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6 years is nothing. She's still in her sexual prime. I'm 32, recently dated a doctor in her late 40s. Amazing. She was fit, beautiful, sexually wild, and had plenty of money to spoil me rotten. It was a privilege.

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How did she spoil you?

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Left him out in the sun too long.

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He was a broth

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And there were just too many damn cooks.

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T̶̨̢ͧ̆̆͛͒ͦͭͧ͂̕o̶̢̽͋̇̃͂̎ͥ͊̅̆̒͂͗ͪ̿҉̢o̓̓̽̅͌ͦ͛ͩ̍̾̔ͦ҉҉̀͢ ̢̨͋͆͛̅ͯͩ͡M̧̧ͨͧͧ͗͋ͣ͜͝͠a̸ͬ̂ͧ͊̂̕̕n̷͆̍̄̓͂͟y̸̸̑̐͋͂͗̿͋ͧͬͥ̇̓ͫ́̚ ̈̃̾͆̅͋ͫͨ҉͡Ç̷̈̋ͭ̔͂̑̂̈́̾ͤͣ̊ͣ͌͂̊̍̒o̶̒͐͑̒̀ͬ͋̓̅ͭͨ҉̧͞͝ǫ̛͒̏ͦ͑̐̉̚͜͢͞k̷̵̈̾̉̿ͩ͑̄̽ͭͩ̚͢͢s̿ͯͯ̐̽͑̓͂́ͩͩ̌͂̍̌҉͢͏̶͢

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Too many damn cocks.

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Too many Dane Cooks.

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Free meals, free concert tickets, etc. The same way an older, established man spoils a hot young girl he's trying to bed. It felt great to be on the bonus end of that equation.

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took him to the dog park and let him roam free

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Don't talk about the dog park.

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Check your privilege!

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My ex-gf/fiance was 32 and I was 24. Big difference!, but I would do it again. She was really conservative from a preacher home. She really didn't date, she looked and looks like she's 25. I had people look at me differently, but f them. Don't let anyone make you change your mind, not even your parents. Who cares if she's older, love has no age. Just remember, she is more mature than you and your a guy(we are immature at times). However, your a man and you know when to play games and when its time to buckle your pants and acr like an adult.

What do you have to lose? NOTHING. You can gain a partner.

My ex and I were different and wanted different things from life. However, I still have a place for her in my heart and I wouldn't change it. She is a hottie even turning 33 this year.

Go kid

Edit:typo sorry

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I prefer to date older.

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Dating older women rules.

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I'm engaged to be married in one month. She's 34 and I'm 26. Our only concern is ability to conceive, but outside of that I don't even think about it. We both get the same amount of grey hairs. Each circle of friends have age ranges from 23 - 40 (both mine and her friends). I'm mature for my age and she also still knows how to have fun. Another plus is she works out 4 times a week (5 if you include the night of yoga). Often times when we go on dates and order an adult beverage, she might get carded and I won't. When we do both get carded, they say "Wow, I thought you were both 30."

All that to say - who cares. If you like her, go for it.

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    It doesn't leave a very long window though.

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    I do it often, all be it a much larger range than yours.

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    Go for it. I don't often trust age gaps like that, because there's a lot of life changes during that gap, so don't expect it to last, but if you think you can have a responsible short term relationship, I don't see the problem.

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    I'm seeing a woman 14 years my senior. So far so good.

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    I don't see a problem with it. Adults can choose the consenting adult partners of their choice. No need for me to shove my beak in it. That goes for both younger men with older women, and older men with younger women.

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    You're over 18 so I don't care.

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    Would you really care that much if he was under 18? I mean would it change the situation for you?

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    Yes. If he was under 18, then it would be considered rape. At 19 he can do whatever he wants with whomever he agrees to do it.

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    You're just repeating the legal stance. OP is clearly not asking whether it is illegal.

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    It's rape if there is no consent from his side. If there is consent at 17, it is not rape. I will probably be hated for this, but I will take it proudly.

