTED & they then have no legal right to harrass you....but this is all very stressful & I am permanently worried. WHY does nobody do anything to stop these people?!

GVE 4 years ago

Beware if you have paid by credit card, as I did, thinking it would be safer. According to my credit card company funds can still be taken even with the account closed and the debt accrued to you! The credit card company state they will attempt to recover monies but they are unable to stop payments being made. Another quirk in the credit laws!

sarah 4 years ago


I wish I had seen this earlier. I have just had 149 pounds taken from my bank account. They say I have breached terms and conditions and there is nothing I can do.

I feel sick reading all the comments and am now worried about how I can cancel this.

kendate 4 years ago

That was a cose call i saw a advert pop up on my mobilefor Be2 I was on Myyearbook at the time.As Im single I thought I give internet dating a try.Im already on Badoo(That site is free and ive seen some good women on there)i thought I give Be2 a whirl too to boost my chances so I got on my computer and was horrified at the scam stories ive just seen on here.I started to sign up when I was on my mobile now ive seen this I shall be running a mile now im glad I saw these stories so many of them too(Be2 no thankks mate)im not signing up to them now.Stick to the known sites like or EHarmony.I.l keep my 150 POUNDS .Ken

GVE 4 years ago

lucieanne, thank you for pursuing this and letting others know of the pitfalls of this site!

be2 will try and throw all they can at you, keep good records of any correspondence and have it available to submit to your payment account provider, they should be able to recover any funds paid, following proof of cancellation.

If be2 advise that the agreement cannot be cancelled by email then you may find the following extract from their Ts&Cs useful:-

XVIII. Right of Revocation

The Client shall have the right to revoke the contractual relationship under item III (1) with be2

within 2 weeks from entering into the contract (registration date) by way of a written declaration

addressed to be2 at the e-mail address indicated in item XIII. or via surface mail to the address

indicated in XIX.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on here. I'm shocked and outraged by how many of us have fallen victim to these fraudsters. Now we have to collectively do something to get them stopped. I haven't got a clue how to do this so if anyone has any ideas please post them on here. There's got to be something we can do. It's already too late for me to get my money back, but for many of you it might not be. This 'company' (for want of a better word) has gone too far now. They are uncaring greedy vultures, preying on the vulnerable and trusting, and it's time we fought back. Come on guys, get your thinking caps on and lets get them closed down once and for all

Best regards


GVE 4 years ago

Lucieanne, you are absolutely right, for those of us have been caught up in this scam it will be difficult to ever see a refund, I tried to cancel by email and had the reply that this was not acceptable, within their Ts&Cs it is (see my previous post), this may be worth others to explore too.

I have contacted BBC Watchdog, although this will probably not solve our problems it will at least highlight the problem to other potential victims!If everyone scammed by this outfit were to do the same then maybe it would be taken up by the programme, thoughts?

toukieuk 4 years ago

What can we do. I quote Rolfe who wrote the following:=

"The truth is that no-one wants to know. All of the major newspapers know about be2 and do nothing. Trading standards is a joke, Consumer Direct seems to be a tool for avoiding doing anything."

Well if the government authorities are not performing, we have to go above them, I guess that means the govenment itself. We should contact our MP's, perhaps pay them a visit if they hold "Surgeries". Tell them how useless Trading Standards and Consumer direct have". Also how Banks seem to help the crooks (by handing over our money without even questioning the transaction, and sometimes and making excuses that it is legal so they can't stop it) rather than protect their customers from the crooks.

Does anyone have any evidence, by that I mean correspondence with Trading Standards or Consumer Direct? One would need some sort of evidence before taking it to an MP, else one probably won't even been heard. This is going to be a long slow struggle but we have to attack from all angles, else BE2 wins.

Chris Norton 4 years ago

I've just recieved a second letter fro IJ, telling me that "due to German law you also have to settle our costs as your payment is overdue" Really? So I live in England, B2 are in Luxembourg/US, how the hell does German law apply to me?? Also the details of the claim breakdown and figures are in German so I can't read them. Apparently I now owe them 254 Euros. Not even a proper currency. Tossers.

jenny b 4 years ago

I too have just received a second letter from ij,telling me exactly the same as your letter chris norton,i have been worried sick about all this but can see yes what a lot of T-----s they are.NO WAY WILL THEY BE GETTING A PENNY FROM ME.Dont care how many times they write to me.

June 4 years ago

To Chris Norton. I too have received a second letter today from IJ saying I now owe 257,83. Have you decided what your next move should be?. Is there anyone else out there who has received such letters previously and has any advice PLEASE

MJ2303 4 years ago

Those who have been contributing to this thread regularly all agree that taking on BE2 is going to be almost, if not, impossible. In my case of matchmaking I had not received any communication from anyone other than a computer and after several weeks of not getting anywhere with Annabel Marshall over the complicated and ambiguous wording which purports to be the T&C's I discovered the wording in the welcome email which used the phrase "personal contacts". I wrote to Ms Marshall (but got a reply from Thomas Brooking) saying that I had no intention of paying and IJ could go take a long walk off a short pier and quoting the personal contacts phrase (which is somewhere above in a post of mine from many weeks ago). Mr Brooking said that in the circumstances the action against me would be halted. It didn't get any further than the first letter from IJ. Therefore, may I suggest that if anyone who has posted above has had the same experience with BE2 in that there has been no "personal" contacts, you write to their customer services team and demand that they stop pestering. By acknowledging that in an English court of law a judge would not look on computer replies as personal their case is flimsy to say the least. No-one as far as I know has had anything more than threatening letters.

I note that Ms Marshall has not contributed recently. Do you suppose she has got herself a proper job? She certainly has not seen fit to explain why she has offered some members a refund yet blatantly ignores others who have also lost money to BE2 in the same way. It's a bit like the lottery - you might just make your stake money back if you are lucky.

me too 4 years ago

Can any of you who have rec'd letters from IJ advise how long these took to arrive with you after receiving the threatening emails from BE2 Billing department to inform you that the matter was being referred? Thank you.

Michael 4 years ago

Hi Everyone. I am pleased to see that recent comments here seem to suggest that we might all get together somehow and try to tackle this problem. Either BE2 are a reputable company or not. If they are reputable then they should be horrified that their name is being so regularly connected with complaints of this nature. It would be so easy for them to overhaul their membership system so that these complaints all but disappeared. How? The one month £5 trial membership is a great idea.But make it just that ( as everyone believes it to be when they sign up). At the end of the month send them an E mail saying "your time is now up, I hope you enjoyed it- do you wwant to continue- yes or no.The cost to continue will be £xx and if you want to accept this then please give us your bank details" Similarly the right to cancel should be available at ANY TIME and should take immediate effect. For heavens sake we are talking about an internet service. You only have to "push a button" and the service could be deactivated. Any way as I say if BE2 are reputable then they NEED to change the way they do business and alter their infamous terms and conditions. They should also consider an amnesty for all members who have fallen foul of the "old " terms and conditions. The only people BE2 should be chasing for money should be members who have continued using the site to contact, correspond with and date other members without paying their correctly due membership fees. This would be EASY to prove as well. The service is electronic and all activity for each account must be easy to monitor and record. If you haven't used the service beyond a certain date then you shouldn't be asked to pay for it. If we can track down a UK representative from BE2 then maybe we can put these points to them and get their reaction- if they are interested in rebuilding their tarnished image. How many of us are there and where are we all based? Can we drive all genuinely ripped off BE2 customers to one site ( this one- or a specially set up one?) and get them to record their details in such a way that we can then see what the numbers mean? Are we tens, hundreds or thousands of people? How do we co-ordinate our actions.Who is prepared to do what? Shall we engage legal advice- like for a class action- and split the costs. Do we have a right to compensation for all the distress and harrassment etc- assuming we are tackling a reputable company.On the other hand if we establish during these representations to BE2 that they are categorically a shady outfit and if they are only interested in lining their pockets by luring people in with the 1 month trial in order to snare them into being fleeced of as much money as possible then it is our absolute duty and responsibility to try and close then down as soon as possible. The thing is- how many people are we?

lesley -ann 4 years ago

hi i signed up with b2 a couple of months ago payed £5.oo for a months trial didnt think much of the sight and havent been on it since! went to the bank today and found out that someone had taken out £149.50 out of my account after quite a bit of time the bank let me no it was b2 and told me there was nothing they could do and b2 can carry on taking as much money out of my account when ever they wanted to for how ever long they wanted too because i handed over my card details and there was nothing i could do about it they wont cancel my card at the bank! and i really do not no what else to do! i carnt get throgh to the b2 website as it keeps rejecting my password please can anyone help me!!!

MJ2303 4 years ago


Go back to your bank and ask for a private chat with a member of staff. Too embarrassing to stand at customer services with everyone listening. Show them a print out of this thread. Tell them firmly that if they do not do something to help you you will go to another bank and open an account and have your salary paid into the new account and ask them to close your account before any more money is taken. Some banks will even set up all your existing direct debits and standing orders you had on your old account for you. If your bank don't want your business then go elsewhere.

koops 4 years ago

I too have fallen for this scam and have sent many emails back and forth. I tried sending the fax like they say but it does not work. I was receiving responses from them rather quickly until I pointed out that they could have cancelled the membership in the time they responded and funny enough they then took 2-3 days getting back to me. I have made sure that there has been no money on my card up until this point but as soon as I can I will be cancelling the card after reading everyones comments. Since reading this I have replied to their email that states the membership failed due to a problem with the credit card saying they can take me to court all they like as I will fight them and publically not to mention I said they where a scam taking people for their hard earned money etc. Wonder what computer generated reply I will get from them this time in the next week no doubt. Wish I had looked on here before signing up but I will learn from this mistake that feeling lonely after a few drinks and signing up to internet dating is not a good idea lol Good luck to everyone else in getting out of this and well done to Lucieanne for making this public.

AB 4 years ago

I had a bad experience with

soulguardians was good, and great for women looking for intelligent guys

There is no useful dating site other than plenty of fish - or dating via the big social sites like Facebook

Annabel Marshall 4 years ago

I cannot comment on individual cases but it is certainly the case that I have indeed on occasion arranged for a refund where the circumstances warranted it.

I review each profile and each customer situation individually.

I invite anybody with concerns about their account to get in touch with me at, quoting their be2 user name or the email address they used to register.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Annabel - several people have made futile attempts to contact you. Your company has some serious issues which need sorting promptly. When I wrote this hub I didn't expect to get such a reaction. Are you saying we are ALL wrong? I can't be bothered to enter into a long dialogue with you. You know your company is at fault. Sooner or later we will see justice done!

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

I've just been having a scout around on google and it seems there are hundreds of us who have been ripped off by Be2. I think what we need to do is contact the media and bring it to the attention of the whole country - either by newspaper or TV coverage. I'm quite happy to go on National TV and air it publicly. Who's with me? I've still got the original emails from May 2010 when I tried to cancel my account with them, and their replies, which will come in useful I think. I'm feeling re-energised now. I want my money back from these fraudsters!!

lesley ann 4 years ago

id be more than happy to stand by you and to go to court for what b2 did to me they took every penny i had out of my accout with out my say so and left me with nogthing they need to be stopped

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Lesley Ann

A few tips about dealing with banks.

If the first response you get isn't satisfactory, don't accept it. What you were told is rediculous, of course they should stop your card if you ask them too. You are their customer, BE2 are not. They are supposed to act in your interests, not BE2's.

First I would return to the bank and make sure you speak to someone different, better still ask to see the Manager.

If get no joy, try again at a different branch of your bank.

If you still get no joy I would go home, phone them up and report your card lost or stolen. Don't mention BE2, just say your purse was stolen and you are worried the thieves might use your card. They should stop it immediately and issue you with a new card.

If that doesn't work I would do as MJ2303 suggests and change banks.

Once you have done then name and shame the bank.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Sorry if I seem cynical but I'm wondering if lesley ann is a real victim, or a BE2 employee messing about with us. Three things make me suspicious

1. Bad spelling and grammar, we've seen that before when BE2 employees have posted.

2. The name itself changed between the two posts, hyphen in the first post, none in the second.

3. She is the only person to claim her bank won't stop her card. No one else has had this problem with their bank.

Lesley Ann, if you are a genuine victim, then post something to convince us that you are.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Michael

BE2 are not a reputable company, there is abolutely no doubt in my mind about that. All the evidence is in the posts on this site, we can't all be wrong about them. They make you think you are signing for £5 trial. Hidden away in the tiny print is the fact that you are also signing up for a 6 month renewal. Most people don't find out about it until the money has gone from their account, even if they do find out BE2 make it near impossible to get out of it. They have been doing this for years, and the only thing that will stop them is legal action. Don't give them the benefit of the doubt, they are not worthy of it.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Hats off to toukieuk for his observations! I think he may be on to something there.

MJ2303 4 years ago

We all agree that the cancellation process is extremely difficult i.e. having to fax the details, getting the cancellation code etc. etc. I note that Ms Marshall has offered SOME members the following (which I have copied from another site)

"Feel free to sign then scan in your cancellation form and send it as an attachment to either me or our customer service address. There is no need to fax it".

With kind regards

Annabel Marshall

Team Lead be2 Customer Service

Another case of duplicity me thinks.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Hi Lucianne and the others I have spoken to.

I have taken this to the following in the course of the last year.

Consumer Direct. NO ACTION.

Trading Standards concerning Be2 and Intrum Justitia/ IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE DIRECT CONTACT NO REPLIES TO E_MAILS.

Crusader ar Daily Express. Contact made and promise to help as the have dealt with both of these parties before. BUT NO MAJOR ARTICLE TO WARN PEOPLE.

The Gardian. They also have crossed swords with Be2 BUT NO MAJOR ARTICLE.


The 'This is Money' site was inundated by complaints about Be2. This was run by The Daily Mail who not only did not reply to my request for help but actually shut the site down shortly after I blogged on here that you could contact the Mail through it. Co-incedence?

I have contacted British Gas and The NAT. West bank as to why they use Intrum Justitia when it so clearly flouts U.K. regulations. NO REPLY.

Only the Finnish Government has tackled Be2.

The E.U. is actually using Intrum Justitia to advise on future debt collection law????

My Liberal M.e.P. is un contactable.

I write all of this to emphasise that no-one is interested.

To all of you worrying about Be2 or Intrum Justitia listen to Toubieck. Don't pay MAKE YPUR BANK DO AS YOU WISH OR CHANGE BANKS.

If you do end up up in court publish the time date and place and I for one will be there as a witness and I hope a lot more will as well.

A demo outside of the court will get us in the news.

This site is monitored by Be2 at least so lets send them a loud and clear message that we will all take them on.

Lucianne had the guts to start this and it gave me c

Rolfe 4 years ago

Hi I posted before I had finished.

Lucianne had the guts to start this site and it gave me comfort to know that I was not alone.

That is it really. None of us is alone thanks to her so stick together.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Hi Rolfe, Lucieanne, toukieuk and all,

I may have some good news. I wrote to Dom Littlewood about the be2 scam and I understand he is about to start production of a new series of Don't Get Done Get Dom. I was asked what the current position is with regard to these crooks and although I have come out of this better than some I am still keen to see that these crooks are stopped in their tracks. We know the official route of Trading Standards etc had not worked but this might. We have nothing to lose.

May I suggest that everyone who has contributed here contact Dom by email at so that he can take the case up on our behalf. If we give him enough information about the underhand way these people operate we may stand a chance of getting justice and prevent more heartache for others.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi MJ. thanks for that info - I'm definitely going to email him and tell him what's going on. I'll ask him to check out BE2 scams on google so he can see for himself how many people have been ripped off by them. Rolfe - I tried to send you a message the other day to the phone no. you posted on here but it didn't deliver. I am shocked to discover just how many people have been caught out by BE2. I'm feeling a bit like a dog with a bone now, - I'm not letting go! Are you listening Annabel & Thomas?

toukieuk 4 years ago

HI MJ2303. I've just attempted to email but it bounced. Can you check that the email address?

toukieuk 4 years ago

I've just looked on his website. It lists his email address as Is this the address you meant? It looks like he works for Flame TV? Are they wand independant production company, I wonder? Anyway I have sent my email to it, this one didn't bounce.

Annabel Marshall 4 years ago

As always, I reply to each and every person who writes to me at (apart from when I am on holiday, when Thomas Brooking takes over). No mail goes unanswered.

I invite anybody who is not satisifed with the experience they've had to get in touch with me so that I can review their case.

toukieuk 4 years ago

I have received a reply to the email I sent. I think it will help our cause if a few more of you follow it up quickly. Please use as it works.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Sorry toukieuk - a senior moment.

I have now had another email from Rachel at Flame TV an excerpt which is printed below. The more people that get involved in this the more likely something will get done or at the very least unsuspecting would-be members will be aware of the dangers of joining.

"In order to take this forward we need to have as much paperwork as possible. Ideally we need to have copies of the terms and conditions that the company had on their website at the time you or people you have contacted signed up to the dating site. Then we need evidence of what you/other people did to get out of the membership.

If we can prove you did everything in your power to cancel your subscription (according to their terms and conditions) but were unable to, with evidence of the emails exchanged and or/faxes (or anything else) that's a strong case. If wording in the terms and conditions is ambigious that could also be a case but a less strong one.

As yours has been resolved we would be unable to feature you as a live story because you've got your money back - however if this is something we want to cover, details of your story would help bolster our case against them - or we could feature it in another part of the series (we have a section called HOW I DID IT).

The key to everything is paperwork".

I shall be sending each and every email I have received from all my accounts to Flame with the T&C's including all the emails from Ms Marshall which state that I am incapable of having a relationship due to the the fact that I cannot write an interesting reply! I must remember to enclose that article about the case in the Finnish courts.

Right now where did I put that cardboard box ............

Me too 4 years ago

I look forward to my letter arriving from the Debt collection company. Like everyone else on here it would appear I also sent several emails back and forth in relation to the membership cancellation. I was emaied details advising me how to cancel which took me all around the avenues on the website but never actually allowed me to cancel without sending either fax or written request by mail. I did not have access to a fax so opted to send my cancellation details via the postal system to arrive within my 14 day cancellation period. Shortly after sending the letter I received a telephone call from my credit card company stating that BE2 had attempted to obtain £179 from my account which had been alerted by their fraud department. I was lucky and they did not make the payment, they cancelled my card due to my credit card details being compromised and issued me with another. I contacted BE2 to advise that I had attempted to cancel my membership yet they had still attempted to obtain unauthorised funds from my account, they responded stating if you have sent a cancellation provide proof. At the time of sending the first postal cancellation I was unaware that I was possibly dealing with a SCAM network therefore it had not been sent by any form of recorded delivery so I sent another copy of the cancellation by post, this time by recorded International Signed For Royal Mail of which I have proof my letter was delivered at its destination. BE2 again fail to acknowledge receipt of this letter again asking me to send proof. I have sent emails to BE2 asking them to send me a written bill for any monies outstanding on my account so that I can settle the account in full by way of a bankers cheque, again they have failed to respond to this request, more so because this would not provide them with access to my credit card or bank account details if sending a bankers cheque. I feel I have made every effort with BE2 to cancel my account, offer to pay to settle the account but not by a debit or credit card so in my eyes and after reading all of your stories this confirms to me that this is a SCAM company intent on fraudulently obtaining unauthorised funds. I have retained all of my correspondence and look forward to providing them all to IJ when they make contact. I will be very interested to know what court would support BE2 when I have made every effort to offer to make payment and cancel my account.

