Paris climate deal vulnerable to Trump

How a Republican White House could undermine the accord

Scandals put Japanese investors on edge

Takata, Mitsubishi and Toa revelations raise fears

Passive funds grow 230% to $6tn

Tracker funds’ growth beats that of traditional active products

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Apple sets sights on bigger target in India

Fast-growing market draws interest as millions upgrade phones

For The 1975, flattery equals irritation

Copying is rife in pop and politics but it is unusual for them to cross over, says Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Coming to Germany: how do migrants survive in a new country as they arrive from Syria

Young Germans and migrants compete for housing

Prices rise in big cities as lifestyle and job prospects lure new arrivals as well as locals

Home dressing room. 1985
Racist Chinese ad

Chinese advert dropped amid racism outcry

Publicity undermines China image as benevolent partner for Africa

Rio grand: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 show report

Bingo, soccer and colour: Nicolas Ghesquière delivers French fashion with a tropical twist in Brazil

US navy officers seduced by cash and sex

Admirals investigated over allegations they traded secrets with ‘Fat Leonard’

$22m state aid for world’s biggest hedge fund

Connecticut makes loan and grants to keep Bridgewater in state

Comment & Analysis

Brazil needs deep reforms as fear bites

Political changes required to try remove the carrots that incentivise corruption


The pension burden of ‘curing death’

The consequences of rising life expectancy are profound, says Steve Johnson

‘We earn £200,000 . . .  we’re struggling’

High earners find family finances a challenge

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"For a bonus system to work, the measurable outcomes should not be known by the employee so that, theoretically anyway, they would be expected to apply maximum effort and standards throughout their work. The basis being, it is difficult to game a system if you don't know what to game. Of course the need for transparency renders that a non-starter!"
By Trecar on Burger flippers deserve bonuses, bankers do not

"Perhaps banks should think about letting out office space to their staff rather than simply giving it to them 'for free'? This would encourage optimal space use, better working from home etc. if you priced it right you could ensure only the most productive employees could afford to come in to network with management. And you could claw back that ever pesky headcount cost."
By protestantethic on Bankers set to share desks as part of London space-saving moves

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