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    Some countries and states have different laws, but in my area, at 17 he is not old enough to legally consent to a damn thing.

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    Obviously there needs to be a line somewhere, but I don't really subscribe to the whole sudden cutoff thing. I was 17 too and I could make perfectly rational decisions, or at least decisions of the same quality as they would later be at 18. To say a few months make the difference between jail and dirty looks is strange.

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    I'm 16, and I would be fully willing to have sex with women in their twenties. I might get the disgusting look here when I say even women in their fifties. And you can't really call it rape just because I'm under 18. I do see that somehwre there has to be a line. But it cant be hard to pinpoint where, different people are ready at different ages.

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    My wife is 20 years older than me. She's amazing.

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    Noice! I'm in the same boat but with an 8 year difference, similar ages to yours. Stay skrong!

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    i don't care what other people do. i slept with a woman whos about 10 years older than me and it was awesome.

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    As someone who tends to prefer older women, it's clearly not an issue. What matters is if your potential partner sees it as a problem.

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    When there's an age difference, the only problem is if either partner dominates the other with respect to their life-cycle. For example, if the older partner convinces the younger partner that they're ready for children (when they obviously aren't), or the younger partner convinces the older partner that they should be carefree (when the clock is ticking).

    My advice would be to go for it, but be mindful that neither of you gets sucked into the other's orbit with respect to ambitions. (This is possibly good advice irrespective of the age factor). It's not your job to prematurely grow for her, or her job to seal herself in stasis for you.

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    My aunt is 11 years older than her husband. No big deal, they're great together.

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    It's all about preference. Some guys enjoy the feeling of dating someone who is more experienced in life than they are, and others like to feel as though they are the more experienced one by dating younger people. To me as long as the age gap is in the realm of 10 years, and both individuals are adults, it's just fine.

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    I'm dating my former learning mentor who is six years older then me (I'm 19, she's 25)

    Have fun with it, but don't expect it to be too serious. That's a very imbalanced relationship and you might be more of a toy to her.

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    We are having fun, I'm just curious to think why you say I might be more of a toy to her?

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    I'd say anyone under 22 is pretty immature, even if they think they know their shit. The gap between 19-25 is much bigger than 25-31 for example.

    Source: I was 19 once

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    The age difference itself is not an issue. The issue will be what both of you are expecting from this relationship as time goes on. Obviously it's early to be thinking about this but would she take you seriously if you asked her to be your girlfriend? Just keep that in mind.

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    Just that a normal 19 year old isn't close to the same life stage as a normal 25 year old. Other guys she could date in the 25-30 age range might have great jobs, their own house/apartment, and total independence. Depending on your country, you might not even be able to drink with her yet.

    Perhaps your situation is very atypical and none of that is true. I'm just explaining the typical case.

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    We live in the UK so it's different for us, I can drink with her and I have a job, of course not as well-paid as her job, but I'm working hard everyday.

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    Go for it

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    I don't really have any feelings about it. I'd probably think it's unusual, simply because it's not common. Generally speaking, 19 y/o guys are in a different place in life than 25 y/o girls and are unable to offer them what they are looking for. But if y'all are the exception to that, have at it.

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    I don't care, but I am happy for that guy. He climbed the mountain.

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    The obvious question is this: are they happy together? If so good. If not, not good. Age is more than just a number, but it's not even close to the main thing.

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    I'm 21 dating a 27 year old and no one has said a word, besides mum before she met her

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    If you like them, go for it. My gf is older than me and she's not the first older woman I've dated either.

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    First long term I had was 20 yrs older. I was in college and slept 5am to 2pm. She was 2nd shift nurse. Worked for both of us. Was never going to work marriage wise, but I learned alot from her.

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    It's fun.

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    That's no big deal.

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    I was 18 when I dated a 32 year old woman. It was the best sex of my life.

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    I say to both of them "Good plan"

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    If its a serious relationship I might be a little iffy on it but if its casual its not a big deal. The age gap really only applies when its a serious relationship

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    If you want it, go for it. You both better have thick skin because a lot of folks won't like that, and will probably let you know in word or deed. Both parties need to totally buy in, or the relationship will die when one party gets sick of being ostracized.