If BE2 were a reputable company they would respond have responded accordingly to my correspondence to attempt to make any payments, not that I need to make any payments as I correctly printed off and sent them the cancellation letter as per their instructions, yet they conviently deny receiving them.

I would be interested to hear your response to this Annabel or Thomas !!

toukieuk 4 years ago

MJ2303 said

"I note that Ms Marshall has not contributed recently. Do you suppose she has got herself a proper job? She certainly has not seen fit to explain why she has offered some members a refund yet blatantly ignores others who have also lost money to BE2 in the same way. It's a bit like the lottery - you might just make your stake money back if you are lucky."

I have a vague recollection of reading, on one of the other sites, about someone pleading to Annabel for their money back, and Annabel granting it, as if to say sometimes we do refund. I have come to the conclusion than anyone who says they've had their money back is just a BE2 employee, guising as a victim, like our friend lesley -ann (who's gone silent).

All that glisters is not gold.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Message to me too.

Don't pay a penny. IJ will never take you to court. No one to my knowledge has been taken to court so far. In the unlikely event that I'm wrong and they do, tell us where the court case is, and we'll all turn up and be witnesses.

robsta 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I got caught by these yesterday- joined the 10 day trial but once the renewal fees became apparant I tried to cancel, to find the same problems everyone else has had.

I cancelled my credit card within 20 mins of signing up but they had already requested payment. I was furious!

So I spent the rest of the day hammering them with emails to every address I could find, picked through the T&C's, made it clear that no payment was authorised and that if they took the money it was theft, reported it to Fraud Action and got a crime number, etc.

Today I have received no less that 3 emails confirming my membership has been cancelled! With 9 days still remaining of the free trial, I assume that any charges will be reversed (there is nothing on my credit card statement as yet, so fingers crossed).

One thing that is worth mentioning is that, although a lot of people have said they have been told they have to cancel by fax, Be2's T&C clearly state you can cancel by either fax, email or letter.

It also says you need proof of their receipt of your cancellation notice. If you use the customer service email, they have an auto-responder set up (that generates an automatic reply to your email), which I would think constitutes proof of their receipt of your email.

There is also a section in the T&C that covers cancellation under a cooling-off period.

Basically, don't take no for an answer, quote their T&C and how they are contravening them, tell them you do not authorise any monies to be deducted and that doing so is theft, and that they have been reported, and hopefully this will get it sorted for you.

mee too 4 years ago

To Toukieuk

I have no intention of paying them a penny, however, by asking them to send me a written bill that I can pay by way of a bankers cheque to settle any outstanding costs it proves I have made every when I recieve my letter from IJ. despite me attempting to cancel my membership on more than one occasion with recorded delivery proof. I challenge any Debt Recovery Agency or Court to challenge me regarding payment queriers when BE2 have failed to acknowledge my requests re (a) Membership Cancellation and (B) Billing enquiries. It adds substance to the fact that this site is a SCAM because if they were a reputable company then would have (a) acknowledged my response re membership cancellation and (b) send me a bill for any outstanding monies owed, but of course they wouldn't do either because all they are just looking to obtain my credit card or bank account details something which they wouldn't achieve with a Bankers Cheque which is not even a personal cheque from my own bank account. Last night I printed all of my correspondence emails in preparation for when I receive my letter from IJ. I will be sending them as evidence along with copies of all the SCAM warning sites found on Google to give them an awareness of the crooks which they are representing. I note in my correspondence emails that BE2 have changed my Membership ID Reference No. more than once so it would appear that they can't even seem to be consistant with that, again providing yet more evidence to support BE2 are just a bunch scammers who operate behind poorly worded generic email responses.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Me too

Good for you. I didn't understand you reason for asking for the bill, now I do.

Will you be sending all you documentation to Dom Littlewood at ? I hope you will. They are already showing some interest, but they need documented evidence in order to take up the case for all the people who have been scammed. The more they are sent, the more likely it is that they will make a TV program about it. If they do, it will be shown on the BBC early evening, so should get a very large audience.

MJ2303 4 years ago


With regard to the T&C's you mention it should be noted that these were amended in August of this year and are different to the earlier T&C's which myself and other members on this forum were subject to when we were ripped off in the same way they change anything else as and when it suits them.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Hi all

I've just been to the be2 website to check out my messages on my bogus profiles.

I recently set up a bogus profile of a MALE to see if I was compatible with myself. (Silly I know but at least I would be guaranteed a reply which so far none of my profiles have!) Surprise, surprise I found that be2 has replied to my male alter ego on my behalf. When I clicked on his profile link I got a pop-up message from be2 saying that this member was no longer available and had probably found true love!!!! My male is only a week old, bless him and he has found the love of his life. If only it was that simple.

I can't wait to hear Annabel Marshall's smart comments on how that happened!!!! At least Dom will get a laugh out of it LOL.

Have a great weekend everyone!

loveonline profile image

loveonline 4 years ago

Wow this comment section is popping - thank god I never signed up for a be2 account. I had a Match account for 3 months once the 3 months was up they rebilled me again, i flipped out on them and my money was refunded almost instantly. If you are going to use a paid service use match or eharmony they can be trusted.

lesley-ann 4 years ago

well thank you for your help and pointing out that my spelling is bad and also that i am a spy from b2 i came on here for some help not to be put down for how i write an email b2 have today taken another 150 out of my acoount so thats 300 in total that theyve had off me and todays money was my rent that they took i am a sngle parent and i work 16 hours and i live on a very tight budget the bank will not stop my card barkleys is my bank they told me last week that they had put a block on my card but b2 have got more money out of me anyway i was told that they cant shut my account down but to open another one with them witch they have now told me they cant do as i havent got enough proof of idee im going back on monday to try and sort it out agian i dont no what to do as according to barklys b2 can take money off me when they want to i came on here to see if anyone whos been through the same thing could help me but instead ive been made to feel the same as my bank has made me feel and that is that theres nothing i can do about it so thank you

lesley-ann 4 years ago

well thank you for your help and pointing out that my spelling is bad and also that i am a spy from b2 i came on here for some help not to be put down for how i write an email b2 have today taken another 150 out of my acoount so thats 300 in total that theyve had off me and todays money was my rent that they took i am a sngle parent and i work 16 hours and i live on a very tight budget the bank will not stop my card barkleys is my bank they told me last week that they had put a block on my card but b2 have got more money out of me anyway i was told that they cant shut my account down but to open another one with them witch they have now told me they cant do as i havent got enough proof of idee im going back on monday to try and sort it out agian i dont no what to do as according to barklys b2 can take money off me when they want to i came on here to see if anyone whos been through the same thing could help me but instead ive been made to feel the same as my bank has made me feel and that is that theres nothing i can do about it so thank you

bibi 4 years ago

thank you to all of your comments, the story all the same as whatever you people mentionm,. but how luck I am before I am going to pay my credit card I just think I need to go to google to know "what is be2" who can tell me how to take my photo off, I dont want my photo in their website. thanks all.

lesley ann 4 years ago

hello bibi x so glad you didnt pay your £5 fee as then they seem to be able to draw out money when they want to i dont no how to get your photo off as i cant even get in to my account with then as my password keeps getting regected good luck xx

MJ2303 4 years ago

lesley ann or lesley-ann (whichever you happen to be today).

May I suggest that you go to your bank and quote the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 at them and in particular the following:

Payment by card

21.—(1) Subject to paragraph (4), the consumer shall be entitled to cancel a payment where fraudulent use has been made of his payment card in connection with a contract to which this regulation applies by another person not acting, or to be treated as acting, as his agent.

(2) Subject to paragraph (4), the consumer shall be entitled to be recredited, or to have all sums returned by the card issuer, in the event of fraudulent use of his payment card in connection with a contract to which this regulation applies by another person not acting, or to be treated as acting, as the consumer’s agent.

(3) Where paragraphs (1) and (2) apply, in any proceedings if the consumer alleges that any use made of the payment card was not authorised by him it is for the card issuer to prove that the use was so authorised.

(4) Paragraphs (1) and (2) shall not apply to an agreement to which section 83(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 applies.

(5) Section 84 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (misuse of credit-tokens) is amended by the insertion after subsection (3) of—

“(3A) Subsections (1) and (2) shall not apply to any use, in connection with a distance contract (other than an excepted contract), of a card which is a credit-token.

(3B) In subsection (3A), “distance contract” and “excepted contract” have the meanings given in the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.”

(6) For the purposes of this regulation—

“card issuer” means the owner of the card; and“payment card” includes credit cards, charge cards, debit cards and store cards.

If you want to read the whole Act I suggest you Google it.

This won't help you get all your money back but if be2 have taken two lots of 6 months membership fees in such a short space of time then one of those should be refunded by your bank if you take enough proof that it was a fraudulent transaction.

The only other suggestion I can make is that you contact Annabel Marshall at be2 and perhaps she can work one of her miracles.

lesley-ann 4 years ago

thank you very much for your help x didnt understand it lol but im willing to give it a go im ggoing back to the back tomoz after work to try and sort it out b2 took 150 off me last saturday and then i went to the back yesterday and they had done the same again i always thought that the banks where there to look after you but in my case they dont seem to be interested ive been back to the police today and they said that my bank whos barkleys by the way carnt do that and that i need to make a statement my bank wont even close my acount down i didnt no they could do this hopefully i can get it sorted out but thank you very much for your help xxx

Rolfe 4 years ago

Lucianne, Any reason why you are not coming up on 'Google be2 scam' to-day?

I wondered if they have pulled your site. Found you through Hubpages. Number I posted is correct so try again

me too 4 years ago

I was unable to find you today on a google search. I had to locate you via my computer history and your hubpage.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi guys. I've just checked google and it's still there. I just typed in BE2 dating scam dont... and it came up. I don't know what happened there then. Anyways... I think - if I look hard enough in my full - to - overflowing kitchen drawers I might have a print-out of the original T&Cs from before they changed them. I'm off work on Thursday, so I'll have a good look. I know I printed them off to take to my solicitor, but after the bank told me I had no chance of getting a refund from the B*****ds because I had agreed to the T&Cs I didn't take it any further. That's when I decided to write the hub to warn others about them. I know I've seen the print out recently - I just hope I didn't bin it. Fingers crossed, it's still lurking somewhere. Will let you know.

All the best


toukieuk 4 years ago

I have emailed my MP. I mentioned what Rolfe said about the lack of interest from the authorities. I received a very quick reply. Here's what he wrote:

"Thank you for your email. I will raise the issue with Consumer Direct on your behalf; once I hear back from them I will contact you again to see if anything else needs to be done."

Maybe there is hope yet.

toukieuk 4 years ago

To Lesley ann

I'm sorry that I offended you, it's not my intention to pick on fellow victims of Be2. It's just that Be2 employees have a habit of posting on forums such as this, and at first I thought you might be one, but I don't now. We are all in this soup together and we try to help each other as best we can. Your bank has behaved abysmally, I don't know what more to suggest. If you still get no joy from your bank then tell us where you live (which town or county), if one of us lives near you perhaps he or she can come with you on your next visit to the bank and give you some support.

lesle-ann 4 years ago

thank you so much for your email that was very nice of you xx my bank arent interested in helping me they are still saying that it is my fault as i didnt read the terms and conditions of b2 they said they will give me 30 days and then they will contact b2 themselves but from now till then b2 can take as much money as they want off me and theres nothing i or the bank can do about it they made me feel so silly ive been to the police who have said that the bank is in the wrong they want to get involed with whats going on but they need barklys help which they wont get i live in merseyside and would be gratfull for any help from anyone i can can any letters or ant thing as it might help me to stop the bank from giving b2 my money thank you very much for you help you can find me on face book or msn to my email is thank you xx

lesley-ann 4 years ago

hello just been back to my bank and they have let me shut my acount down so b2 wont be able to take any more money off me now hopefully, i wont get the money back that they took of me but theres nothing i can do about that its a lesson learnt by me i wont pay for anything on my card again and im never joining another dating agency b2 has to be stopped for what they are doing to people xxx

MJ2303 4 years ago

Hi Lesley-Ann

I am pleased that you have at last got somewhere with the bank but you are still entitled to some if not all of the money that has been taken by be2. Taking 6 months membership fees and claiming that you should have read the T&C's is one thing but to take a second payment is theft.

Don't write this off. Contact Annabel Marshall and demand a refund of the second payment. Also write a letter of complaint to the bank telling them that you are not satisfied with the way they have treated you. You can also contact the Financial Ombudsman at and they can contact you bank on your behalf.

Good luck.

Me Too 4 years ago

Got my letter from Intrum Justitia based in Ireland today advising that I owe 172.72EUR .... I live in England, are they not able to even chase me in my correct currency. Rang IJ and spoke to a very helpful lady who is going to update 'My File' with details putting it on hold whilst I send them the evidence confirming I attempted to cancel my membership with postal delivery proof. They have given me two weeks and they will update me if they hear anything in between from BE2. I have advised of IJ of my concerns relating to the Company that they are representing me, they however advised me that they only take on cases and companies whereby there has been a clear breach of the Terms & Conditions. Guess I will have to wait and see what they make of my documentation when I send it to them. I notice the Terms & Conditions were amended on the BE2 website in August 2011, I joined the site in July 2011 so I'd be interested to know if anybody is aware what they changed recently please. Also, can anyone advise when you commit to you £5.00 joining fee when does the Premier Membership commence? Is it once you become active on the site?

Me Too 4 years ago

To Rolfe or anybody else who has responded to Intrum Justita. Can you advise me how you worded your letters to them regarding asking for proof of the debt owed to them etc please. Thank you kindly

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Lesley Ann. I, like MJ2303, am please that you at last got the bank to listen to you, but I agree with him, you have to persevere. If they took two payments from you the second one is blatant theft, the bank should get it back for you, or the bank should refund you.

I am still presevering my bank re. the first payment. I'm not going to leave them alone until I get a result.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi again Lesley. Click on the link below and read. Maybe you need to contact the ombudsment about your bank.

lesley-ann 4 years ago

went back to my bank and they told me that the second payment that was taken out was a mistake made by then they said that some one had pushed a botton by mistake and that my money should drop back into my acount soon they carnt say when but it will gives you a lot of faith in banks dosent it these past couple of weeks have been awfull thanks to b2 and barkleys my bank made me feel so silly and made me feel there was nothing i could do to stop b2 from taking my money i will never pay for any thing by card again but thank you for all the help i got on here and hopefully some one will be able to stop this happing to more people xxxx

Rolfe 4 years ago

Hi meetoo. Ref I.J.

Check my previous blog.

DO NOT TELEPHONE. Hard to prove these conversations ever took place.

Reply in writing (recorded delivery) Also e-mail I.J. (adress in previous blog)

Stress that no contract exists and insist on proof of one. Point out this form of contact is against U.K. regulations,

Be2 often uses local e mail address, for example.

This is dubious practice as it leads you to assume that they are U.K. based which they are not. This does NOT put you under the law of the country that they are hiding in. DO NOT PAY. Getting money back is posted on other sites but I feel this is window dressing by Be2 itself and not genuine. Stopping payment is the best option. DO NOT TAKE NO as an answer from your bank.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Hi lesley-ann

Strange that Barclays were saying just a few days ago that be2 could take money from your account whenever they want and yet it was one of the bank's employees that was at fault. What do the police have to say about it assuming that you have told them that it was a mistake? If I had been treated by my bank in that way I would have arranged for my earnings to be paid into an account elsewhere and not used the Barclays account. If they can't or won't close the account it will be no use to them or you if it doesn't have any money going into it. Very odd.....

toukieuk 4 years ago

If Barclay's have made a mistake thdey ought to be paying you compensations, for all the hardship and worry they have caused you. Whenever you make a mistake, for instance say you miscalculate how much money you have in your account, they are quick to penalise you with Bank Charges, so when it is the other way around they should give you financial compensation. In the circumstances, the fair thing would be for the Bank to refund the first payment. Ishould take it back to your branch, and if you get nothing tell them you're going to write to head office.

MJ2303 4 years ago


As I was writing my last message to lesley-ann I felt it would fall on deaf ears. Strange that she is over the moon that she has had one payment refunded but doesn't appear at all bothered that be2 have ripped her off for £150 or that her bank employs idiots and yet it would appear she she is still prepared to trust them with her money. I think your first instincts about this lady were probably right and there was more fiction than fact written by that particular author.

june 4 years ago

My thanks to Rolfe for advice re contact by letter to IJ. Chis Norton and jennyb along with myself have received letters from Germany stating that in addition to my alleged debt to Be2, I am liable under German law to paying their costs too. Can chris or jenny let me know what, if any response they made to their letters from Germany please.

lesley-ann 4 years ago

i am not at all over the moon that i have been ripped off by b2 and how you can and keep making judgement over me when you dont no me is not nice and very unfair i have done nothing to you so why do you keep comparing me to people that hve no thouhgt for anyone and who keep ripping people off i am trying to get my money back the same as a lot of other people but i dont for one second think that i will stand a chance as for my bank i have have been with them for 25 years and i do not have enough idee to set up an account with any one else ive had a terrible couple of weeks and you seem to insist on making it worse by puuting me down at all turns i hope b2 gets whats coming to them for all the people they have done out of a lot of money as for mine going ive put it down to a very bad lesson learnt ive done nothing to you or to anybody else on here so please stop making out that i have thank you

toukieuk 4 years ago

I haven't heard anymore from Don't get Done get Dom, has anyone? Also not heard anymore from my MP, but it's not been a week yet. If I've not heard back from him by the middle of next week, I'll mail him again.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Quote - "hopefully some one will be able to stop this happing to more people xxxx"


Sorry if you were offended by my remarks but if you look at the quote from you above you do not give the impression that you are with us in trying to stop be2 ripping people off.

Throughout all your posts to this site you have complained about your bank and be2 but you don't appear to have done much to help anyone but yourself. Take a look at the posts from others who tell what THEY have done and not just for themselves. Take a look at the posts where some have done their best to help you sort your problems for you.

With regard to not having enough ID to open a bank account what is the problem? WHY DO BARCLAYS WHO YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH NEED YOUR ID TO OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT????

I hope you can see why you are getting such comments when all you have done is complain about your bank, be2 and contributors to this blog in a negative way.

Rolfe 4 years ago

June and others re I.J.

The letter that I had was from an automated office in St. Albans. I actually went to the address a while ago whilst I was down that way and it only gets serviced once per week. I guess that the others in Liverpool and Ireland may be the same.

The letter is generated in Germany and electronicaly printed in and sent from St. Albans.The proof is in the envelope flap so keep it.

ONCE AGAIN DO NOT GET FOOLED by all of this German/ Luxembourg law crap because that is exactly what it is,

Respond in writing asking for signed copies of the alleged agreement. Keep copies, send by recorded delivery and sit back,

Going to court is the last thing they want or need. Let this site know if it happens because a lot of us can't wait to have a day out with I.J. or Be2.

