The Pros and Cons of Dating an Underclassman

The Pros and Cons of Dating an Underclassman

You've finally gotten through the fears of freshman year and the slump of sophomore status to reach the top of the mountain: upperclassman status. Breathe the fresh air. Taste the sweetness of knowing you'll soon be college-bound. Look down from the heights and nod, with greatness and favor, to the small ones below.

Should you do one of them the ultimate favor and condescend to see a movie? Grab a burger? Walk through the park holding hands, 50s-style? You could be Demi. They could be Ashton.There could be awkward Hollywood red carpet premieres in your future (or at the very least, prom). It could all go very, very right. Or it could spiral down into something very, very wrong. After all, you could be Demi. They could be Ashton. Look how well that turned out.

So, if this dilemna applies to you, grab it by the horns! Or, at the very least, consider the following pros and cons of dating an underclassman:


  • They will look up to you. In some cases, this may be literal. If you are a senior and they are a freshman, you are, in all likelihood, taller. In a less literal sense, they will probably look to you as the sage Gandalf to their Frodo, guiding them through the Mordor of high school.
  • Cultural Exchange. They will let you know the adorable glory of One Direction. You will introduce them to the indie rock of Oasis, and have one more person with which you can bemoan the breakup of Liam and Noel.
  • You can make extra cash by tutoring their friends. Let's face it, you've taken everything they're currently taking. Why not use your gf/bf and network your way into a job? It beats working at McDonald's.
  • You can mold them. The temptation of Svengali never ceases to exist. Who wouldn't want to CHANGE someone completely to suit their needs? Who wouldnt???? (insert evil laugh here)


  • They may not be able to drive by themselves. Goodbye freedom. Hello, chauffeur.
  • The textspeak they use is weird. What the heck is lfoagheneigf anyways and why is it so long?
  • Your pop culture references may go over their heads. Be realistic. They probably haven't seen Being John Malkovich and if they did, they either a) didn't get it, b) didn't like it or c) both. Trust me on this one. I spent a 20 minute subway ride listening to a group of freshmen and sophomores talking about that very movie and  subsequently proving a, b and c.
  • You're college-bound. They're "which AP class should I take" bound. And they might dare to equate their upcoming decision with your life-changing one, the obnoxious brat.
  • Depending on the age gap, it may be slightly illegal. There is the spirit of the law. There is the letter of the law. Make sure you know which law your area follows before you, erm, embark on your course of action.

Do you think it's ok for upperclassmen to date underclassmen?

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