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I started a new character a week ago still have not had anyone join my game from an open lobby. I just think the play base is so low.

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I hope that's not it I was hoping this game would be rejuvenated and we would maybe get some new dlc

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I also been unable to find games in borderlands 2 or the pre. Good to know that it not just me.

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Havent had any trouble.

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Lucky :) what level are you playing at ?

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I just finished the story. First time I've played it.

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Fair play well if you ever want any extra help im always uo for some borderlands

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I saw recently on the r/borderlands2 that being that high level makes it really difficult to get matched up online, the person who made the post said they regretted getting to that level after the fact. Maybe check over there and see what you can find?

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Thanks I will and great I hope people start playing UVHM then

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I've had problems finding games as well, and noone has joined my game besides friends. The OP 8 will be a problem for you as well.

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Angriestphx is my gamer tag. Add me. I have old characters on the 360 but starting fresh on xb1.

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im having the same issue still can cant find any games so add me. gt embrythegh0st

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I start the game on a new save/character and played it for about 2 hours on open to all/public and no one person has joined my game.

The game so very boring without people.

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It's painful playing single player It half's the fun I hope they patch it up soon

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Just hit level 10 new character xb1. Tepogie, send me a message, anyone near that level! Thx!

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I'm lvl 26 I think so ya... no idea how you level that fast.

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I transferred all my old saves from 360 there was no way I was going to lose my game time

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I opted out its more enjoyable with fresh start. Plus going through pre sequel now for first time