THOMAS 4 years ago

I would be grateful to receive anyone's opinions ( especially Rolfe's?)about a relative's case (I shall call them Liz to protect their identity) which is driving us insane and which has an unusual twist when compared to most people's experience here.Liz signed up for the 1 month £5 trial- not spotting the terms and conditions trick about the rolling extension of membership.Liz's bank did a brilliant job and alerted her to the attempt to remove £149.50 from her account and this was refused.So she has been very lucky and has not paid out more than the £5 but is of course now being pursued by IJ for that payment plus costs and - here is the possible twist -Liz is unable to cancel her membership online because the BE 2 site says they can't cancel it unless the payment of £149.50 is made. Any ideas as to how to cancel the membership without paying the £149.50? If we can't cancel will BE 2 keep adding to the debt by charging Liz for another membership period? We are all beside ourselves with worry and don't know the best way to handle this situation now.

toukieuk 4 years ago

I'm sure Rolfe or MJ2303 will have the answer when they reads this, but my first thoughts would be to write a letter to Be2, and send it recorded delivery. Once they have received it, she will then have the proof that they have received it. If it ever goes to court (which it won't) she will have proof that she made every effort to cancel.

MJ2303 4 years ago


Liz's situation is identical to mine. After my credit card company stopped the £149.50 being taken I was pestered for payment which then went to the debt collection agency mentioned - Interim Justica.

If you read my previous posts you will see the history to my case.

Best plan is to "lose" the card which was used to pay for the £5 trial membership and get a replacement to ensure be2 cannot take any more payments.

If be2 say Liz cannot cancel her membership try emailing Annabel Marshall. She has stated in this blog that she responds to all emails. Keep writing and asking that the profile be removed and keep all the emails as proof that Liz has done her best to cancel. If all this fails then all that will happen is that Liz will get a letter from IJ (like the rest of us) and be threatened with legal action. Be2's threats have not resulted in anyone we know of being taken to Court and it is unlikely that Liz will but if that happens then she will be supported by as many of us as possible as can get to the Court.

Perhaps you would like to email Dom Littlewood to add some more weight to our case and if enough people get involved hopefully this will be aired across the UK and possibly all of Europe.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Thomas. My experience with be2 and I.J. are set out in my blogs. Follow my advice which was suggested by my solicitor who was always convinced that they would be laughed out of court with the good possibilty of costs and perhaps damages.

Even after I was under threat of I.J. taking me to court I was getting up to a dozen 'Perfect Mathes' a day for a few months.

At first I sent them back to customer services and then set up an auto delete. Be2 'Perfect matches' stopped a while ago but I get a few Russian women about 19yrs old wanting to love me. I am 66??? Don't worry about your profile it will quietly die when they see there is no money in it.

My best advice to all of you and myself is to get on with your lives. Only contact Be2 or I.J. by recorded delivery. Print off proof of delivery.

As for our Dom and watchdog I'm not holding my breath. They are in it for the money, which incidentally so are Be2 and I.J.

Google run dozens of complaint sites against Be2. So do Facebook.

YET they still run their adverts. It reallly is all about money. The problem is that it could so easily be ours.

Lucianne must have cost them a fair amount. I am still waiting for her text.

realdatingcoach profile image

realdatingcoach 4 years ago

Thanks for posting this, online dating sites are really bad, with new ones springing up almost every week. I have friends who have had a bad experience with one, where even though they the profile online I later searched for it and there it was, with a different name, but my friend's photo !

Spent months trying to get it taken down, but it is still there. Sites like these give the few good ones a hard time. I've got friends who have almost been conned out of money too, but once the feeling that something wasn't right cut off all contact. Be wary of uploading your photograph and how much information you put on these sites. Once your membership has ended what happens to your details and photo ?

Take care.

toukieuk 4 years ago

It's now over a week since I received the reply from My MP saying he would raise the matter with Consumer Direct. I've not heard any more from him, so I have just sent him this email:-

Dear .....

It's now over a week since you sent me this reply. I haven't heard from you again, I can only assume that this means that you have not received any reply from Consumer Direct. When one of my fellow victims attempted to report to Consumer Direct, they did nothing. Yet again, they have done nothing. They are an ineffective organisation that need a kick up the backside. This is a serious matter, thousands of British people are being scammed for hundreds of thousands of pounds every week and Consumer Direct do nothing about it.

This scam has been going on for years. Thake a look at this one minute video that I found on you tube. It was put there by someone called Tony Morris over THREE YEARS AGO. Please contact Consumer Direct again and impress upon them the urgency of this matter, Thank you.

toukieuk 4 years ago

My MP replied right away, all credit to him, but the content of his reply does not inspire me with any confidence that anything will happen. He said "We allow up to twenty eight days for a response to allow organisations to investigate." I would like to know how they are going to conduct their investigation. They've not contacted me, so I'll bet they haven't read Hubpages. We are now on Day 10 of their 28 day investigation.

Rolfe 4 years ago

To all uf you worrying about Intrum Justitia I stumbled on a U tube site giving advice on how to handle debt collection. You should watch and listen. Then sleep easy.

Also go to Consumer Action Group.

I.J. acts for many of the countries leading businesses and surprisingly E-Bay and Pay Pal. where they have caused a lot of grief.

The nub of the advice is upon getting a letter is to ask in writing for a CCA for which you should send a P/O for 1£ stating clearly it is only for the copy of your agreement not a token payment. If this does not arrive in 12 days it is over.

Furthermore I.J. should not act if Be2 cannot supply them with a copy of the orinal agreement.

Also as I have mentioned,





I hope this helps but check for yourselves Ask Jeeves Intum Justitia is a good site.

Try mailing Margaret Dibben '

toukieuk 4 years ago

Following on from what Rolfe wrote, I did a search and found the following. Look at comment #2

Missallym 4 years ago

Following on from Rolfes post, i also got an invoice off Intrum Justitia, so i sent them the letter below.

if you do investigating, what is written is valid.

i never heard a thing back off them.


send this letter and all will be fine.

To whomever it may concern,



I {firstname} of the {second name} family, a living soul agent for the legal entity MISS FIRST NAME SURNAME (MUST BE IN CAPITALS)!!.

I am in receipt of your notice dated 11 March 2011 ref : 2882564. addressed to the legal entity FIRSTNAME SURNAME regarding an outstanding debt in the amount of 174.75EUR.

I conditionally accept your notice of alleged debt upon receiving the following :

1. Proof of debt , Validation of the actual debt .

2. Full disclosure of the alleged debt.

3. Verification of your claim against me.


It may be wise to take note that the following are the terms of a lawful contract:

1. Full disclosure.

2. Equal consideration.

3. Lawful terms and conditions.

4. Signatures of the Parties/Meeting of the Minds.

I demand that all of the above conditions be met and presented in Affidavit format sworn under oath or attestation, under penalty of perjury and upon your full commercial liability. Due to the urgency and seriousness of this allegation, I will give you fourteen (14) days to respond. If I do not receive such a response conforming to the above criteria within fourteen (14) days of the date of this letter, it will be deemed a tacit agreement by your acquiescence that the debt is null and void and non-existent.

Sincerely and without prejudice, malice, afterthought, ill will, vexation or frivolity,

Rolfe 4 years ago

Well done Missallym and Toubiuk.

That shuld take of I.J. for everyone being harrassed by them and Be2.

The reason given for NOT signing anything is that debt collectors and others have been known to forge agreements to frighten you into paying. Non payment never seems to get to court.

Am I being cynical in wondering why Be2 has often asked for signatures?

Me Too 4 years ago

To Thomas

I am in the same position as your friend Liz.

I am unable to cancel my membership online with BE2 because it will not allow me to access the site without making payment. I am sure BE2 will attempt to roll my membership on to increase the alleged debt with them, however, I emailed BE2 customer services back in July requesting to cancel my account, they responded initially with an email advising me how to cancel my profile and a further email two days later (stalling tactic to roll me outside of the 14 day cancellation period) which provided details of how to cancel my 'premium membership' although these instructions just took me round in circles with no actual link to cancel the membership except by way of printing a cancellation request which was required to be faxed or sent by mail to them. As far as I am concerned the fact that BE2 acknowledged my original email correspondence by sending cancellation instructions is good enough for me. I have retained proof of this should they continue to automatically renew my membership in the future and look to take me to court to recover any funds. Send an email requesting cancellation, if you look at their 'latest' version of T&C's they state cancellation can be made by way of email, mail or fax. Send the email, and back it up with a written letter by way of recorded International Signed for Royal Mail. Retain both copies, you have then made every effort and will not be held liable for any further debt beyond that date.

Chris Norton 4 years ago

I have just printed off a version of Missallym's letter to send to them and shall see what happens.If they continue to harrass me my next step will be to invite them to take me to court for the £150, and see where this German law crap gets them.

Rourks 4 years ago

I am in the exact same boat. Just had further contact from B2 stating debt collection agency has been appointed. I got my £149 back and cancelled my card. I have contacted B2 so many times re cancellation. I actually cancelled within 2 days of the £5 trail membership as I knew at that point it was a scam.

I will wait for my letter from the debt agency and respond as suggested.

Thanks all for the sound and sensible advice on here. If you are of an anxious disposition this kind of stuff can get you really rattles. They wont be getting a penny off me, happy for them to drag me to court, I have kept every bit of evidence as proof.

Interestingly my e-mail account has shown suspicious activity of late. Im wondering if B2 are tampering with other things now.

Good luck all.

Droid 4 years ago

Wow, a familiar story with a twist!

I joined Be2 in Feb 2011 and paid 6 months membership. Within one week I saw it was a scam, ficticous match's, etc.

So I wrote them an email canceling my subscription. I received acknowledgement of reciept of my email. (Important). I also followed the links on their web site, but they lead you into signing up for other options!! A real SCAM !

I didn't feel good, so I went to the bank early March, handed in my credit card, and told them I had a suspect internet transaction.

2 weeks later, I got a letter from the bank, saying they has closed my credit card account of 25 years! No more account statements came, and got a letter in April confirming the account was closed.

In Sept 2011, I was sent a statement 'out of the blue' a statement of the closed account in debit of AUD$240 from BE2 !! I complained to the bank in a very terse letter, firstly letting a transaction go thru on a closed account, secondly this was a fraudelent transaction.

The bank says they do not know the process how a transaction can occur on a closed account! They upheld my request, and REVERSED the transaction from Be2.

Next I get threatening emails from Be2, threatening legal action, because 'I was bound by their contract'.

I wrote them several emails outling I had twice emailed cancelations, and I had their email reciepts to prove it. I also told them they were criminals, trying to extort money under false pretence. Their demands just got stronger!

I have blocked their email now!

It would be a joke if they tried to either take me to court, or give this to a debt collector.!!!!

BEWARE, Visa, Mastercard, etc control your credit card accounts, your bank does NOT. They will let these criminals charge your closed account! If this happens, contact the fraud section of your bank. You must email cancelation early to Be2 and keep this email, and reciepts from their server. This way they can not win in court. Send it twice for 2 reciepts!

My bank would NOT accept a fraud claim, until I said I had proof that I had canceled the subscription!!!

Best of Luck.

Me too 4 years ago

Can anyone advise me please. Does the element of the email address not mean that they are meant to operate within the UK? By that, I mean based in the UK?

lynn 4 years ago

Thank god I found this thread. just signed up today and then became suspicious within minutes of doing so. Have sent an email thinking that would do to cancel . Now I've read these posts , will go down my bank tomorrow to confess all.

nic09 4 years ago

I too just joined this site on Sunday :( I knew something was wrong after the first message I recieved stating he wanted someone to look after him and his son!

On Tuesday I decided I better cancel as something about the site seemed off? When I tried to cancel it said I did not have that option as they had to wait for my initial payment of £5 to show up in their bank account. On wednesday I tried again. As soon as I managed to find my way through the numerous pages and it said cancel by fax only, I started to panic. I called the bank and asked to cancel my card and told them why, but she said they couldn't and that they would be watching for the payment of £150 to come out on the 23/11/11 and once it did they would investigate it. I wasn't thrilled with her response.

I decided to look on the internet and to my horror I realise what has happened.

I called the bank and reported my card lost. I then sent the fax to the Luxembourg number that is in London with a cover letter explaining that I had informed the bank that I had indeed cancelled my membership and that any payment taken from this day forwards was not authorized by me and it would be theft. I pointed out I was well within their dodgy 14 day trial period too.

I recieved an email a few hours later which is worded in a way I believe they will try and take money. I responded this morning asking them to confirm that they will not attempt to take money. They responded with a somewhat automated email saying that the message could not be answered from their and if I did have a question to click here. So I did and I copy and pasted the last question. I then recieved another response saying it would take 3 days for a response. I responded to the email immediatly and explained that of course they were not, they were scam artists.

I only found this page last night and I was glued to it for an hour reading all the stories, it's unbelievable!! I will not let them beat me. I will be sure to check this page and if I find anything out or feel I can offer some advise or help I will let you know.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi nic09

I've been following this and other similar sites since I was scammed 7 months ago. You will no doubt get contacted by Intrum Justicia in due course. There's lots of advice on how to deal with them on this forum. To my knowledge no one has been taken to court by them. In the unlikely event that anyone ever does, we'll all turn up en masse. I'm not impressed with your bank's refusal to stop your card, I'd threated to move your account to another bank (not that other banks will be any better). THe banks need a reminder that we are thier costomers, not BE2.

nic09 4 years ago

Hi toukieuk,

I spoke to my dad about it last night, he deals with baliffs and debt collectors on a day to day basis as he runs a debt management company, he is constantly fighting with them. He said he welcomes the letter from Intrum Justicia. I am sure the first letter will arrive sooner than later so I will keep you posted.

I was not impressed with the response from the bank either, the girl was nice enough but not helpful. I will go down to the bank next week and tell them what has happened.

Good Luck!

gotem 4 years ago

My mother-in-law also got scammed by BE2. I researched their company and found they are registered in Switzerland. I contacted the Swiss equivalent of the Dept of Fair Trading (SECO) with my complaint. They administer unfair business dealings and got a positive response: "under Swiss law with dating agencies, a contract must be able to be immediately terminated at any time no matter what the terms and conditions of the contracts between the parties states". By refusing to accept cancellation of membership, BE2 is breaking Swiss law, and by continuing to take monies from accounts are committing a fraud. I would recommend everyone who has been stung by BE@ write to the SECO and complain. they can then shut the company down. Contact details:

Eidgenössisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartement EVD

Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO

Organisation, Recht und Akkreditierung

Holzikofenweg 36, 3003 Bern

Tel +41 31 325 34 47

Fax +41 31 324 09 56



gotem 4 years ago

here is the reply I got from SECO in Switzerland:

Thank you for your e-mail dated October 27 2011. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is the competent authority for all questions relating to unfair competition, scam or misleading advertising.

We know the mentioned practices and also the company “be2 GmbH” you allude to in your e-mail and we perfectly understand your resentments and the worries of your mother in law. We have recently received other complaints concerning this topic. We are about to amass material and reconsider possible further steps or appropriate measures against these fraudulent practices.

However, I have to admit, that we cannot assist you to stop the process of debt collection or to get back the money. As a part of the Swiss Confederation we have the authority to ban unfair practices, but we don’t have the competence to interfere in problems of private law.

According to Swiss law, contracts concerning partner or dating agencies must be cancellable at any time (Art. 406d OR). Therefore the termination of your mother in law must be accepted by “be2” at any time, regardless of what their general conditions say. And if the cancellation become legally effective, there exists no payment obligation.

It will maybe be helpful, if your mother in law describes “be2” once more – by letter or e-mail – her position and make clear, that they have to accept the cancellation and remove her from the database and that she don’t pay any invoices.

We hope that this information is of some help to you and that there results a positive outcome in that case.

Kind regards from Switzerland

Lena Geiser

Ressort Recht

Eidgenössisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartement EVD

Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO

Organisation, Recht und Akkreditierung

Holzikofenweg 36, 3003 Bern

Tel +41 31 325 34 47

Fax +41 31 324 09 56



cate 4 years ago

I really feel so lucky that I did not sign up the PM with Be2 after I red all your comments. I knew the feeling of stung by the online scammer because I was stung once by an American Health life style website.

My problem here is how can I withdrew my information from be2 and stop it to continuning send me the jumk mail? I am not good in computer. So who could please tell me how to do it?

Thank you very much.

oceanblue 4 years ago

I have just joined this be2 site and too late have lost $179.90. I live in Nova Scotia Canada, and this site popped up out of others I am single and so when I saw that there was a special that stated $5 for six months I clicked on it..only after they had my credit card information was I informed of the cost of $179.90 that had gone through on my credit card. I called the credit card company immediately and have spoken to six different people who all state that there is nothing they can do because I put my credit card information on the site, and that I had no proof that it had stated that it said $5 for six months, when I tried to find where it had said that I could not. The disputes manager from the bank is calling me tomorrow but I feel doubtful now. Like everyone else I tried to cancel on the site and could not. I joined four hours ago, and have sent them three emails stating that I wanted a full refund and my subscription cancelled immediately, the only response I have gotten is that they have recieved my email and will respond within three days. I have cancelled my credit card and written a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I will keep all copies of emails I have sent to be2 site, but I wish I could somehow get back to where it said about the special for $5 so I could print that off and take that to the bank too.

I am sick to my stomach about the whole thing, as with most of you..I am single income household and cannot afford to loose $179.90 over false advertising and fraud such as this, when it looks like the bank will not stand behind me. Not sure what else to do.

Jayne 4 years ago

I have to ask this question. Is this site really a scam ? I must say I have met 2 guys on this site. Once was a scammer well at least I think so. The other one am not sure about. Now I am beginning to doubt him ? Now I am very confused.

Kirsty 4 years ago

I think all the contributers who have made us all aware of this scam and given helpful tips are ABSOLUTE HEROES!!!! Thank you so much, from a would be victim. I hope you feel rewarded knowing that you have saved someone from this nightmare! Thank you.

John 4 years ago

Hi - they have just done me for £149.95 and my bank Lloyds seem to be dragging their feet about this because I contacted them as soon as I saw it and said it was fraudulent.

I have asked for the contract we had by registered post in 10 days and also to produce evidence that it was I who clicked the terms and conditions box.

I have also sent them a fee schedule for every email I send in this matter and will fine them every time they don't reply or answer correctly. A contract requires two parties to provide their responsibilities in the agreement.

It seems by their address that EU members must go through the Luxembourg office. Therefore they are implying that they fall under EU law. Does this mean the only redress is through the European Courts?

I will keep people posted on how I am getting on.


toukieuk 4 years ago

John, it looks to me like the only redress is through Europe.

I've just received a reply from the Office of Fair Trading. A month ago I wrote to my MP, he forward my query to Consumer Direct, a branch of the OFT.

I will post a more detailed analysis of their response later but in a nutshell, because the website is registered in Luxembourg the OFT are powerless to do anything. To get anywhere, we have to go through the EU.

I'll quote the last few lines of the letter.

"As the trader is based in Luxembourg, you may wish to consider contacting the UK European Consumer Centre. The UK ECC provides advice, support and information to consumers who have a dispute with a trader whi is based in a different EU member state. The ECC have been known to facilitate refunds for consumers but obviously this is very much dependent on individual circumstances and the traders involved. Their contact details are

Fax 08456 089600

Phone 08456 040503"

I hope this helps someone. I shall certainly be contacting them.

