May 13 2016
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Matchmaking taking forever!

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So, I played the story and it was, as expected, incredible. Fresh off my high from the single player I was eager to get into some multiplayer.

First match, connection issues. Character freezing for a couple of seconds every 10-15 seconds rendering that match unplayable. Next match, perfectly smooth, no lag or connection issues at all and great fun! But, that is where my multiplayer experience ends.

After that fun match, I simply can't find matches anymore. Searching forever and ever. Last attempt to find a match I waited 20 minutes before giving up. The game doesn't even show how many friends I have online anymore. Now I understand the servers are going to be under heavy load right now, but still you would think after having the beat this would have been sorted out.

Is anyone else having a similar problem? Maybe you figured out how to fix it? I'm pretty sure the problem isn't on my end since every other game I play multiplayer on is fine, but maybe there is a setting somewhere that this game just doesn't agree with.

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