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Dating Kate?

How come when i take kate out on a date i could only take her few places? i cant take her bowling or to a show. can i body please tell me how can i take her bowling?

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Phazon2000 answered:

You can't. Some of the people you go out with in the game won't like to do certain things. E.g. Dwayne only does a few things whilst Roman will do the majority of activities.
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Mattdean76 answered:

Kate will only playDarts, Pool, go Drinking and Eating

She will not go to Shows, the Strip Club, or Bowling
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CCRules8 answered:

Kate Only Likes Playing Darts, Go Drinking, Pool, And Eating.
But She Will Never Go To The Strip Club, See Shows Or Go Bowling.
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Eric12paul18 answered:

i get what hes sayin you can do additional activities after the first one it even shows on the map so i dont no soz shes a bit of a nerd lol

XD add me my psn is eric12paul18
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marvelking answered:

It's ture! to what they all said
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