Dr Reece Walker 4 years ago

If you have been sucked into the seemingly attractive £5.00 tester deal for the B2 dating site, take my advice and cancel your credit card or debit card before the renewal date arrives. I know this is a pain in the backside but it is the only way to protect yourself from this scam. First, let us be clear : B2 is NOT a dating site, it’s a money making scam, a fraud. The members you see on the screen don’t exist, and the approaches you get from members are all computer generated phonies. That is not my opinion, it’s a fact. Live with it. Second, you cannot cancel your membership – it’s impossible. Even if you follow all the rules and manage to navigate through their site to the cancellation page – which is almost an impossible feat in itself – they will ignore your cancellation and rebill you. I sent two faxes and five emails all meticulously following their instructions to cancel my account, on five separate days in late September this year. Today I received an email from them complaining that my bank had turned down their request for a payment representing SIX MONTHS membership. I had cancelled my debit card to stop them accessing my account. I am not claiming any greater prescience than anyone else on this site – I got sucked in by the £5.00 deal, too, remember! – but the fact remains that there is one way and one way only to get these thieving crooks off your back – invalidate the card they are going to try to use, regardless of the personal inconvenience to yourself.

Rolfe 4 years ago

A few of you have left voicemails which have been lost. Text your number and I will contact you.

On a different matter I was told by my bank to-day that with a debit card they have no power to stop a recuuring transaction or refund the money. This was in connection with a payment that I had made to a reputable insurance company which rebills me yearly.

Advice was to always use credit cards which can be stopped, and cancel the debit card if in doubt

I'm thinking that this is because with a debit card it's your money but a credit card is theirs.

Grrraham 4 years ago

Like many others, I took a trial subscription only to discover months later that my credit card had been charged with no prior warning. I appealed to them to refund my subscription, as many have done, and was also told it was not possible. I immediately emailed them to cancel my subscription. However, what i didn't do was study all the fine detail of the Ts&Cs to find out that cancellations where only acceptable via fax (whatever one of those is). Immediately after requesting my subscription be cancelled, I stopped getting any email alerts from them leading me to believe I had successfully cancelled - don't be fooled!! I have repeatedly asked for a phone number to call (their help desk appears to be unmanned as dozens of calls have failed to find anyone working). Then, months later, they did exactly the same thing to me again! This time I managed to stop the payment as it appeared wrongly on my statement and hence I assumed fradulent use of my card. Perhaps contractually I should not have done this, in hindsight. However, know full well that this company is relying on people faxing cancellations and ignoring plees to be reasonable, I am more than convinced now that this is not a reputable company to deal with.

This company relies on the majority of us not studying the small print. Unless you do, I strongly, strongly urge you never to deal with this company.

shellshocked 4 years ago

Unfortuneately I read your info too late :-(

Dear Lucieanne and all,

I am in the U.K. I am in the process of fighting them, as they said they are going to set debt collectors on me, if I do not authorise the payment for £149.00 that they have tried to take twice from credit card, I have e-mailed them just telling them I know there site is a scam, and I await there reply, any advice please ?

Jason 4 years ago


Thank you everyone for all the info. I too have been stitched up by this company. Today they have taken another 149pounds from my account after I thought I'd managed to quit my contract with them.

I have contacted the European Consumer Centre and Lena at SECO to see if they can help.


Jason 4 years ago

FYI the address in the post above has changed the email address for the European Consumer Centre to ask them to investigate is and here's a copy of my email to them.


I have found your contact details through trawling through the hundreds of complaints about the Be2 dating website scam which operates out of Luxemburg.

Currently I am in a battle with them to get my contract terminated and have lost 300 UK pounds to them so far. There just seems to be no way of terminating the premium contract.

I have enclosed a copy of their website to demonstrate how difficult it is to terminate. Basically having tried a few times to find the end contract page you are told to fax or send the letter as confirmation. I have already done this back in May 2011 but had no response from them. I assumed as I heard nothing from them since then that all was over but have now just been charged another 149 pounds.

Unfortunately I suffer from chronic kidney disease and hypertension and this is not doing my health any good. In fact because this company has stolen 149 pounds from my account with no notification or invoice I am left financially short for the month and unable to pay for my medication. I am now physically in pain because of them.

I read in the posts that according to Swiss law contracts pertaining to dating sites can be terminated at any time therefore the emails and faxes I have sent should of been recognised by Be2 and accepted however they have not accepted my repeated emails asking for termination of which I have many trails from.

Please I understand that it might not be possible for you to get my money back but could you investigate this company and their practices? Clearly from the thousands of blog entries and sites there are many people around the world who are not happy with them.

Rolfe 4 years ago

To all of you worried about Be2 and it's threats of debt collectors.

Read the advice given and follow it.

toukieuk 4 years ago

To all of you worried about Be2 and it's debt collectors, don't lose sleep over it, no one have ever been taken to court by them. They are just trying to scare you into paying. Advice on dealing with them can be found earlier in this stream, but first and foremost don't pay. They won't take you to court, if they can't get any money from you they'll give up and find a new victim.

twinkle 4 years ago

Thanks Lucianne for letting us know about this site.I've just fell into the trap and tried to cancel as I seen they were going to take £149.94 from my account but they e.mailed me back with this reply:

Dear be2-user,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that you have agreed to our terms and conditions which state the automatic extension. This extension is also clearly stated when you choose to sign up for your period of Premium Membership and in the payment receipt you receive after the purchase.

There has been no attempt to cancel on your part, hence your Premium Membership has been extended in accordance with the terms and conditions.

I regret that in cases such as this no refund is possible.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

I was too late as this money was taken out today. My bank has now blocked my card and going to try and get this money back for me.They are sending out the forms for me to fill in and I'm going to send the link to this site so they can see I'm not alone on this.Will keep you posted how it goes.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Quote from twinkle's reply fom Be2:-

"This extension is also clearly stated when you choose to sign up for your period of Premium Membership and in the payment receipt you receive after the purchase."

Lies, lies lies! The extension is not clearly stated, if it was none of us would have signed up.

This is what The Office of Fair Trading had to say in their response to me:=

"The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (2005/29/EC) made it an offence for traders to engage in misleading actions or make misleading ommisions in relation to the provision of information, where this is likely to cause the average EU consumer to take a different transactional decision.

The website, is operated by Be2 S.a.r.l (Be2), a company registered in Luxembourg. The OFT does not take action against traders that are not based in the UK. We can, however, refer the matter to our EU partners under the Consumer Protection Co-operation Regulation for their considerationwhere we have sufficient evidencd to indicate that a case should be investigated.

We can conform that, due to the information recorded on CD, we have already brought the trading practicesof BE2 to our counterparts in Luxembourg as they are best placed to take action. We are unable to disclose any details of enforcement action our European partners may be, or are considering, taking as we are bound by the restrictions on disclosure in Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002. However it is our policy to publicise successful enforcement outcomes om out website (, including instances wher European counterparts have taken action on behalf of UK customers."

So in a nutshell, the OFT recognise that Be2 are using illegal practices, but are powerless to do anything about it. The Luxembourg authorites can, but as yet nothing has happened.

twinkle 4 years ago

Hi toukieuk &lucieanne,

I've sent you both a message.

Ros1 4 years ago

Wish I had seen these emails before I signed up for the £5 one months trial of Be2 way back in April 2011. Unfortunately even now when you do a google search on Dating websites Be2 still comes up looking like one of the more popular and respectable sites. With the low cost £5 trial full membership including the facility to email other members the site seemed even more appealling and very competitive as other sites are charging aroung the sum of £30 for the month. So I thought why not and in good faith typed in my bank card details to authorise them to take the £5 one months membership payment. Never at any point did I have the intention to be on the site anymore than the one month because of the high cost of membership thereafter so after 2 weeks I tried to unsubscribe giving the 2 weeks notice required to the site. When I clicked on the "Unsubscribe" button nothing happened and so I emailed Customer Service at Be2 telling them it was my intention to cancel and wanted to give them the 2 weeks notice to which I got a computer generated response email advising that they would answer my email within 2 working days and still I heard nothing so continually sent another copy of my cancellation email. Finally Be2 responded saying that they were sorry I was looking to cancel but told me to follow a list of instructions laid out in their email to do so and needless to say the site would still not allow me to cancel my membership. So contacted them again advising difficulties I was having cancelling to which I got more computer generated response emails from them to no avail. At the same time I sent a letter of cancellation to them in the Royal Mail post to their Luxemburg address and told them under no circumstances take any future payments from my bank account and I asked them to respond confirming the cancellation. At that time I was moving house and my mind got bogged down with everything else going on and I never recieved any further emails from Be2 so I just took it for granted that my membership had been cancelled with them.

That is until this morning some 7 months later that I had a phone call from my bank advising me that a Company based in Luxemburg Be2 has taken a payment from my account for £140 and then tried to take another £140 straight after which alerted them so the bank refused Be2's second request and called me to ask me for confirmation about this. I was totally shocked as had heard nothing from the Company for 7 months and had received no invoice or email from the Company to say that they would be debiting my account and told the bank I had not authorised any payments to Be2. I was advised by the bank that as I had given Be2 my bank card details willingly in the past then chances are there is little they can do to retrieve any of the funds for me. I struggle as it is as a single parent and can ill afford for Be2 to rob me like this and even worse at this time of year as I had been saving a little each month to pay for my childs xmas presents and now my savings are lining the pockets of these scammers. I am so upset. Something has to be done to stop this thieving and scamming once and for all or this is going to keep on happening over and over again.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia is billing from Switzerland and provides no evidence that it has an Australian existence (ie governed by Australian law) - this misrepresentation is the beginning of the scam. They lure you to visit this fraudulent site with 'free registration' and then falsely leeds people to believe that real people have shown a specific interest in corresponding with them personally" accounts which may not even be attached to real people let alone interested parties.


Tell Facebook (who displays their ads and therefore helps facilitate the fraud) about the fraud via

Report the scam to the Swiss Government via their contact form at

Dispute any transaction that exceeds the figure you agreed to (in my case $39 not $469 & an overseas transaction fee) during the sign up process.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Having created 4mb worth of email correspondence with B2 staff in the 7 days that I have been an unhappy customer I was delighted to read the contributions made to this site by B2 staff Annabel Marshall & Thomas Brooking and have forwarded it all to them with a personal invitation to resolve my complaint by refunding my money. NATURALLY I'm holding my breath that they will now do the right thing.

Meanwhile, I encourage others to also express their concerns to the EU ( which presumably has an interest in preventing the activities within a member country from bringing the EU into disrepute.

Rolfe 4 years ago

I have to say again that it is appalling that Be2 are still stealing money.

As I have previously said I have approached every agency I could including the E.U. Consumer Council and apart from auotomated responses have gotten nowhere. I repeat that I think that no-one is interested.

However we all learn from our mistakes the biggest one being that we failed to understand the role of our banks in setting up the conditions for thieves like be2 to operate.

I'm talking of the 'Recurring transaction' which is the modern version of the direct debit.

A reputable company will have it where you can see it before you give your details. Others hide it in the 'Conditions' and once you tick the box you have agreed to the 'Recurring Transaction.'

Use a debit card and it seems your bank will say 'silly billy' and do nothing. Mine advised a change of card.

Credit cards usually will dispute the 'Recurring Transcation' as long as you can prove that you did not intend it and have informed the supplier.

All credit card providers work through a central bank which pays the dealer and then credits your supplier.

When you get a refund there is always the possibility that the central bank will pay again which is what has happened to many people.

Getting ALL of your cards cancelled is the only solution.

Using a prepaid credit card is probaly the safest. Beware some make a hefty one off payment. when I last looked Orange did not.

All in all it's a sad world.

My latest mission is to try to get my M.P. and The Financial Ombudsman interested in getting the recurring transaction put on a more secure footing. If you all try they just might listen.

Sorry to be a sad sod but I hope that this is useful

Rocky3 4 years ago

I have just got stung by these people too, and my bank is being absolutely useless in helping me as I used my Debit Card. I never thought I would get caught out this way as have been using dating sites for years - they don't work! But, ever the optimist I keep trying. This site came up as Number 2 in the top rated sites, so I joined! It's scandalous what they do! I am now completely broke until the end of the month, pay day, and can't sleep worrying how I am going to feed my son until then! I am bombarding them with emails, but of course they don't give a damn. Neither does my bank either at the moment, but they will be getting a visit from me next week, armed with this site and comments and the threat of an ombudsman! The banks are as bad as be2 if you ask me! they really, really need exposing, I can't believe they are still on the go, it's appalling!

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Having demanded that my complaint was escalated to THE manager (and being promised by Josh Williams that it was) my next response was from Steven Turner who was the 1st person to reject my request to cancel everything etc and author of many other non-responsive and useless emails.

Protests about this resulted in my being offered a 50% refund IF I agreed to "switch to 6 month contract (Fiona Anderson) - my reply included "Since your organisation requires signatures in letters to alter contracts your offer would have to be made the same way in order to be considered valid".

As tempting as it might be to get back half my money this way acceptance would no doubt require me to jump through hoops again to cancel the auto-renewing of the contract and probably require me to give them details of my new credit card etc. It would certainly prevent me from disputing the mastercard transaction.

Annabel Marshall (A team leader who has contributed to this site) declined to get involved because my case was "escalated to another manager" but no other manager, including Thomas Brooking who INVITED DIRECT CONTACT on this site, have ever responded.

Re cancellation of contract - for what it is worth I received confirmation that my contract won't be renewed in 12 months after sending a SIGNED letter attached as a PDF to an email as per Carolin Anderson's emal. It still had to contain all the info they insisted on but I thought it was the best way because I would at least have proof that I tried and a read statement.

Of course that was before I found out how unscrupulous they are and am now wondering how much damage they can cause me because they are in possession of my signature and all personal details!

Can it get ANY WORSE?

Rolfe 4 years ago

If you follow the advice given it can be controlled.

By the way banks do not have any mechanism for you to block any recuuring transactions which occur.

I've written to both my bank and credit card supplier to confirm that I require them to contact me before paying anyone under one of these.

I will let you know if they take notice but dont hold your breath.

I did it to have some leverage in court if this ever happens again.

I hope that Dom Littlewood gets tired of chasing fly tippers and dodgy builders and helps us.

Lucianne, please contact me.

BD27 4 years ago

I would have taken the 50% :) better than nothing and if they already confirmed that you won't get renewed again, you have it in writing...

MJ2303 4 years ago

I don't agreed with you BD27. If someone steals an amount of money from you and you confront them and ask for it back would you accept half?

Rolfe 4 years ago

Lucianne, you've vanished off of google again

toukieuk 4 years ago

I wrote to my MP about recurring transactions a few weeks ago but I didn't get response. He replied within a day when I wrote to him about Be2 so I suspect it got mislayed somehow. I will write again.

toukieuk 4 years ago

To anyone thinking you might get a refund out of Be2, don't bother. It's not going to happen. If you've ever read anywhere that someone has had money back off them, it's an employee guising as a customer. The only way you'll get any money out of them is if you can get a court to force it, or if you can get your bank to take the money back. The best you can do is make sure they don't get any more, which means you have to cancel the card that was used to pay them.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I agree - the likelihood of an actual refund rather than a further fraud is nil. since asking for the offer to be in writing I've had no further correspondence. Like one of the other contributors to this site I have created an alternate profile using the free registation option - despite using a blatantly hostile username which no-one in their right mind would be interested in 'dating' I have attracted computer generated emails asking for more information. I'm gathering this information to show the bank that the site is fraudulent.

I have set my preferences VERY low and discovered that I can have my pick of any one of the 10 'males' who have profiles in my state...lucky me!

Does anyone know how an overseas country can get a domain name in a foreign country so that it can masquerade as being an entity in each country...the fraudlent site has a squiggle in front of its name but there is also another site which has nothing to do with dating (in fact the site has nothing but a front page and a promise of exciting things to come re management.

Rolfe 4 years ago

It is very easy to set up a site in any country. Be2 has local ID's in about 20. All wires lead to Luxembourg.

All it takes is money, ours.

Take Google, it advertises Be2 yet has all this evidence that Google's customers are being ripped off.

I think that Hitler could advertise race relations on Google if he paid enough. That applies to Facebook as well.

Thomas 4 years ago

You will know that I have written on this site before regarding the case of Liz. We might actualy have won a small victory in our particular case. Let me say straight away that my only purpose in putting the details here is in the hope that it helps someone else. I am not stupid and I know that we might have been handled in a certain way in order that the resistance to BE2 be weakened.So this is NOT an attempt to say BE2 are fine- far from it the organisation is scandalous- I am just letting you know what happened to us. We are, of course, holding our breath to see if anything horrible happens but it sounds promising. In mid October we sent Annabelle Marshall a detailed E mail outlining our grievances and including the following passage-

I have recently read with concern the hundreds of complaints on the internet about your service, with particular regard to the ambiguity in the way the "month's" trial and rolling membership is presented, and difficulties experienced by so many people trying to cancel their membership.

I have also read that you personally answer all emails sent to you and will review cases where people have genuinely mis understood the nature of the trial membership and have made repeated failed attempts to cancel said membership.

I would very much appreciate closure of this issue and confirmation from yourselves that the "membership" has finally been cancelled and my profile deleted from your database.



A reply was received a few days later as follows

I can now confirm that your be2 profile has been deleted. You have nothing more to pay.

With kind regards

Your be2 Premium account

Annabel Marshall

Team Lead be2 Customer Services


Then a further demand for payment was received from IJ at the end of October but having just had the E mail from Annabelle we forwarded the details of the IJ letter to her and the next day we received this reply.


thank you for your message.

I am very sorry that you received a letter from intrum justita. Your case has definitely been closed so please throw the letter away, you have nothing more to pay.

Perhaps intrum had done their mailshot just at the same time as the request for case closure was sent to them but I will double check that it has been closed.

With kind regards

Annabel Marshall

Team Lead be2 Customer Services


So it has now gone quiet and we are holding our breath. Maybe its actually over for Liz- but she's very lucky if it is.We will keep our guard up.We've cancelled every card ever used and we just hope that this is an end to it.

Frankly if BE2 had dealt with everybody like this right from the outset we probably wouldn't all have felt so shafted. I promise you we are genuine victims and I just hope that this message helps somebody else in some way.

I have removed the exact dates of the E mails and I am unwilling to cut and paste the entire dialogue we had with them for fear of recognition and because even now I am worried that putting this information on this board will somehow make it all go wrong but we believe that any sucess- no matter how small- has to be shared in the hope that it will help others.We wish you all good luck in the continuing fight against BE2.

MJ2303 4 years ago


Well done on getting Ms Marshall to look into your case. Hopefully that is the last you will hear from be2.

It does however beg an answer as to why it is that if a card payment is blocked by the card issuer as in both your case and my own, that after threats of legal action fail to produce the "owed" membership fees be2 eventually concede whereas other members (and almost all of those on this blog) fail to get their money refunded when we have ALL failed to understand the rolling membership and terms and conditions. The only difference between us and the likes of Lucieanne, Rolfe, toukieuk and company is that their card issuers were not as diligent.