    That's on the extreme side to be sure, but you need to know that it does happen. Some folks can be pretty nasty about this subject.

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    That's not much of an age difference, so not really a big deal. I would kind of wonder why a 25 year old would want to date someone just out of high school, but that is their business. If she was, say, 40, it might be weird to a lot of people, and would definitely be frowned upon by almost everyone if the genders were reversed, but in the end, if both people are legal it is fine with me.

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    Good for him I guess.

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    Not something I'd ever be interested I but there's nothing wrong with it at all.

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    I'm 22, ans I've found that women aged 25-26 are great - they're bit more experienced, they're a bit more pragmatic, especially with regards to sex, and they tend to know what they want, at least more so than women my own age.

    Plus, all the women my age are dating dudes in their mid-late 20s, so it's good to know that the opposite genders of each age group have that option too.

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    I went on a few dates with a 26 year old lawyer from Colombia when I was 19. It was chill.

    I wouldn't consider anything serious just because you guys are into two different places in your life. But hooking up and casual dates seem cool.

    I ended up bailing cause I wasn't super attracted to her and it felt a bit weird.

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    Be aware that wanting kids might arrive early.

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    Dated a 22 year old when I was 17, the maturity age is quite significant. But if you share the same humor and have good chemistry, it shouldn't be that much of an uphill battle :)

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    It isn't something I would want to do, but if a guy wants to more power to him.

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    None of my business. Particularly such a small difference. I was dating a 26 year old when I was 18 and nobody thought anything of it

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    Age is just a number. Just make sure it's over 18

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    It's nice to be the prize for once. When you have sex with women your age, they expect you to the heavy lifting know full well that she is the prize. When it's older women, you are the prize. When they kiss you chest, stomach, arms, you realize that you are their prize. You can tell whether or not women are in it solely for the duck or other reasons vs.them actually desiring you by if they voluntarily kiss you during sex. At 20, this fantastic illustration beautiful older Russian lady may not be as stunning as a postnatal, but her veracity more than makes up for it. For once you are the prize of sex. The main object of desire.

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    Can you guys make the vote brigades a little less deliberate looking?

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    6years?? That's nothing.

    I fucked a 43 year old when I was a senior in high school, the difference in age is literally older than you. Not the same as dating but still dude 6 years ain't shit.

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    It's a great way to learn for early relationships, but I generally don't recommend it as a long term option.

    That's just me though. Ultimately, do whatever makes you happy that involves consenting adults.

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    I personally wouldn't, i find women get a lot less attractive after 25.

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    Im with a 32 year old woman and i think she is insanely attractive, much better looking than most under 25s that i know anyway. Beauty isnt defined by age at all, there isnt just an age where all women get worse looking. Hell, ive seen some 50 year olds who look great.

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    He did say personally

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    I think she's been burned by men in her stage of life, and she's attracted to you because she can control you easier.

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    Obviously, people should do what makes them happy and I don't give a shit. But, subconsciously there is a part of me that thinks less of him.

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    How so?

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    I think it's fine to just date/fuck an older woman, but actually committing to one makes me think the guy is naive.

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    I don't think it's rational, but I usually assume he can't do any better. It feels abnormal. But hey it's not my relationship. I've definitely been into older girls before so I'm a hypocrite.

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    fine to date, i wouldn't build a future around it though if i were you

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    I would love to try it. I love milf porn, so dating an older woman would without a doubt be something I would try. Most women just don't dig that, so it can be hard to find someone.

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    What is it with the people who ask questions here and expecting me to have vaguely-defined "feelings" or "thoughts" on a hundred trivial things that I have no reason to give a shit about?

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    I'm all for it, leaves the younger women for us older guys

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    ITT: a bunch of men who can't do any better then an older woman

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    Just as gross as the rest of you. :)

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    It's a gross thing for guys with mommy issues.