Was Harambe Agitated Or Protective? Here's What Gorilla And Animal Behavior Experts Say

Many are still mourning the loss of Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. While many experts agree putting him down immediately was the right call, other animal behavior experts say it was a tragedy that could have been avoided.

by Jan Dizon

Public Health

World No Tobacco Day: WHO Urges Countries To Get Ready For Plain Cigarette Packaging

On World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organization urged countries to implement a law that requires tobacco products to have plain cigarette packaging. This is to decrease the attractiveness of products and emphasize the health hazards of smoking.

by Rina Marie Doctor

Life & Style

Stephen Hawking Can Understand And Explain Astrophysics But Not Donald Trump's Popularity

"A Brief History of Time" author Stephen Hawking can school us on all things astrophysics, but he admits there is one thing he can neither explain nor understand: the rise of demagogue candidate Donald Trump.

by Alyssa Navarro


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by Steven Schneider

'Overwatch': The Ultimate Guide To Every Character In The Game

With 21 different Heroes to choose from, players may be a bit overwhelmed when first diving in to 'Overwatch' — if you need help picking a character, look no further than our guide to the game's Heroes!

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by Jelani James

'Dragon Ball Fusions' For The 3DS Is Essentially Fanfic Fusion The RPG

Bandai Namco streamed its first full-length trailer for the upcoming 3DS game 'Dragon Ball Fusions.' The game features a slew of new fusion characters never seen before in the original series.

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by Steven Schneider

Review: 'Overwatch' Proves That Multiplayer-Only Games Can Work

Multiplayer-only games have gotten a bad rap over the past few years, but can Blizzard's first new property in nearly two decades finally make the formula work? Can 'Overwatch' break the curse of multiplayer-only games?

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by Jelani James

Modder Recreates 'Destiny' Raid Using 'DOOM' SnapMap Level Editor

One modder has brought 'Destiny' to 'DOOM' by utilizing the SnapMap level editor to recreate the King's Fall raid from 'The Taken King' expansion. The raid is recreated in three parts.

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Netflix Hacks to Help You Stream Content Like a Boss

Become a Netflix Master with a few tricks guaranteed to change the way you use the platform.

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