I may have been one of the lucky ones but I still feel very strongly about the underhand practices of be2 and will continue to watch this blog and offer everyone here my support to the bitter end.

toukieuk 4 years ago

Does it depend upon whether you paid by Debit or Credit card? I paid by Debit card and as has already been said my bank just allowed the payment to go through. Once the money has gone out of the account they wouldn't do anything unless I could prove fraud, which I couldn't at the time, though with more insight I might have claimed I didn't authorise any payment, not even the £5. Do Credit cards offer better protection than Debit cards, I wonder? Those of you whose banks blocked the payments, did you pay by Debit or Credit card?

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Just an update - still no response from Thomas Brooking (although I've read receipts from his account so he has no excuse) or THE manager who was asked to communicate directly and no sign of a signed letter of offer to reduce my subscription to 6 months/refund the balance. Annabel Marshall has emailed again though and claims they are waiting for my response to an offer to reduce to 3 months etc but that offer was never even received as a plain email. She advised "offers of refunds or reductions can only ever be initiated and authorised by one of the management team" and insists that an as yet unnamed manager has authorised it but, as before, I've insisted that the offer be made in a signed letter (just like they insist subscribers cancel plans).


I created a new free profile a week ago to ascertain some more facts and obtain evidence etc. So far I've discovered that of the 20+million 'members" only 33 are listed as existing in my state and are interested in attractive women of means and intelligence - trust me I made sure I sounded fantastic! Of these 18 profiles are clearly bogus - the same photo is used for 2 or 3 profiles which are VERY similar in a lot of respects (ie employment industry, age group, build type and preferences) but substantially different re actual age and height. None of these profiles contain more than the minimal information yet our profile matches are very detailed. Talk about a lazy con! I am getting a constant stream of obviously automated 'emails' which do NOT say they are being sent "on behalf of" members. I have found that I can reply to some of these and invited them to share personally but none have done so. Surprise, surprise!


I don't know if there are technical differences to consumer's rights re debit/credit cards ... I note that my bank advised that disputes re mastercard transactions must be lodged within 45 days of it appearing on the statement and luckily I have been able to gather lots of evidence re B2's activities so am hopeful of convincing them to refund my money. Others have indicated that they have no chance of recovering money taken for debit cards without consent but in my experience that has not been illegally taken through hacking has been returned to me, I can only encourage anyone who is ripped off to persistently complain appropriately rather than just give up.


I am so glad that I found this site - if anyone would like copies of the evidence I have referred to feel free to contact me via B2comsuks@hotmail

toukieuk 4 years ago

Why 45 days? Why should there be any time period? A crime is a crime and should be sorted, however long it takes to report, unless it can't be proved. This is just another example of banks acting for the criminals and not for their own customers ie. the people who pay their wages.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Perhaps its because they need a reasonable chance to catch the crims before they move on etc...I'd complain even if the 45 days was passed and argue my way into getting them to act if it came to that.

I asked my bank today if there was protection when debit cards are used and was told there was IF the transaction was fraudulent ie contract cancelled but still charged for renewal.

twinkle 4 years ago

I sent this Thomas Brooking an e-mail about cancelling my account as I'm not willing to give my signature to them but no reply as of yet.My bank is looking in to all this and I gave them all the info that I have from them.I used my debit card so I don't know if they will be able to get this back for me. They cancelled my card so they can't take anymore money from me.Will keep you all informed how it goes.

hugh 4 years ago

I'm so glad I found this information. I have just started on the long painful road you guys have been on!!!

I'm at day 23 in the initial 1month contract and have sent a cancellation letter and got a FAX form from be2 website, showing +44 207 7859384 but the FAX did not work when I tried to send it with a luxemburg prefix 00 352. DOES ANY ONE HAVE A FAX NUMBER THAT HAS WORKED?

I have asked be2 for it but no reply yet!!Hope you can help as time is short. thanks

MJ2303 4 years ago


I paid my £5 trial membership by credit card. My card card company always phone me if a large payment (over £100 say)is made to validate that I made the purchase or authorised the payment. If I am not at home I get a text message asking me to reply yes or no to whether a payment was authorised by me. I am not sure whether using a debit card would have prevented my money being taken by be2. I tend to think that it would have been made and I would have found myself in the same position as you. I say this but not in a smug way.

MJ2303 4 years ago


See below which is a copy of a reply posted above two months ago. Email your form it to Annabel Marshall as she maintains that she answers all emails personally. Good luck!

Dear Cinders and Jenny W

Please get in touch with me under and I shall do my best to assist you.

Furthermore, you can also simply print out your cancellation form, sign it, scan it in and send it as an attachment instead of faxing it.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Just to make clear. Within 30 mins of paying £5 I realised that this was a scam and took the following action.

I rang my credit card provider to stop any attempt to take the £149. On mentioning 'Be2' I was transfered to security who told me to cancel by recorded signed for delivery and email the cancellation. I was to send the copies to them and no payment would me made.

I did this but as I was now aware of Be2's habit of collecting money within the 14 days if they got a whiff of cancellation I sent the e mail on the day that the letter was delivered.(5 day's later, well within the 14 days)

They tried to take the money but were blocked. I then had all the usual threats because they had 'no proof of cancellation'. I had my Intrum Justitia letter which I dealt with as per my previous blogs.

What has always annoyed me is that my credit card supplier obviously knew of be2. When I asked why they were not blacklisted I was told that it was up to the central bank to do this but I was safe at their level.

The good bit is that every time be2 tries to get money and it is blocked by your provider they have to pay it back to the central bank plus interest. Which is probaly why the central bank pays them initially then makes a few bob when they get it back.

As I've said it's all about money.

hugh 4 years ago

MJ2303 thanks for your info. Eventually I worked out that the FAX is a UK number not Luxemburg (as is the address on the fax form) so I sent the form from my local library FAX machine and had an email from customer services confirming cancellation at the end of the month. I have emailed back to Annabel Marshall to get conformation that the automatic renewal has been cancelled and that no further payments will be requested from my account. The FAX number is 0207 785 9384.

hugh 4 years ago

Annabel Marshall replied today “The automatic renewal has been stopped and as long as you do not have the amount you have already paid, charged back, be2 will not pursue you for any further payments.” This is good for me as I’ve only paid £5 for the trial month, but does not help with your problems. MJ2303 and others take some credit that maybe you all have helped make be2 realise they must manage the cancellation process better for future users. It would be great if they dropped the automatic renewal completely and asked customers if they wanted to continue at the end of the trial. I guess that is too much to expect from be2. Good luck to all of you.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I think we owe it to others to try to dissuade them from joining at all....Please consider creating attractive profiles and use your creativity re a name and in the fields to alert potential interested parties what they risk if they sign up. My attractiveness and income is listed as very high but "my" photo would scare even the Nigerians. My greeting effectively warns people off and several other fields make it pretty clear what I think about the site. You have to be creative because the system rejects words like scam and B2.

Annabel Marshall has declared that Thomas Brooking ( a manager and only a manager is empowered to offer refunds etc. According to her, it was Thomas who approved the latest offer to reduce my contract to 3 months and refund the balance however, despite all his encouragement to us above, he is still ignoring my emails and no-one has issued a signed offer as requested. Since B2 makes us give SIGNED cancellation letters AND makes it a habit to issue email confirmations which cannot be relied upon, I think we should ALL demand a SIGNED CONFIRMATIONS & stop wasting our time writing to anyone BUT Thomas.

MJ2303 4 years ago

I agree with Hugh that the automatic renewal should be dropped completely or at least an email to advise of any intended payment is sent out prior to the payment being taken but then be2 would not have anywhere near the revenue it does at present. be2 is the only dating website I know of where premium membership is taken in 3, 6 and 12 months instalments. It is misleading in that when you sign up for the £5 trial that the 6 monthly membership fee is quoted and also given as a monthly figure. be2 do not make it clear that the payment following the trial fee will be taken in full. As Rolfe says it is all about (our) money.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

what the ???? how did this get through as an approved comment? Lucieanne, are you still monitoring this site?

Jay 4 years ago

I signed up for this scam about 5 days ago, paid my $5 and thought I was getting a bargain.

The site annoyed the shizen out of me and the bullshit matches alerted me pretty quick that it is a huge scam.

I then find this site and see all the other people that have been rorted. These bastards need to be shit down.

I cancelled my card yesterday before they get the chance of deducted the 6 month membership. I'm not even going to try and cancel my membership as it is clearly pointless.

I'm now just waiting for an email threatening legal action.

I'm going to tell them to blow me and to try and get the money out of me. HAHA good luck you bunch of pricks!

Stay away from this site at ALL COSTS!

hugh 4 years ago

jea6153 in the fews days membership I have left (I hope)I would like to help so have been sending 'helpful' messages to my 14 matches. 2 trialists have replied, 1 will cancel. So better success than finding a friend!!

RT 4 years ago

I'll join the club as scammed, couldn't get the cancellation through within the month, and now have the threatening billing message, havings stopped the credit card payment

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Dear Thomas Brooking & fellow fraudsters. It is obvious that you ARE still reading this site's comments and done some sleuthing to discover some of my alter ego/warning profiles. Congratulations - but can you find all of them???

Warning to others: Having created profiles via the FREE registration option I have received loads of emails about all my matches blah blah blah. I was also offered Premimum Membership for a reduced price but, naturally, did not accept.

re the incoming emails, I always try looking at them so I can take a screen capture of the scripts routinely used. Since I didn't become a Premium Member I can't read most of them.

Attempting to do this TODAY brought up the following "YOU ARE EXCLUDED FROM USING OUT SITE FOR FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR"...fair comment really but the explanation that followed was VERY INTERESTING.

"As a Premium Member, you have a legally binding contract with be2 and are obliged to make all payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

It is apparent that you have made and then cancelled payments to our account or that you have prevented us from debiting your account while you were still using our site. In either case, this fraudulent behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

As a result

•We exclude you from using our site.

•We are handing this issue over to our collection company.

•They will be in contact with you shortly.

•If payment is not immediately forthcoming we will inform the appropriate legal authorities and your financial credibility will be affected."

Quite a new twist!

43linda 4 years ago

Hi there

Thanks so much for all these posts, I nearly fell for it, the fact that it comes up when you open your yahoo inbox as a side ad, makes you think it must be a legitimate business. I'm glad that I bothered to research before handing over my dollars.

Thanks for the heads up

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

In case you are wondering, the profiles that were shut down were called ScamAlertWA & ThisSiteWillScamU - both used the email address For what it was worth at least 150 automatic transactions were sent from these profiles so hopefully a few went to REAL people who got the message and withheld their money. Will happily keep doing this until Thomas Brooking confirms I will get my money back...hope others follow my lead :)

Jay 4 years ago

Great work jae6153, I'm sure you did stop a few people from getting screwed.

I just got the email where they advise you to fax through the cancellation.

Naturally, I told them to get fracked. I'm now awaiting the collection email, which I will just ignore.

Jay 4 years ago

Great work jae6153, I'm sure you did stop a few people from getting screwed.

I just got the email where they advise you to fax through the cancellation.

Naturally, I told them to get fracked. I'm now awaiting the collection email, which I will just ignore.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I have learned that complaints made to our bank's credit card staff will NOT result in B2 being investigated/cut off by the head office of the credit card company. Please consider reporting your concerns directly. Fellow Australian mastercard customers can lodge complaints via

MJ2303 4 years ago

Regarding jae6153's comments regarding setting up bogus profiles to warn others, I have been doing this for some time. To avoid your bogus profiles being deleted and you being blocked from the be2 website under these profiles you need to set up separate email addresses as I think be2 are able find the profiles easily if the same email address is used each time.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

In my experience you can get away with using the same email account until 1 of the profiles is detected as warning about the scam and then all connected profiles will be shut down.

When challenged as to why I was accused of fraudulent behaviour and threatened with being pursued by the collections department I received the following "Unfortunately, you have used our services for denied purposes and have not followed our General Terms and Conditions. We have therefore blocked your profile to prevent you from any further misuse of our services."


Although I have yet to receive ANY response from the elusive (if not imaginary) Thomas Brooking and having refused to even consider any unsigned 'offers' to settle my dispute I have today received the following from Annabel Marshall "Your refund of 351AUD was processed on 28 November. The payment service provider advises that the refund can take some weeks to appear on your credit card statement, but rest assured, the funds are on their way." My response clarified that such a refund would not resolve matters between B2 and myself since they charged me $AUD468 + $AUD14.04 for the international processing fee and have yet to provide signed confirmations that all contracts are terminated without penalty.

Jay 4 years ago

I have already cancelled my card the other day before I get charged.

I have a question, can they get any other information from you when they debit your card eg DOB or address?

I never put my real details down in the site itself.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I am thrilled to advise that my dispute of the initial mastercard transaction has been successful and I have now received my $468 back! No sign of a refund for the international processing fee yet but I remain hopeful that this will be refunded also.

What is TRULY AMAZING though is that I have ALSO received $381 from B2 directly! I imagine they will demand this back via mastercard but I can't imagine on what basis they could do so successfully...after all I've told them from the beginning that I was disputing the transactions/refusing to consider unsigned offers etc so they can hardly prove THEY were scammed!

Wouldn't it be hysterical and oh so sweet if, just for a change, B2 were the ones left out of pocket?

Under the circumstances I must regard the payment as nothing more than compensation for the stress they have put me through.

To make my day complete, I now only need to hear that Mastercard International WILL barr them from using their facilites. PLEASE do what YOU can to bring pressure to bear on them to see the light so we can shut them down forever.



They can't get personal information from anyone but yourself - that is why they require signed cancellation letters quoting all your personal particulars.

Cancelling the card protects you immediately but won't stop them coming after you for the debt they will insist they are owed but if they have nothing real to work with what can they do.


twinkle 4 years ago

I've also got my money back from my bank and cancelled my be2 membership without having to give them a signature,keeping all the proof of this just incase they try to come back at me.

Jay 4 years ago


Thanks for the reply.

I would never contemplate sending them this BS fax. They can stick it!

I was more worried about the info I put into the site itself, when you join up.

I put in a bogus name, adress, DOB etc but I did upload my real photo.

I have already delted this but am not sure if they keep it from their end. It's not like they can do much with a photo anyway.

My credit card is now cancelled and they have bogus details, so let's see if they come after me.



karen 4 years ago

surely after all these complaints against Be2 something has got to be done to stop them obtaining money from everyone. i am a victim also and tried to cancel my membership i hope they dont keep saying i owe them £150 every 6 months!! wish someone would do something to stop this dating site from operating!!!

Rolfe 4 years ago

Karen, take the advice given on this site.


jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

After being referred to a Swiss government office I supplied details of the scam and have received the following response:

"The company be2 GmbH is indeed a Swiss company and we know about their way to handle customers. Please be aware that we have taken the appropriate measures regarding to this company and try to clarify the situation in order to reach a satisfactory solution."

This looks very promising - if anyone has unresolved issues with the company you might get help by emailing

Helen9 4 years ago

God I am so mad with myself for being such an idiot. Paid the £5 last night, became suspicious immediately when I read the small print and then searched online and found all your stuff. I've cancelled my credit card but they said because I gave authorisation for a subscription they could pay out again. When I asked what would happen if I closed my account they he said that MasterCard could give my details to them including any new card number and address!!! I was horrified! He told me to contact him again if another payment is taken. I have of course tried to cancel my membership and of course the link on my setting page says it is unavailanle at the present time until payment has been cleared. I have checked the t&c's and as someone else also says in your thread it says cancellation can be made by email so email I have. Received an automated reply with 'cancellation' as subject matter and acknowledgement of receipt of my ' message' and try will get back to me in 3 days'. Yeah right. I am taking that as proof of receipt of my cancellation and now going to forward that and the t&c's to my credit card company as advised on here. I suspect I won't hear from be2 now they know I want to cancel so quickly and expect delaying tactics so the 14 day limit overruns. I feel sick to my stomach. It is unbelievable that they get away with it. So far I've found 3 different emails for customer support all slightly different. Do you think I should put my intention to cancel in writing even if I haven't got a cancellation form and sent it to Luxembourg as well just so I can get proof of sending to within the 14 days to give to my bank?

I think you've done some amazing research and I'm very grateful for all your recommendations.

k barker 4 years ago

can anyone send me the adress to Intrum Justitia in st Albans england ive had a letter from them but lost their adress thank you

toukieuk 4 years ago

Hi Helen9

I don't understand your case. To sumarize

1. You paid the £5 yesterday

2. You are attempting to cancel within 14 day.

Therefore you don't owe any money. Be2 will make it as difficult as possible for you, they always do, but Mastercard should protect you, and refund you any further money that is taken. I wouldn't waste too much effort on Be2, just do what you can to get some proof of cancellation. Then pester Mastercard like hell till they agree to back you up. One thing I've learnt from experience is that you get different stories from different people when dealing with banks/credit companies so keep pestering them till you get the right answer!

toukieuk 4 years ago

If you send anything to Luxembourg get proof of receipt, recorded delivery or whatever the Post Office advise. Don't give Be2 any further details about yourself, not even your proper signature.

I lost £150 to Be2, unfortunately I didn't spot the fraud on time, but I cancelled online (it's possible, just not very easy). That was 9 months ago, and I've not had any more problems with them.

Helen9 4 years ago

Hi toulieuk, there have other cases like mine on here where people have tried to cancel within the 14 days but not received confirmation from these scumbags who then do the debt collecting bit saying the account wasn't cancelled in time. Trying to navigate the online cancellation as well as having sent recorded delivery letter but I keep getting back to the fax template every time. So frustrated and just worried mastercand will authorise another payment. Will phone them again tomorrow and email through proof of my attempts to cancel. Will see what happens. You can bet I'll get a reply from be2 on day 15! I am grateful for all the advice on here should i need it. Thanks again.

Helen9 4 years ago

How do I get a cancellation code?

toukieuk 4 years ago

I can't remember exactly what I did, it was a long time ago now, but this much I remember. There's something in the process that gets you somewhere other than the fax template, it's probably hidden away in tiny print at the bottom of a screen, you just have to go through it slowly and read everything. Anyway I did eventually get to a point where I could request a cancellation code. I requested it and they sent it to me by email. It took about two days for it to arrive. When I first tried to use it it wouldn't go to the correct screen. I kept trying every 6 hours or so, eventially I got through to the correct screen, entered the code and it was accepted. I eventually received an email confirming I had cancelled successfully.

toukieuk 4 years ago

I found this on another forum. It rings bells, this sounds like the process I went through nine months ago to cancel online. Of course, Be2 may have changed it since this was posted, and what worked then may not work now.



Be2 Cancellation

Don’t expect this to be quick – it isn’t. I suspect it has been made deliberately long-winded and difficult to dissuade you from cancelling. Stick with it.

• Log in to your be2 account.

• Go to Profile tab

• Click on ‘Settings’

• At the bottom of the next page, click ‘View/Change’ button next to Premium Membership

• At the bottom of next page, select ‘click here to continue’

• At the bottom of next page, click ‘here for more information’

• Next page, second group down; 'For Immediate Assistance …' select ‘Premium Membership and Payment’

• Next page, select ‘Payment’

• At the bottom of next page, select ‘How can I End Automatic Renewal’

• At the bottom of next page, select ‘option of ending Premium Membership online here’

• On next few pages, select the ‘Continue’ button at bottom right

Fill in the info asked for – they give you the chance to tell them what you really think, here!

