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Dedicated to preserving ophthalmic history

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  1. Selections from the Sherman Collection
  2. Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology
  3. Beyond Ophthalmology, Beyond the Clinic
  4. Extreme Vision: Science Fiction or Truth
  5. Contagion! Epidemics in Ophthalmic History
  6. The Eyes of War
  7. Spectacular Spectacles
  8. To Fool the Eye
  9. Windows to the Soul
  10. Picturing The Eye: Ophthalmic Film and Photography
  11. Collecting Ophthalmology: 30 Years at the Museum


Past Exhibitions

Fantasy spectacles in the shape of a butterfly, c1960
Fantasy eyeglasses, c1960

Spectacular Spectacles

The Museum of Vision explores the history of eyeglasses and related vision aids. Take a look at the obscure beginnings of eyewear 700 years ago to current fashion.

Spectacles bring the world into focus for thousands of people, but few understand how eyeglasses work and many would be surprised by the different styles that have been made over the centuries.   Here we discover how man has improved eyesight and protected eyes.

  1. How the Eye Works and Refraction
  2. Brief History of Optics and Lenses
  3. Timeline of Eyeglasses
  4. Contact Lenses
  5. Telescopes and Binoculars
  6. Protective Eyewear

American Academy of Ophthalmology