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How do you design a bar? It’s easy to make it look nice, but creating a space for maximum profit is a very different question.

On top of knowing the kind of bar you want to achieve, you need to understand the way the staff work and their interaction with customers.

However, the bartenders – the very people who are actually using the place – aren’t often consulted in any way. They know what works, what doesn’t work and how a night serving cocktails can unfold.

Instead, a designer is used, who could come back with something that doesn’t work and has to be radically changed four months after opening.

Western Europe World Class winner Fjalar Goud, consultant at Vesper Bar in Amsterdam, is the owner of a design company with a difference. He suggests dos and don’ts for perfect bar design, based on his experience and latest work at consultancy firm Isaac.

So watch our film at the Artesian bar at the Langham hotel in London, a great venue where Alex Kratena works his magic. Enjoy the backdrop, take some hints from Fjalar and make the most of it!

It’s about creating a space for profit