Eventually you will be told that an email has been sent to you with a ‘cancellation code’. It hasn’t, but you should receive it within an hour. No doubt they hope you will forget about it or be too busy with something else by the time it arrives.

The cancellation code is only valid for 48 hours from when you asked for it … but strangely won’t work for a few hours after you receive it, giving a ‘wrong code entered’ error message. Keep trying. Mine took 5 hours.

You will receive a confirmation email when the cancellation is successful.

Helen9 4 years ago

thank you, i have tried repeatedly but once i click continue after ticking an option for leaving i repeatedly get the fax template. i'll keep trying!

Louise 4 years ago

I had never heard of be2, never been on their website, never signed up for anything with them in my life. I’ve been happily married for over 4 years, so had no need to.

Yet they have even stolen from me today!!!

I checked my account this morning to see that just under £150 had been deducted from my bank account. An hour of stressful bank phone calls later, it transpires that Be2 have taken it. They had sneakily taken the £5 in November.

But how could that be? How could they do that when I hadn’t even been on their website? I suspect that Be2 are hacking accounts as well. I can’t think of any other reason that they would be able to steal from my bank account!

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I am SO angry! I was crying this morning on the phone – and missed my train to London as a result of trying to sort it out.

My bank have said they’ll launch a fraud case and get my money back. I’ve cancelled my card too.

These people will get their comeuppance – in this life or the next.

Louise 4 years ago

I had never heard of be2, never been on their website, never signed up for anything with them in my life. I’ve been happily married for over 4 years, so had no need to.

Yet they have even stolen from me today!!!

I checked my account this morning to see that just under £150 had been deducted from my bank account. An hour of stressful bank phone calls later, it transpires that Be2 have taken it. They had sneakily taken the £5 in November.

But how could that be? How could they do that when I hadn’t even been on their website? I suspect that Be2 are hacking accounts as well. I can’t think of any other reason that they would be able to steal from my bank account!

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I am SO angry! I was crying this morning on the phone – and missed my train to London as a result of trying to sort it out.

My bank have said they’ll launch a fraud case and get my money back. I’ve cancelled my card too.

These people will get their comeuppance – in this life or the next.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia


complain about the inability to cancel online directly to and threaten to report the situation to State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO = Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO = Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie SECO

Helen9 4 years ago

Hi Jae

Unbelievably i have received a confirmation of cancellation email this afternoon!!!! I can't thank everyone on here enough. The advice was fantastic. I'm not sure what did it in the end but i did email annabel marshall repeatedly quoting how they were in breach of their own terms and conditions which made the membership null and void. I sent this repeadedly over 2 days.I did send a fax yesterday but did not include any personal details just my email address and username as clearly stated in their terms and conditions section 13. I told them i had proof of transmission, had sent a letter by recorded delivery and confirmation of receipt of my email. I tried for ages to get to the online cancellation page this morning to get a cancellation code but kept getting the fax template. What i discovered for those of you who need some proof for your bank that they have received your email even if it is the standard automated one is that when you get to the page where you have to select an option for leaving, if you tick that you found the site difficult to understand or that your matches were unsatisfactory you get an immediate reply as follows

I write because you told us that you wished to end your Premium Membership as you felt you had not got as much as you anticipated for your money.

I am sorry that you feel this way and hope that I may be of some assistance in helping you get more from the service, if that is what you wish.

It is of course inevitable that people do have different experiences when using our site. Some find love quickly and easily and are delighted with the service, others are less happy with their matches or the style of the service and, perhaps like yourself, feel the system has not given them as much as they hoped for.

In my experience there are often fairly simple reasons why a person has had a less satisfactory experience with be2, and that many of these can be addressed quite easily. For example, fairly small changes in your profile and search settings can produce big improvements in the matches you receive and the responses you get to your messages.

It’s worth remembering that many people do find love with be2. We have 20 million users and over 40% of those who leave be2 tell us they are doing so because they have met someone with our help.

If you wish, I can personally look into your account and history with be2 in more detail and in conversation with you, try to work through some of the issues that may have prevented you from finding what you are looking for with the service.

If you’re interested in this offer, please write back to me.

All the best

James Pearson

be2 – Customer Service

This clearly acknowledges that you wish to cancel your membership. If you check the boxes with negative comments you get nothing. Under the 'other' section to make comments there is a message saying if you have any question for customer support click here. That takes you into an email titled ONLINE CANCELLATION. i sent this demanding immediate cancellation, every half hour and amazingly got a response!!! I also emailed my wish to cancel to as well as the customer service. Not sure what worked in the end but i just wanted proof of cancellation so even if they do scam me in the future (and i'll be watching my statement forevermore) i've got proof. One of the best pieces of advice which i followed was to go in and delete all my personal details before writing to cancel. I figured that i wasn't going to get a reply so i would take the chance that they wouldnt have a back up of my address. I just put a fullstop in every line. i became a 101 year old man from united arab emirates for a while!

The most important thing was that i found this thread immediately after paying my membership which made me take immediate action. I reread the terms and conditions in fine detail and saw that if you use your membership at all in the 2 week cooling of period you are unable to cancel the following 6 months. i made sure i didnt use any premium membership facilites at all. i didnt read any emails or anything.

Thanks again. I'll support any campaign and try and spread the word.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia


congrats - persistence effort and a direct approach is definitely the key! I ALMOST feel sorry for dear Annabel.

MJ2303 4 years ago

Did anyone else follow the link Andy Egg posted? Was it me or was the only person to post Andy himself? It was as much use as a chocolate teapot!

Personally I can't see the point of joining another group when this one serves the purpose and is obviously very easy to come across.

Scot UK 4 years ago


Yes, I did follow it. Andy and some other guy has now started to gather more information from this thread.

There is some REALLY good info. You should check out the thread

I agree with what the guy is trying to do, this thread is MASSIVE! Trying to digest it all is quite hard.

Bravo to him!

Helen9 4 years ago

thanks Jae. I continued to keep emailed annabel marshall and customer service asking for confirmation that automatic billing had been cancelled as well as membership. Email received this morning from the elusive Ms Marshall saying it had and no further payments would be debited!!!! last thing i expected. I really do think you have to become a pain in the a... and be direct. I copied and pasted a letter suggested earlier in this thread. I also think victims need to remove all personal details from profiles asap and make sure you are not identifiable from your email address.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Well after 12 months of fighting Be2 and Intrum Justitia and after contacting every agency I could think of they are seemingly still at it.

I have given up on trying to stop Be2 and am trying to get Trading Standards and my M.P. and M.E.P. to investigate Intrum Justitia who clearly break the regulations very time they threaten someone on behalf of Be2. They obviously rely on a percentage taking fright and paying money they do not owe. The e-mail address for I.J. is on here, the address for the mail box is on their letter.

My M.P. and M.E.P. are both Lib Dems and never reply.

However I hope that we have all learned our lesson and Lucianne can take credit for giving them grief and I hope costing them money.

I wish you all a merry xmas and a better new year,

I wish Robert Wuttke, his partner Andreas and all their staff the worst nightmare that they have ever had.

Andy Egg 4 years ago

@MJ2303 I'm sorry I didnt provide more of a clear introduction to what I was trying to do. I have myself been almost scammed (my credit card company stopped it in time) but I think the debt collectors are coming soon after. I am based in the uk.

I find the stories and practices of this company quite sickening. I think this thread is very interesting and excellent source of informative. A point I made by attempting to extract some of the comments into another thread

My intention is to provide advise in separate threads. This single comment thread is very difficult to follow from top to bottom with what an individual actually needs to do. I have attempted to note down the results of my research on the internet there as well along with advise on what to do when the IJ contact you.

Andy egg 4 years ago


Thanks so much for all your help and persistence. I have read the majority of this thread and seen your constant push and admire your efforts.

I will try take up the fight. Can you help me and contribute some of your knowledge what you have done so far in a concise thread on ? As i mentioned above, I want to try make this a central point for information on be2 and their practices

Helen9 4 years ago

Absolutely. Thank you Rolfe for your advice. I followed it all especially;sending proof of cancellation to my bank and sending post by recorded delivery. Merry Christmas to you too

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I too thank you Rolfe for your concise and reliable information as well as your demonstrated commitment to help others fight B2 - it was a great encouragement.

I agree that it is difficult to follow this single thread because it has proven so popular and now contains a huge quantity of text contributed over a long time and I admire Andy egg for his apparent interest in doing something about it but I'm not sure that another free-for-all site is really the answer as it too will become overwhelming.

The collective experience of this Hubpage's contributors has produced a wealth of invaluable information. It would be fantastic if essential extracts (not whole entries) were combined into a simple How-To-re-B2 was written so that others could simply follow proven strategies and cut/paste as required to stop B2 in their tracks. That information needs to be easy to find (ie as the only entry on one of Andy egg's pages) and be referred to from other sites in such a way that it doesn't just get lost as it currently can here.

Lucienne has done us all a huge favour by creating this opportunity to rant/find comfort/use the experience of others - it would be wonderful if somehow this Hubpage could prominently link users to such a resource

wazza1234 4 years ago

Thanks to all for your help here. In the same situation whereby they've been threatening debt collectors for a while, I'm ignoring all emails now. I'm expecting that letter to come and when it does I'll respond how you've set out

I did originally send this, which got no reply, as they continue to attempt to take out money: Your terms and conditions are deliberately contradicting in order to attempt to give yourself grounds for collecting money regardless of what the customer chooses to do. We clicked on the termination button on the website, which alone should be enough:

"Where an online termination process is available, termination may also occur by following the relevant link on the Site. "

We then sent an email, which according to 13.3 is accepted:

"(1) The Customer may cancel his or her subscription for Premium Membership Services within the Cooling Off Period by giving notice of cancellation in accordance with this Condition 13.

(2) A notice must be sent:

(3) by letter, fax or email using the relevant details designated on the Site;"

Section 14.6 obviously deliberately contradicts this, as would be expected with your company. But just in case, we also sent a letter.

My bank are blocking the transactions, and so luckily no money has left the account, but is it worth closing the account as well? Or should my money now be safe with my bank?

Thanks again everyone, and you can count me in to support anyone that needs any help.


All this part of jae6153's post is a great idea "It would be fantastic if essential extracts (not whole entries) were combined into a simple How-To-re-B2 was written so that others could simply follow proven strategies and cut/paste as required to stop B2 in their tracks.:

no turkey for me 4 years ago

£89.97 lost overnight. no xmas turkey for me or my kids.

once bitten 4 years ago

I have just got off the phone from my bank after noticing a direct payment taken from my account after this scammy site was cancelled over a month ago - they said they would get the m oney back and that they were well aware that this site is a scam - end of any dating agencies for me spread the word far and wide

Arri 58 4 years ago

Hi guys wow what a page. Thank you for sharing, at least now I know that I am not alone, felt so stupid. I joined in June and was told it was too late I had paid for subscription, then holy hell this month again they decided to take another $234.00. I was gobsmacked, phoned my bank straight away and they refunded me the money. Many, many emails later. Been told the same, threats of legal action etc., Far out.

It took me a lot of courage to sign up at a dating agency. Like many on here, I'm over 50 years old, and thought when it appeared on my facebook that should be a safe one, people over 50. Forget it, and like others after I joined I had a strange feeling, something didn't gel. Reading everyone's story is the same as reading mine.

By the way I am in Australia.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Shhh guys and they are still going, what idiots. I couldn't believe how many people got scammed and they still are going? I watched the video on this link about the company as well, apart from that dickhead been over 60, no-one else was over 25 so how the hell do they write on my facebook as far back as June to say they do Seniors Dating, something is missing there.

But thanks guys I don't feel alone, and now have met a great family of fighters. Thanks.

John 4 years ago

Hi, I just wanted to say that I too have been a victim of the be2 scam and would like to ask if anyone can help me with my sitaution? Its just that I tried to cancel but I was told by be2 that I had to cancel within 7 days of the end of the free trial so I was too late to cancel and was told I had to fax a signed cancellation form to them to cancel it and not be charged. Then, after reading what people have been saying on here about it, I cancelled my debit card. But 5 days later, they still managed to charge me £89. So I would like to ask, if I sent a signed cancellation form to them by fax, is there a possibility that be2 could give me a refund? Please help someone.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Dear be2-user,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately you have cancelled your Premium Membership too late to avoid the renewal point. The cancellation of membership should be done at least 14 days prior the renewal date, in order to avoid the Premium Membership extension.

All Premium Membership services will be at your disposal for one more additional period. Your Premium Membership will expire on 15.06.2012 and there will be no further extensions after the mentioned date.

That was the message I just recieved from B2 - the bank has refunded me my $234.00. I have cancelled my Mastercard, so let's see what they do in June 2012. What Wankers.

Jay 4 years ago

Just got this email below from them.

What should I do? Just ignore it and wait for the next letter. I cancel my card before they could deduct more than the $5 deal.

Your Premium Membership to be2


The automatic renewal of your premium membership has failed due to a problem with your credit card/bank account. In order to be able to keep your subscription to the be2 premium service we would like to ask you to update your payment details as soon as possible, however latest by @@@@@@@. We will then immediately try another rebilling and extend your premium membership.

Click here to update your payment details.

For any question you may have, please contact us by writing to

Best regards

Your be2 team


Details of your subscription:

Subscription type: be2 Premium

Date of last failed payment:

Rolfe 4 years ago

Jay Arri and John, Read the advice in these blogs. With debit cards you have hardly any protection. Get a new card or cancel the account. Some banks help others don't. Cancel credit cards as well.

Jay 4 years ago


I have already cancelled my debit card over a month ago.

They have tried to deduct more but my bank won't allow it.

My question is, what should I do regarding the emails and the pending letters from IJ?

Should I just ignore them? When will they go away? How long should I expect them to harass me?


Rolfe 4 years ago

Dont ignore letter just follow advice given and all will be fine.

Jay 4 years ago


Don't ignore the letter?

I thought that was what you are meant to do.

When I joined I put a bogus name, address and DOB.

They might not even be able to find me, I hope.

Anonymous 4 years ago

I just went through the same problem with this damn company and I have to tell you all contact your local consumer bureau and send them all correspondences to them and state to them the issues you are having. Also, contact your bank branch and your credit card company and place a dispute. Write a letter to the company and have it registered. Document everything including all conversations via e-mail, registered letters etc. This will be a strong case against them because they are in breach of their own terms and conditions and as such you will be able to win because they are breaching their agreement with us which makes our agreement with them null and void. Make sure you do these steps and make sure any letters sent to the company you send it by registered mail because you might need to produce them to the company so you have a legal backing.

rolfe 4 years ago

Jay, we have never advocated ignoring the collection letter.

In replying to it as we have set out you are following the legal process to stop court action.

Be2 is like a bad rash but it will go away with time.

However as in my case they will probaly use your profile even though it has been cancelled.

This is the other charge made against them as to whether their database is current and genuine.

I had many mails from Be2 with 'perfect matches' after I cancelled and during the threatening Intrum Justitia letter.

I now get regular mails from Russian ladies seeking love, who must have gotten my details from Be2.

I print all of these off and pass them to the agencies and others who are hoping to prepare action against Be2. So in abusing my ex profile Be2 are actually helping provide evidence against themselves.

All of you should do the same as without the printed evidence it's just hearsay.

When such a court action gets near I shall publish where to send your own story.

mike 4 years ago

Nightmare - will not accept fax, e mail or post for cancellation of membership and then steal money - have to close the card. Bad form

Anonymous 4 years ago

Update, so far they are actually listening to me and had sent an e-mail that once they receive me letters of cancellation in the mail that they will cancel my subscription. I will be holding onto that e-mail to use it against them, should they decide to go against their own words.

Katelou 4 years ago

Hey all just found this sight. I just signed up for a one month trial period of £24.99 and found be2 took £299.88 for a years subscription. I am currently disputing this as I didn't authorize this transaction. I’ve cancelled my card via the bank and tried to cancel my subscription via be2. I cannot cancel as my application hasn’t been processed. I’ve spoken with my bank and they mentioned Luxenbourg but the transfer is in a holding area. BE2 said I cant have a refund as I opened 2 responses of mail but, I can cancel my next subscription via email with a signature within 14days of expiry . I have agreed to pay £24.99. But the reason I cannot cancel is my application hasn't been processed yet. I will dispute that for Security reasons they shouldn't have sent me personal information of people as my application hasn't been processed. I have read the t&c and have a full copy of them.... they read as follows.

The completion of the registration process will constitute a request to receive the Services from Us, the result of which is the Customer Contract. No Customer Contract will come into existence until completion of the registration process.

(3) Following registration, Customers may (if available) elect a category of Service as follows:

(A) a free trial which will automatically convert to Premium Membership Services;

(B) a paid trial at a discounted price which will automatically convert to Premium Membership Services;

(C) Premium Membership Services;

(D) non chargeable Services; or

(E) any other Service which We may offer from time to time.

I tried to argue section 13 THE RIGHT TO CANCEL but I cant use this I opened 2 responses, although I cant recall doing this as so many emails came from Be2 the second my credit card details went through.

The response so far from Be2 is

“We have now escalated your request to the rightful department. You will hear from us as soon as possible.”

“We would like to get your feedback. Please click on the link below to answer us some short questions regarding our service: “

Haa their having a laugh at our expense.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. My laptop dies and I couldn't afford to replace it. I've been horrified by some of the stories and really feel angry that so many innocent people are still getting duped by this rotten company. I was appalled to read the one by someone who actually wanted to use this site as a means of promoting herself. I immediately deleted it as soon as I read it! The damn nerve of the woman! I'm only half way through reading the comments so I'll be back soon when I've finished reading them all

Regards, Lucie

Arri 58 4 years ago

Thank you for the great job that you are doing.

lucieanne profile image

lucieanne 4 years ago from Boston United Kingdom Author

Hi again friends. After reading all the comments I remembered that a couple of months ago I invented a new profile on B2 to have another snoop around the site.

as I mentioned earlier, I haven't had a computer for a while, and I'd forgotten all about the bogus account I'd created. I went to my other email inbox and discovered I had 120 unread messages from B2. Obviously when I went to the site most of them were inaccessible due to the time that had elapsed, but the ones that I could reply to I have - warning them all of the risk of losing loads of money if they don't cancel their memberships in the stated time. I've also filled in the poll asking what I think of the site, and left them a nice little comment, telling them that I, and thousands of other 'victims' are doing everything in our power to get them brought to justice, and warn every other innocent would be victim against signing up to their fraudulent site. I think this is what we should collectively do - bombard the site with fictitious profiles and then warn everyone off pauing any money. One thing I noticed was, when I went to the page where you sign up for the 'premium' membership is, when I cancelled the process, they stopped me reading any more of my messages from my 'matches'until I paid the fiver. HA! Does this count as entrapment or what? I

Rolfe 4 years ago

Lucianne, Please text me. I have some updates which I dont wish to post yet as Be2 does monitor your site.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Dear Terranova,

Our records show that the amount of money debited from your credit card/bank account has been returned to you upon your request.

The scare tactics begin.

