Black Ops 3 Matchmaking Will Prioritize Network Quality Over Skill, Call of Duty Loyalty Program Announced

If you’re a subscriber to the belief that skill-based matchmaking was at the root of all evil in last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s online multiplayer experience, you’ll be happy to hear what Treyarch Director Dan Bunting recently had to say about matchmaking in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

According to Bunting’s remarks during today’s BO3Fridays live stream, Black Ops 3 matchmaking will always prioritize network quality while skill will only be weighed when the game is trying to balance teams after a lobby has been created. He explained that there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than that, but it sounds like those unhappy with last year’s system will have their pub-stomping fun this year.

In conjunction with today’s live stream, Treyarch also revealed a brand new Call of Duty Loyalty Program that will reward veteran Call of Duty players who’ve previously ranked up in older titles. The program says that levels reached in either Black Ops 2, Ghosts, or Advanced Warfare multiplayer will equal specific in-game rewards in Black Ops 3, including a weapon camo, reticles, and a calling card.


The program is only available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and players will need to make sure their platform is properly linked to their Call of Duty Account before November 6. According to the FAQ, your account will base your rewards on the game that you’ve progressed the furthest in. By the looks of it, if you’ve Prestiged at least once, you’re all good to go.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Black Ops 3 news and updates.

  • xHDx

    “Black Ops 3 matchmaking will always prioritize network quality while skill will only be weighed when the game is trying to balance teams after a lobby has been created.”
    If this is true, I will eat my hat. No more 800ms ping difference between players. Yep, that would be great. Thanks.

  • Enochrewt

    So I played CoD4, WaW, MW2 and MW3. When I would play with 5 friends and we all were 3 K/D players we would never find matches. Generally we were all geographically close with decent connections and with Open NATs . I always assumed we weren’t getting matched up because of skill-based matchmaking, and it couldn’t find a team of 6 similarly skilled players. Was this not the case? Was skill-based matchmaking only introduced in COD:AW? That’s what this implies.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      It was in BO2

      • Guest

        *removed from pubs, kept in league

        • MrMultiPlatform

          Sorry but I have to disagree with that. I would be matched up with guys all over the world.

          • Guest

            Really? I dont mean to brag, But I played a lot of league, averaged 1.4 K.D, then go to pubs and drop swarms, dogs out of my ass

    • Guest

      Its kind of hard to join lobbies when your party is a fucking team no?


    If this is true, my 4 yr old might finally get a positive k/d lol.

  • Avishkar Manna

    Dedicated servers would fix this problem.

    • BL4QKB0X

      Maybe but then they’d have to spend money.

      • Avishkar Manna

        Not like they haven’t made enough !

      • ooStuStu

        Battlefield rents servers…..and has dedicated servers so why can’t COD

      • Damian Cashman

        highest grossing game cant buy dedicated servers? xD

    • Damian Cashman

      I concur they can talk about networking all they want but ultimately still no dedicated servers, which would eliminate the problem altogether.

    • Komrad

      How so? Players connect to the game server from a variety of locations and network connection speeds. If I’m on slow network connection, it doesn’t matter how faster the server it, I’m going to slower response time than players with faster connections.

      This change makes sense , get players with slow network connections on the same server and then balance teams base on their skills.

      • James Hernandez

        Dedicated servers would fix the problem with most cod games and would help with skill based match making.

        Dedicated servers have less lag issues.

  • The anonymous employee

    Last true cod was black ops 2 rip cod 2015

  • The anonymous employee

    I only got cod this year because I bought 2 juggernaut editions of the game I’m flipping it on ebay

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  • Clamp

    I was always wondered what mechnis is running in matchmaking and what are the rules of it. Now i know, that any mechanics is not ideal:) I belive that multiplayer in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be better than in CoD, even it will be first apperance of MP in this sniper series.

  • James Hernandez

    How you fix this issue is get dedicated servers and put in skill based match making. When I played MAG on ps3 5 years ago, it had dedicated servers and I played with friends from all over the world. From Ireland to the US to the Philippines. All in the same group in the same match at the same time with very little lag.

    It wouldn’t take a whole clip just to kill 1 person. You could actually kill 4 or 5 or 6 people with 1 clip. I play hardcore a lot because I can’t stand the issues with core and even in hc your not killing 5 or 6 people with 1 clip.

    Another thing dedicated servers would help is they would be able to have more players in the same lobby rather than 12 people.

    BTW MAG allowed 256 people in the same lobby and had less lag then 99.9999% of all COD matches combined.

    I mean ps4 and xbone both pay 2 play why not give us dedicated servers.