We assume that this was done by accident and offer you an online possibility to pay the bill. Please login as soon as possible, however latest 30 days after you have received this email. We will immediately initiate another rebilling. Should you encounter any problems with this procedure, please contact our Customer Service team. Update my payment details now


Details of your subscription:

Subscription type: be2 Premium 6 month(s)

Outstanding amount: 234.0 AUD

Product bought on: 15/06/2011

Payment reversed on: 03/01/2012

Your account will be re-billed again and you can do so within the next 30 days, latest by 02/02/2012.

In case you have intentionally reversed the payment into our account, we would like to remind you, that there is a valid contract between you and be2 and that we reserve the right to take legal measures in this case and forward the issue to our collection company.


Your be2 team

PS: If you have not, to date, used any paid services from be2, please contact our Customer Service team immediately.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Just for interest in case you have not been cured of dating sites.

E-Harmony has invested in German e-dating.

Not a problem until you read that it is headed by 'Industry Veteran' Fabrice Le Parc who once worked for Be2.

I hope that he left Be2 on moral grounds in protest at their work practices.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Whatever they can F.... themselves they are evil and are predators.

Anonymous 4 years ago

The people at be2 really need to get a life and learn what it means to earn a living. I can't believe that they would stoop so low and ask for money back (as per note that Arri posted) when they are in the wrong! They must not have a soul much less a conscious to care about the harm they are causing to people. Truly pathetic people!

Arri 58 4 years ago

Received another email, from them, this one states: Hmmm well like to see the collection agency come to my door.

Thank you for your message.

There is no separate invoice for the rebilling. The original invoice explains the extension and the debits that will be made unless the extension is cancelled.

Please see the attached copy of your first order.

Please be aware if you are refusing to pay the outstanding payment you leave us no choice but to forward your case to our debt collecting agency and this may have a negative effect on your future credit rating. Also you will have to pay their fee.

Please make the payment.

Many thanks.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Arri, We know that be2 monitors this site.

I detect a slight change in their approach here.

'Please see the attached copy of your first order.'

This could be their way of getting around giving you a copy of a signed contract which would be required for court action so get it checked out.

The threat of an effect on your credit rating is illegal and you should report it to trading standards.

Read the threads and deal with thus correctly. Let us know if you ever get a court date.

The correct and legal way for Debt Collection are all on line, read up on them.

Arri 58 4 years ago


Thank you for letting me know that the B2 (Bastards 2) are on this site. I don't think I have put anything wrong on here. I have only put on here what they have sent to me and other people.

I have notified the bank and also the Consumer Protection in Western Australia.

My accounts are closed so I truly believe that they have to train there customer services officer into what is correct, morally and legally, they started this not me.

My only mistake was thinking that I was going on a safe site that was over a 50's site.

So they can bite there butts.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

Arri 58 - since I also live in WA and my bank reversed the transaction I too will probably start receiving demands for re-payment etc. If you need personal support in court to fight your case I'd be happy to be a witness. Feel free to contact me directly via to discuss.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Thank you Jae.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Let's get them Jae1653, my last word to b2 don't muck around with a anyone going through menopausal, you will end up worse for wear.

Jay 4 years ago

Arri and Jae1653,

I am in NSW, so am happy to help out as well.

I'm just waiting for the demands from IJ.


Sarah 4 years ago

I'm so grateful for all the information here. Was considering joining be2, then thought I'd check it out a bit more on the internet before parting with money....OMG, so glad I did! Good luck to all those who have been scammed in getting their money back. It's dreadful what they are doing.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Just recieved this in my inbox

Dear be2-user,

We have received your cancellation and we can confirm that your Premium Membership will expire on ............

Please note that your profile will remain active even after the cancellation. If you wish to delete or deactivate your profile, please go to "My profile", "Settings" and then to "Profile Status", where you have the option to delete the profile.

Thank you for using be2!


yadda yadda yadda


I was able to delete the profile and we will see if they plan anything else because I copied every screen to prove that the profile was deleted! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

JAY - thanks for the offer. Please make contact through as I don't seem to be able to send you a direct message through this site.

barbowds 4 years ago

what do you think of the following dating sites? please advise;FLING, MEETLOCALS,WE DATE FREE, AFROROMANCE,ADULTFRIENDFINDER,FREEDATING, EASYDATIG.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Jae & Jay hope more people come through from Australia. That site needs to be shut down or action needs to be taken against there fraudelunt way they do things.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

"Intrum Justitia and the Truth About Your Debt:

Intrum Justitia Ltd is a debt purchasing company which has bought the debtor account from the original lender, often a bank (or in some cases another debt purchaser) for around a tenth or less of the original value of the debt and is brazenly attempting to recover the full sum of the original from you.

Intrum Justitia Limited will use all sorts of nasty methods to get you to set up a standing order in order to profit from people's ignorance of the law. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them on the phone or by letter. They may call you on the phone at strange times when they know it is inconvenient for you and do this lots of times. They may write official appearing sternly drafted letters threatening to send someone round to collect the money in full or that they will take you to court if you cannot pay. Other strategies will include attempting a charging order on your home or in some way bring about your homelessness or destitution.

So ask Intrum Justitia for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card...(re B2 this means the membership application/contract).

Intrum Justitia is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company listed in the website of DBSG (The Debt Buyers and Sellers Group) and/or mentioned in consumer finance forms. They have a legitimate function as debt collections, but there is some indication that some such companies (not necessarily Intrum Justitia), and especially the debt purchasing element, go a bit too far sometimes and can make people's lives a misery when those same people are at their most vulnerable. We do not suggest that they are acting outside the law, but getting that letter or phone call is not exactly helpful to you right now.

So the first thing you must do if Intrum Justitia is bothering you is not to panic or despair. That's just what they want! They'd love you to call their number and speak to their specially trained sales team for 'advice'. But once you do that you'll be suggestible to whatever they tell you, instead of getting independent advice. While we always say that you should keep an open dialogue with debt collectors, we would recommend that you do so in writing only. This will prevent them 'railroading' you into any action which is not in your best interests, as they so love talking people into doing things on the spur of the moment. Of course, they are only doing their job, but that's hardly a consolation for you in the present situation."

This information was extracted from http://www.intrum-justitia-debt-collectors.dpcregi... which clearly has a vested interest in condeming IJ and exists to generate business for themselves but I thought the above was worth posting anyway.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

3 weeks ago I put my money where my mouth was and created a how-to-re-B2 ( clearly states

'This hub is intended to complement rather than replace "Be2 dating scam . Don't join this site" and will hopefully be used only to provide succinct and practical information including sample letters or reliable strategies etc. If you want to read about the experiences of others or rant about your own (and who wouldn't) or get answers to specific new questions please contribute to the original excellent site rather than here so that this site can stay short and useful.'

I posted a reference to it on this hub page but surprisingly found that it has been manually withdrawn.

Since other helpful sites have been listed on this hub page by me as well as others so I'm curious about and rather offended by this.

Like everyone else I am just trying to help fight B2 as best we can and have no interest in self-promotion.

I hope this posting will be allowed to stay. If not, I hope that all my contributions will be removed manually as I can't keep responding to individuals seeking personalised and detailed responses to their particular issues just because others can't find what they are looking for (even though it is almost certainly here to be found)through the voluminous body of text scattered throughtou this hub page.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

oops...the link in this post doesn't work - it should say

Arri 58 4 years ago

Well it's all good, haven't heard from them for over a week. So let's hope that the Vultures got the message.

Paul 4 years ago

I fell for the £5 trial scam (I mean offer) , I came across this website wen researching how to cancel since it seems a complete scam. I cancelled my card and wrote several long emails asking to cancel since the website only kept taking you around in circles. eventually i caved in and sent a fax this morning and 4 hrs later they confirmed my membership is canceled and will not renew. I was also able to delete my profile. BE2 are really shady and I am so amazed they are still trading I've not experienced a worst service ever!

I hope everyone else eventually gets sorted, hopefully thats it for me and I can chalk a fiver up to stupidy.

Jay 4 years ago


Did you sign the fax?

Andy hp 4 years ago

this company is a complete scam ..i made a profile as my sister was caught by the scam but luckily cancelled her card in time. i am a gay male and at first they bombarded me with e mails saying i had messages from women lol who were a match. they continued to send daily fake messages some with pictures.. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM DO NOT JOIN THIS PATHETIC FAKE SITE

kirst 4 years ago

anyone found out how to cancel online, my almost immediate cancellation letter was not received by them and i got my account debited, bank sent me a form to get my money back, i have sent another letter and many many emails (got no response) but cant seem to cancel online via the link they have?

Arri 58 4 years ago

Dodgy the aresholes are trust me Kirst, just cancel your card please.

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia

I feel the need to gather some statistics about this scam so I have added some polls to the bottom of my hubpage for completion by those affected - see

Geoff 4 years ago

Help! Can someone please provide me with the email address which I need to send notice of cancellation. It won't let me log in the site but It says I can cancel by email. already cancelled my card.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Hi Geoff,

Try this address :! Hopefully, they will do the right thing by you!

Geoff 4 years ago

I don't give a monkeys whether they 'do right' by me at all. If I cancel it through e-mail then that meets their terms and I will ignore any attempt at intimidation.

Geoff 4 years ago

I'm using that billing address, also send it to the info address- any other email addresses? Happy just to send it to all I can find.

Geoff 4 years ago

Got myself in a huge mess. For some reason my log in details to be2 will not get me into my account. Plus I am locked out of the email account I registered with. So no way of getting on the site to go through cancellation process. I'm going insane.

Jay 4 years ago


I'm at the same stage as you.

I cancelled by email and refused to send in a signed form.

I am now waiting for the debt collectors to get involved. I will ignore them as well.

Geoff 4 years ago

I was especially stupid. Signed up hastily for the trial because it gave you 'game currency' for an online game I play. Next I realise i've forgotten my email details that I registered with. Plus for some bizarre reason I cannot login to be2 site. So I can't get into be2 or my email account. Instead I have sent e-mails from another account with my be2 account details that they asked for and confirmed cancellation. No response of course. There is absolutely NO WAY that they have to have a signed letter or fax or form or anything. Their terms and conditions clearly state that all they require is an email OR a fax OR a letter. I quoted the terms in my email, I have met the terms. End of story for me. I have rang up my bank last night and cancelled my card so they cannot charge me. They only have a defunct email address and they can email threats to that account to the cows come home if they like.

Geoff 4 years ago

I think it'd be very useful if there was a list provided of all the be2 email accounts. The contact details aren't easy to find for obvious reasons. I send it directly to 'billing' though so that is good enough for me.

Geoff 4 years ago

HAHA! Get this- I told you I merely registered for the free trial in order to get game points. Well they've debited my account for £90! A free trial, what are they charging me for!? Ha. Spoken to my bank and they have told me to ring them as soon as the money leaves and they will return it to me. Then the situation is over for me, customer services of HSBC told me that they will have no case to pursue. I cannot access my email account anyway so won't see their threats.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Geoff a simply thanks would have been good enough! I know this company is a pain and they need to do the right thing and cancel people's membership as per terms and condition! That's why I said I hope they do right thing by you! This has taught me not to bother helping others if they are going to ungrateful for the help!

Arri 58 4 years ago

Geoff, don't stress, have cancelled to. Have also cancelled my credit card. I feel better so much better now. They are a mob of aresholes.

Geoff 4 years ago

Anono - I am very sorry to have come across short. I did not mean to at all, I didn't mean my message to have that tone so I apologise. I am grateful and that wasn't my intention.

I managed to lose access to the email account that I used to register with Be2. So I can't log into Be2 and I can't log into the e-mail either. So all I could do was send cancellation messages to every single be2 address I could find, about five different addresses. NO replies at all. I contacted my bank and they have cancelled my card but I can't do anything about the money they took until it leaves my account. HSBC customer services assured me I'd get it back.

Doubt that'll be the end of it.

Geoff 4 years ago

Am a bit stressed because in my email of cancellation i'm not sure if I provided the correct email address. Locked out of the email I registered with. Did sent the cancellation email to about 6 different addresses though.

Geoff 4 years ago

Thank you everyone who contributed to this site for the fantastic information and support.

No response from any email. Considering the fact that I registered an account and subscribed to a free trial on the 12th and they immediately began a transfer of £89 on the 13, it is clear that they will have no legitimate claim for any supposed debt in the future.

When I ring HSBC again once the money has left my account, I will be getting it refunded and tell them I consider it fraud. Their terms and conditions are self-contradictory, full of jargon. Their cancellation process is designed to make it very difficult to cancel.

I'd like to see some crappy company in Luxembourg take me to an English court room with their track record, their malpractice, their absurd website design that works to conceal all contact details (despite the fact you need them to cancel) and come out with anything. That is not even blind trust in the system, i'm a pessimist, but no court of the land will see that as a legitimate claim. I was re-assured by HSBC customer service, we were on the same page immediately.

I implore anyone to not panic over intimidation tactics. I suspect debt collection efforts will just give up eventually. They ain't gonna be starting court proceedings. There are thousands of complaints dating from 2005 all over the internet. Not found one person who ended up in court. Even though many people say they simply cancelled their card and ignored them.

The bloody internet has it's downfalls. Tricky company to take down it seems.

I haven't officially cancelled I guess because I haven't logged back into the site and I can't access the email I used to register as I said. Oh well. With all the emails I sent and their procedures they've got nothing.

They'd look a right old mess in court though wouldn't they?

Thanks again people.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Thank you to the founder of this site hey Geoff. It just goes to how many people have been done by them.

Geoff 4 years ago

I know mate, it was unbelievable. My face went white when I saw all the complaints. What a mug! I bet people are embarassed a bit to tell their banks about the dating site scam. What about me? Scammed by a dating site just so I could get some 'diamonds' to spend in a silly online game. What a geek. *Sigh* It was all just for a game, don't need a date i'm engaged!

Hope I don't have to explain this to my fiancee. Ugh.

Debt letters get thrown away, simple as.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Don't worry about it Geoff, It's what they do. I am single and 53 and just wanted to meet someone nice and they advertised on my face book as over the 50's thought it was safe, I don't go out a lot. I can't really be bothered. On a cold winters night they got me the same as so many other people on this site, but together we are one, and we are working as a team. Stuff those wankers as we say in Western Australia.

Geoff 4 years ago

Well i'm saying that over here in England too mate! I just copy and pasted the awesome sounding letter that has been previously posted. That's all ready to be sent off to the debt collectors whenever that day comes. Great site this. I noted down the addresses of Be2 on their website, perhaps I should send a letter of cancellation recorded delivery? Not sure whether to just leave it though. To my mind the multiple emails that haven't been replied to are enough.

I know people who have met up with genuine people through sites, so they can be a good thing. I won't be rushing into signing up for something just for a silly game again that's for damn sure.

Geoff 4 years ago

Let me post this letter again because it really is top class. I assume it would be better to respond to the debt collectors with this then ignore them?

To whomever it may concern,



I {firstname} of the {second name} family, a living soul agent for the legal entity MISS FIRST NAME SURNAME (MUST BE IN CAPITALS)!!.

I am in receipt of your notice dated 11 March 2011 ref : 2882564. addressed to the legal entity FIRSTNAME SURNAME regarding an outstanding debt in the amount of 174.75EUR.

I conditionally accept your notice of alleged debt upon receiving the following :

1. Proof of debt , Validation of the actual debt .

2. Full disclosure of the alleged debt.

3. Verification of your claim against me.


It may be wise to take note that the following are the terms of a lawful contract:

1. Full disclosure.

2. Equal consideration.

3. Lawful terms and conditions.

4. Signatures of the Parties/Meeting of the Minds.

I demand that all of the above conditions be met and presented in Affidavit format sworn under oath or attestation, under penalty of perjury and upon your full commercial liability. Due to the urgency and seriousness of this allegation, I will give you fourteen (14) days to respond. If I do not receive such a response conforming to the above criteria within fourteen (14) days of the date of this letter, it will be deemed a tacit agreement by your acquiescence that the debt is null and void and non-existent.

Sincerely and without prejudice, malice, afterthought, ill will, vexation or frivolity,

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia


hats off for writing this great letter reposted by Geoff - as is often the case the good gets lost in the other so I'm going to repost it where it can be more easily found on as well.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Hey Geoff,

Thank for apology, no problem!

I understand the stress aspect that this company can cause especially dealing with them myself! I have one more thing to be resolved and I hope the outcome indeed will the result I am looking for! I'm stun that this company has been operating for so long and that no even any country for that matter has not attempted to shut them done, considering the amount of complaints. My hope is that this company will get what is coming to them very soon!

Geoff 4 years ago

I was very stressed for a day or two, then I felt silly, you've got to laugh at all that 'laws of Luxembourg' crap haven't you really? I found another letter too, the demand for a credit agreement. I personally plan to make my letter a hybrid of the two. There is absolutely no way they can produce a credit agreement AT ALL, never mind in two days. This is more of an annoyance than anything to me now. Here's the letter-

The Loan Company

Company House,

Church Street,



R1 7HG

Dear Sir/Madam

Re:? Account/Reference Number 4563210025897412

This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide.

I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminded that should you fail to comply with my request, the provisions of s.77 will apply.

If it is your view that you are not the creditor, s.175 of the CCA 1974 applies in the case of a simple assignment, and places a duty upon you to pass this request to the creditor. In the case of an absolute assignment, you are a creditor as defined by s.189. If you contend that you purchased the rights but not the duties of any agreement, you are reminded that s.189 of the Act is clear that an assignment is of both rights and duties.

Your attention is drawn to ss.5(2), 3(b),6 and 7 of the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPUTR).

I enclose a postal order in the sum of £1.00, which is the statutory fee. Note that these funds are not to be used for any other purpose.

If you are unable to comply fully and properly with this request, you should confirm this in writing at the earliest opportunity, and certainly within the statutory time limit for compliance, and return the fee.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Mr A N Other

I think this one is a bit more official sounding like a solicitor would write. I still plan to mix them together because there is some good bits in the other letter too.

Geoff 4 years ago

Well, well, welly, well, well, wellington -

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for writing.

Your subscription has now been cancelled.

There will be no charges and your subscription will end at the end of your free trial.

I have also deleted your account.

Many thanks for using be2


Thomas Brooking

Team Lead

be2 Customer Services

Saved that e-mail, just incase I needed anything more to hold against them. I don't believe that will be the end of it as I can see from other people's stories that they still pursue money from you. 'Deleted my account', I just don't believe that.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Good for you Geoff. Lol let's shove it up these bloody idiots.

Geoff 4 years ago

Indeed! I think we should all encourage people to laugh this off. Be firm and unwavering with these people, nothing to be intimidated by- even with their debt collectors. Laugh it off! Don't be silly thinking that they've got you bang to rights because of the 'laws of Luxembourg'. Lol.

Anyone who gets a message from Intrum Justitia should simply demand the credit agreement. Won't be forthcoming because there isn't one. End of debt claim. Anything after that is harassment and direct your letters to police.

Don't be intimidated by the laws of the *ahem* great nation of Luxembourg....

Anonymous 4 years ago

Cheers Geoff! Your definitely right it's not over till it is actually over! With them it seems to never end! Hey all can do is let them keep doing what they are doing because they are only incriminating themselves further! If they were smart they would do what is right and stop proving everyone that they have screwed over that they are scam artist!

kirst 4 years ago

thanks arri 58, bank cancelled my card the same day they took money, they couldnt do anything to recover it as it was still processing but said as soon as it went into their account they would take action, im not at all hopefull that ill see my £150 again but fingers crossed thats an end to them taking anymore, great blog with great advice, thanks x

Geoff 4 years ago

If you tell your bank that it was an illegitimate withdrawal from your account then they must work to get it back. If they do not then you simply must close your account with that bank. HSBC didn't question a thing about it when I told them that I will need the money back. It has to have left the account before they act though, i'm sure your bank will get it back for you.

Once you've got your money back that is that, nothing to worry about. The only concern you should have is getting money back and making sure they no longer have access to your account. Inevitably you'll get Intrum Justabunchoftits debt collectors on you but don't get stressed about that. They've got nothing, remember to perceive them merely as an annoyance. Send the letter demanding the credit agreement, don't indulge them on the phone and demand they never call. End of.

Arri 58 4 years ago

Before I found this blog I thought I was the only idiot, that didn't check every dotted line, trust me I felt like a complete idiot way too embarresed to say anything to the bank or to anyone else. Until I found how many others they had caught out. This gave me the strength to speak up and join this group. So thank you for giving us the strength to do this.

Geoff 4 years ago

Can I implore everyone to report this to Action Fraud please. I have done that and spoke with them today. Please don't have unrealistic expectations because there is little they can do except raise awareness of the scam- though this IS important. Please go to their site and give them a call, if you can't speak to someone you can arrange for them to ring you back which they will. If they start to get a number of reports then there is more for them to go on and look into.

Let's be clear about this.

* Be2's Terms and conditions DO NOT meet trading standards of the UK (and most other countries in Europe I assume)

* Be2's website design DOES NOT meet trading standards as it the cancellation process is deceptive and necessary contact details are not provided.

* They therefore have no legitimate legal contract or credit agreement with any of its customers, certainly in the UK.

* Their staff are known for confirming cancellation of your account and then raiding your bank account. This is criminal offence, plain and simple.

1. Cancel the card used

2. If money has been taken demand your bank work to take the money back because the transaction is fraudulent.

3. Prepare letter for Intrum Justitia- stating clearly that you in no way acknowledge the debt and you demand a credit agreement within 14 days.

4. Report it to Action Fraud.

Hakuna matata!

jae6153 4 years ago from Western Australia


I understand your rage and admire your commitment but this hub is full of contributions which show that many other very committed people have had the same experiences, learned from them and posted useful info as well as encouraged others to keep up the good fight.

If you keep monitoring this site you will learn the frustrating truth - new contributors opt to ask for personal responses to questions asked and answered over and over again rather than help themselves by searching the above words of wisdom and/or take a do-nothing/bring-it-on stance that other more experienced victims know will prove disastrous.

I found it so irritating that I felt compelled to create a how-to-re-b2 at that contains nothing but practical information gleaned and excerpted almost exclusively from this site.

Continue to encourage others to take action by all means but realise that you are not the first or, hopefully, the last to do so.

kirst 4 years ago

got an email to say my membership is cancelled as of 9th july, however the next payment would be due on the 5th of july so will make sure bank are aware that they will attempt to take a payment just incase, i have a different debit card now so they shouldnt be able to take anything, but better to make sure than be another £150 down hey,ill just wait for the debt letters to pile up hehe

Arri 58 4 years ago

well it's been from the time i joined you guys and not a thing from them.


MJ2303 4 years ago

Don't get too complacent Arri58 - it has only been 3 weeks since you joined this hub.

Arri 58 4 years ago

It's okay MJ 2303, have lodged a complaint to the Consumer group as well. Also have a good friend who is a private detective, who will help if I need him to, he knows a lot of good quality lawyers in Perth. Also MJ 2303 this HUB has given me the correct advice and which I have acted on.

Thank you for the warning.

me 4 years ago

The same thing happened to me. £5 deal for a month, then to discover they have taken £150. Does any one have an address for these people. I intend on visiting.

JustSayNo 4 years ago

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site. Be2 recently managed to get AUD5 from my credit card but I've since cancelled the card so they will get no more from me. I have sent them just one email to cancel my subscription. I don't believe I am legally obliged to do anything more than that as they are not a legitimate dating website, therefore there was no legitimate contract to be cancelled.

Good luck to everyone ... we all sound like a nice bunch of people and deserve to find true love, not true creeps!

julie 4 years ago

Please advise, I havent been able to cancel my membership as when I tried to cancel online it was difficult. Be2 now are asking me to pay £149 before cancelling by fax. I have reported this to Action fraud. Be2 is threating with debt collectors. Do you know anyone who has been sued successfully?

mike 4 years ago

Please do not join this site. The profiles are fake, the inroductions are leading to non existent or dormant profiles. Once joined they will take money from your card without permission. AVOID - e harmony or match are fair and reasonable.

Jay 4 years ago

Just got n email from them telling me they have referred me to their debt collectors.

Looks I have to deal with the fracktards very oon, I will tell them in no uncertain terms to go and get fracked plus use the letter template on this page.

I will keep you guys posted on any new developments.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Update, my credit card from the bank is going to dispute the unauthorized charges that this stupid company charge under false pretense. I have been given instructions on how to deal with them and now if this company is smart which we all know they are not! My CC is from a big corporation known world-wide and will see to it that they are not make any unauthorized charges because if they do they can be barred from every using them again!

Riatula 4 years ago

@ jay, your case is similar to mine and they want to take me to a coolection agent too. Also, They want me to pay $234 Australian dollar, when I am not in Australia. They also, dont even have my real name and the country I live. So I will see which collection agent they will take me to. I asked for my account to be cancelled and they said not untill I pay the montly fee of $234. Everyone that I expalined this to, says that they have never heard anyone pay that type of amount for a montly fee. So, I dont understand what the world is turing into, people are taking money that does not belong to them.

Sambambi 4 years ago

I joined Be2 because I play a game called Backyrd Monsters and to gain credits to use in the game you can fil in online surveys, complete offers etc. One of these was to join Be2 for £5 for 82 credits. As buying the credits would cost a lot more I thought ok, I'll join and cancel as soon as I get the credits. When I tried to cancel, at first I couldn't find the page, so googled Be2 and found you guys.

I sent Be2 many emails to all the addresses I could find asking them to cancel my membership. Yesterday I go this reply:

"Thank you for your email.

There are three ways to send your signed cancellation form to us:

As a fax to: 0207 7859384.

As a signed email attachment.

As a letter to: be2 S.Ã .r.l. - 291, route d'Arlon - L-1150 Luxembourg.

We would suggest you register the post.

Please be aware we need to receive the completed cancellation at least 7 days before your renewal date or you will be renewed.

Many thanks.


Josh Williams

be2 customer service"

I have closed my bank account and opened a new bank account as a precaution.

I also reported them to the providers of the SponserPay, a company called Viximo and they seem to have taken Be2 off their list.

Missallym 4 years ago

Hi all,

Just a little update, I never heard another peep out of IJ after sending that letter, and its been nearly 12months now, so if anyone has cancelled their card and got a threatening letter off IJ, please please use that letter which you can find in earlier threads.

If your struggling to cancel your be2 account, cancel your card as LOST! dont explain to the bank about the be2 membership, as then they might say they can still take the money.

good luck everyone who are still having so much trouble with this goddamn awful site. they should be shut down and prosecuted.

Jay 4 years ago

Does anyone know how long it took from when Be2 threatened via email they were go to refer you debt collector to when you received a letter from IJ?

pepsi 4 years ago

Be2 have just sent me a copy of the premium membership invoice, (the one you get after paying £5), is this valid proof of debt (membership cotract)? They have also forwarded my details to debt collectors. Please advise.

Rolfe 4 years ago

Pepsi, I don't think so. Be2 have watched this site and are trying it on. Once they use a debt collector it is the debt collectors job to supply proof of contract.

Follow all of the advice to the letter and don,t worry.

If it ever got to court there are a lot of us to go with you.

Pepsi 4 years ago

Rolfe, thank you very much - you are the best. I feel better already.

MJ2303 4 years ago


In my case I signed up for the £5 trial at the beginning of April 2011, was threatened with debt collectors on 3rd May when my card issuer stopped payment of the 6 month membership and received the letter from IJ either the end of August or beginning of September. So in answer to your question - it can take several months before hearing from IJ.

Jay 4 years ago


Thanks for your comment.

I can now sort of prepare myself for these grubbs when they come knocking.

Leo 4 years ago


I received a letter from IJ last week and I stupidily called them to refute the claim that I owned them money. Please advise which letter i should send to them and Be2 directly. I then tried to log on to BE2 webite but my username and password are no longer valid as I have not used them for at least 4-6 months. Luckily my bank refused to release funds to Be2. I believed I cancelled Membership but cannot be sure as I received no cancellation code.

Can they take me to court if i have not been able to cancel my membership. Please help

MF45 4 years ago


Try not to worry - I also received a letter from IJ yesterday so will be sending them a letter. I have found the letter (see bottom of email).

I have a question to ask - do i put my name and address in the top (right) and address the letter directly to IJ ? as letter seems that it is written by a third party. Also do I sign it ?



I {firstname} of the {second name} family, a living soul agent for the legal entity MISS FIRST NAME SURNAME (MUST BE IN CAPITALS)!!.

I am in receipt of your notice dated 11 March 2011 ref : 2882564. addressed to the legal entity FIRSTNAME SURNAME regarding an outstanding debt in the amount of 174.75EUR.

I conditionally accept your notice of alleged debt upon receiving the following :

1. Proof of debt , Validation of the actual debt .

2. Full disclosure of the alleged debt.

3. Verification of your claim against me.

It may be wise to take note that the following are the terms of a lawful contract:

1. Full disclosure.

2. Equal consideration.

3. Lawful terms and conditions.

4. Signatures of the Parties/Meeting of the Minds.

I demand that all of the above conditions be met and presented in Affidavit format sworn under oath or attestation, under penalty of perjury and upon your full commercial liability. Due to the urgency and seriousness of this allegation, I will give you fourteen (14) days to respond. If I do not receive such a response conforming to the above criteria within fourteen (14) days of the date of this letter, it will be deemed a tacit agreement by your acquiescence that the debt is null and void and non-existent.

Sincerely and without prejudice, malice, afterthought, ill will, vexation or frivolity,

sarah 4 years ago

hi i also signed up to this site about a year ago on a months trial for £5 and thought it was rubbish so after the month i tried to contact em to cancel but cudnt find anywhere on there page to cancel it.they kept drawing money out of my account so i changed mt bank details it was the only way i cud stop em getting my money as cudnt contact em they have since been sending me emails asking 4 about £181 that i apparently owe them.i replyed back explaining that i tried cancelling etc i have today recieved a letter from a company called Intrum Justitia ltd saying they are acting on behalf of and asking me to settle my bill of £181.97Eur.wot do i do??? is this all part of the scam???

lin8t profile image

lin8t 4 years ago from United Kingdom

I signed up for be2 in the uk and soon realised that I didn't want to continue. I had to jump through hoops to cancel the subscription but I did and thankfully no money was taken. I've written a hubpage on what to do

this worked for me and hopefully it will work for others. I would really advise that people not to sign up to this site in the first place.

victim 4 years ago

Hi Everyone, Just an update as you deal with these scammers. I contacted Trading Standards who informed me that its more effective to report Be2 to ECCnet (google it)as they are based in Luxenburg. Please email your complaints to and dont forget to report to Action fraud. Please remember strenth is in the numbers!

Missallym 4 years ago


I didnt put my name at the top of the letter, just the address which they have anyway.

I also didnt put my signature, but just wrote {firstname} of the {surname} family. all in lower case.

I sent this direct to IJ.

Missallym 4 years ago

Jay & Pepsi,

I never got any correspondance from be2 saying they were sending my details to a debt collector, and my letter from IJ came about 3 months after I had cancelled the membership.

an invoice is not a legally binding contract unless it is signed, which it wont be.

if you send the letter above, asking to provide the three things pointed out, they will not be able to provide this.

dont worry.

Phew 4 years ago

How can this piece of crap site still roam the internet?! Ironically I've been lucky to have read all this before getting any premium.

gordon byast 4 years ago

Hi i took out the 5dollar trial and they hit my credit card for 234 dollars still trying to cancel membership 19 emails gave me instructions to cancel that dont work any help would be great in australia

rolfe 4 years ago

To all of you dealing with Intrum Justitia. Go to Intrum Justitia scam and look for 'How to beat Intrum Justitia on behalf of Pay Pal'.

It is the best yet and all you have to do is read and copy it.

This firm is acting outside of U.K. regs so why do

Pay Pal

Nat West

British Gas etc use them???? They are currently trying to get less regulation through the E.U. so write to your M.E.P obout them

Pepsi 4 years ago

Missallym, thanks for your concern.

emma little 4 years ago

well yes im a victim of be2 dating as well. i have just recieved two letters from intrum justicia demanding i pay 181 euros to their company or legal action will be taken.I have since been to my bank as i was so frigetened by the letter i recieved from the debt company i was willing to pay the money i didnt owe! i too joined as the reistration was free and to the best of my knowledge thats all i did. Ive never had access to this site as all the profile pictures are blurred and i cant even see the fake profiles! when i went to my bank they rang intrum justicia on my behalf just to make an enquiry as to who i owed the money to as a result of their call and me calling again the lady i spoke to said my case has been closed and i dont owe any money. Im sure im not out of the woods yet and i intend to contact trading standards as well as ripoff britain! i have sent email after email to try and cancel my subscription but i keep getting a reply they have refered my case to intrum justicia. I hope one day i will find someoen who i can share my life with but for now it certainly wont be throught a dating site.

Sue 4 years ago

Just found this info and yes I have been caught up on the Be2 scam. Am just trying to cancel my membership. I haven't read all the replies yet but I am sure I am not going to like this. H

kirst 4 years ago

finally my bank have offered to refund me but said if b2 contest it ill be charged again :-/ so fingers crossed,if my bank(natwest) can't look after my money i shall just move to a bank that can, its incredible that these scammers can't be stopped, taken a month to get my money back!roll on the end of the banking day when i should have my money back in my account!

twinkle 4 years ago

Just received the letter from Intrum Justitia the other day asking for the money back that my bank stopped them getting.Any advice how to handle this? was thinking on taking this to my solicitor to get on to them for me.Don't need problems like this in my life.I've never ever owed anyone money in my life and i'm not going to let scum like that steal it from me that's for sure. Don't know how they can sleep at night but people like that don't have a concience, one day they will get their comeuppance and hopefully soon. Scum of the Earth and those who work for them also.

Rolfe 4 years ago

A solicitor will cost at least £50per hour.

Just read the advice here on how to deal with Intrum Justitia and DON'T WORRY

wazza1234 4 years ago

A quick question that I have yet to have seen been raised on here.

I received 2 Payment Opportunity Notice's at the same time about a week ago, and so replied with a combination of the 2 listed letters on here, enclosing a £1 postal order and asking for the 3 things, I sent it recorded delivery and using the Post Office tracker it was signed for the next day.

Today I have received the same Payment Opportunity Notice. Did I ignore this as I've already replied and have proof?

Mitzi Getz 4 years ago

Cathi Jaschke

Head of Affiliate Marketing

Edvard Halupa

Marketing Manager

Or via their website:

Nicholas32 profile image

Nicholas32 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

i recently joined this site thought was going to meet someone getting the emails from these girls telling me the same story decreed parents late 2008 they havent been the same ever since it all there storys sounded too smilar storys working in the mining industry collecting buyig precises gem stones then coming back to oz to see me but only getting stuck at the air port because there luggage is over weight wanting me to pay them come on thats when i new that this whole thing is a scam i straight away cancelled my credit card now im trying to cancell my mebmership i sent a email to there customer service how to cancell its notletting me saying you cant cancell yet untill paymnethas cleard what the fuck or i should write a letter your name user name email and state lease cancell my premuim mebership .! what should i do ?? please any body advise i reDING THE FORUMS I DONT NEED DEPT COLLERCTORS IN MY LIFE WE HAVENT DONE NOTHING WRONG !!

Rolfe 4 years ago


If as it seems you have done everything correctly, make sure that you track the delivery and print off the proof.

Then sit back.

Intrum Justitia's crap is sent by automated service fron empty offices ( I've beeb to one.) Someone has pressed the button twice. Read up on debt collection regs and the procedure for being taken to court it can't just suddenly happen.

I.J. break the regs by trying to intimidate you into paying. The fact that with Be2 they give up shows that they are chancers.

How they can get away with it is down to what a useless shower trading standards are these day's when they are not making money for Dom Littlewood.

wazza1234 4 years ago

Thanks Rolfe. I had taken a print-screen of the tracking with signature and the date and time my letter was delivered, and so unless they reply within the time period I gave them, I'll just sit back and forget about the whole thing.

It's ridiculous that they're allowed to get away with this, I just hope everyone else they attempt it with first does a search and finds this place, as it immediately put my mind at rest after the initial deep panic.

Sally 4 years ago

Just had this happen to me with this site. Join their £5 for a month but could not delete my profile or stop the Automatic joining fee. I sent emails to them asking them to cancel it and to delete my profile but they have not done this. It was my bank Fraud department that called me, luckily they declined the payment. I sent another email to the company and recieved a reply saying they never received an email from me and if i didnt pay then they will set thier Debt collection team on me. I was unable to delete my profile before this happened and now i cant get onto the site unless i pay them money!!!!!!


Dont get conned like i have.

Nicholas32 profile image

Nicholas32 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

yeah i sent them then letter via an attachment email witch was stated bye customer service i they replyed that they have revieved myletter and m mebership cancelled but my profile is still active for the end of the 6 month period now myprofile is deactivated i want to delete it should i activate it to delte it i hope it works

John B 4 years ago


I have also been a victim of Be2 and they took £89 from my bank account even after I asked them to cancel my account. I then managed to cancel my subscription with them after sending a fax to them. Now 2 months later, I got sent this email from them

We recently informed you that the payment for your

be2 Premium 3 months account

bought on 29/11/2011

was either accidentally or purposely

refunded on 10/12/2011

We asked you to pay the outstanding amount of 89.97 GBP within 30 days.

Our records show that you have not made the payment or you have made payment and initiated a second refund.

As there is a valid contract between you and be2 we will now take legal measures and hand your case to our debt collection agency. You will be contacted shortly.

We are also prepared to take further legal actions in case your payment obligations are not promptly met. This action will affect your credit score.


Your be2 team

Any advice on what to do people? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Rolfe 4 years ago

John All you need to do is listed here

CityGirl 4 years ago


Just thought I would post an email that be2 sent me-

You are excluded from using our site – for fraudulent behavior

Explanatory Statement

As a Premium Member, you have a legally binding contract with be2 and are obliged to make all payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

It is apparent that you have made and then cancelled payments to our account. Also it appears you have prevented us from debiting your account while you were still using our site. In either case, this fraudulent behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.

As a result

We exclude you from using our site.

We are handing this issue over to our collection company.

They will be in contact with you shortly.

If payment is not immediately forthcoming we will inform the appropriate legal authorities and your financial credibility will be affected.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your be2 team

PS: Are you confused about why you’re seeing this page? If so, please accept our apologies and inform us to that effect at customerservice uk

Please don't join this site - they're very bad people with the worst made-up names I've ever come across!

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